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10/22/2021 2:00:00 PM

Eviction moratoriums at the local, state and federal level helped millions of people keep a roof over their heads as they struggled financially. But some other renters took advantage of the protections.

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Good. landlords aren't people and shouldn't be treated nearly as well. In fact they shouldn't exist at all This type of renters have been around forever. My neighbor who lived 11 houses down from his rental house was constantly having to replace basic appliances, sinks & toilets. Repairing walls & repainting. This is nothing new but it is extremely maddening. Hope there is help 4 them

The downside to every social welfare type program For your one fun little anecdote of landlord-as-victim, I personally have 10 about abusive landlords who flagrantly violated tenants' rights laws. I wonder why those stories aren't used as fodder for some sort of 'landlords are actually bad' story. I think you could find them on the internet and have them arrested for grand theft. I would, and be glad to see them in a rent free jail.

I wish there were more stories that talked about and focused on the tenants side of the story. It seems like most of these stories always focus on the landlords side. Isnt shelter a basic human need? Then why is it always seen as primarly an investment? If Congress is going to dole out free money, they should reimburse landlords and property owners that were victimized, property damaged, rent not paid nor any effort by people NOT impacted by Covid. Shouldn't have had to provide FREE housing when they have bills to pay also.

Some destroyed properties, played the system and financially damaged landlords / companies really bad. Those never impacted by Covid should not received relief or protection. Those landlords need to put a ding in the tenant's credit report.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesOur neoliberal governments have failed us in all ways, big and small. The corrupt liars we must choose from to be our political leaders continue to lead us headlong into ruin. And all we can do is post about it or get arrested or shot if we try to change things. World leaders...? Like Putin? Like Xi? Like Maduro? Like Bolsonaro? What makes anyone even think most world leaders give a damn about anything other than themselves and maintaining power? Start by outlawing backyard firepits & the smoke/ deadly particles they emit, polluting the air & sickening and killing people!

They should get the hose. Who gives a shiit Landlords try to perform background checks on renters so they can filter out deadbeats and thieves. I'm neither a renter nor a landlord. We won't have rental properties without landlords taking a business risk. They deserve a modest profit. Unbelievable, why are they not pursuing Criminal Theft Charges, instead of crying about unpaid rent? I must have missed that in the audio if they are.

Landlords made an investment, and a very small amount of them have lost a very small amount of money. Boo fucking hoo. 'The American Rescue Plan provides $21.55 billion in emergency rental assistance through Sept. 30, 2027, which is expected to help renters & landlords when the funds have been distributed.' Renters could've gotten assistance for rent instead of stealing!

Half of NPR's donors are probably landlords so it's no surprise y'all churn out this garbage. Landlords pay property & school taxes, insurance, repairs & maintenance, turnover, pest control, HVAC repairs, appliances, flooring, utilities, & more, FROM THE RENT. Any $ left then gets taxed by State & Federal. Forcing landlords to provide free housing is not a solution.

I suspect it’s “the other renters” that were the majority in many cases, not just using the eviction moratorium as protection either. This and many of the other programs did nothing but encourage fraud. Let’s spend the same time and resources recovering this from the fraudsters!! This is propaganda

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesDo those pictures look kind of like 3D avatars or maybe 3D printed objects hand painted? JPG artifacts? Wow!!!! Is that why ,ummm what's his names D.C home got raided ? Lol

What about landlords who ignored the moratorium and forced evictions? I was a landlord for 10 years. This article shows how ungrateful some renters can be. Even though these two renters were given free rent, they complained to city authorities and then stole appliances! And these landlords should just lose $32,000? Hell no!

wow, love to report on dumb shit So glad I don't give money to NPR. Embarrassing shit You mean landlords might have to actually do some work for once? Boo hoo Those complaining about the landlords are the same type of tenants that would steal the appliances in the middle of the night. Entitlement isn’t a good look.

get out of here with this crap take. owning property isn’t a real job. It happened a lot. Was disgusting the government let it happen. If you wanted to help make sure people were not losing their place to live you should of paid the landlord direct not the renters. Yea ok NPR

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesDO SOMETHING POTUS SenSchumer VP WTH? GOP, cut the crap! Ds didn’t propose to end filibuster when they were using it against R judges and legislation. Estrada, Bork, civil rights legislation. You should at least know the history before commenting.

People taking advantage of a situation is not new. Dealing with bad tenants, is not new. Hell, this year my buddy had someone set a unit on fire because he was fixing a moped in his kitchen. you really don't need to run an article like this, you know that, right?

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicestamarakeithNPR 🖕 tamarakeithNPR Pitching for the grifters team, NPR tamarakeithNPR why is anyone giving her a platform now. I love npr I do. But giving SG a voice. No thanks.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices