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10/21/2021 2:12:00 AM

Climate change is making human health worse in just about every single measurable way — and world leaders are missing a chance to address it, a new report finds.

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The 'Home Alone' house could be yours for one night only

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What is climate change the climate changes every minute of every day for 1 billion years HelenClarkNZ Politicians do not care about the people. They care about staying in power and making as much money out of it as possible. Climate change is bankable. TheLancet TheLancet Every one here saying climate change is a hoax, I really hope you all don’t have kids, I can’t imaging telling my kids in 10 years sorry I I thought it was a lie

Humanity will do nothing….humans are not smart enough to save themselves…”We shit were we eat”….our hopeless polluted planet… Yep. So why does and it's various programming accept any underwriting from fossil fuel companies? Why does MichiganRadio accept underwriting from Enbridge? Pick a side. Deny them their social license to operate.

+ via washingtonpost -- Inaction on climate change imperils millions of lives, doctors say seekhopeact It’s not affecting them I assume. As reported by NPR correspondent, NathanRott, humans have an increased likelihood of death when exposed to drowning from melted icecaps…. Your organization really needs to follow HumanProgress and learn about things like falling global poverty, increasing crop yields, increasing life expectancy, etc. Stop selling a narrative.

You guys are insane.

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We don’t have leaders. We have opportunists. Ignorance is the enemy of all Missing a chance? They couldn't care less for it. World leaders aren't leading and we should fire if not jail most of them. We forget they work for us and I think - just a hunch here - that most of us want to stay safe and alive.

Even if 'Climate Change' was real, we couldn't stop it. It's just a social control mechanism by the elite. NPR pushes it constantly since their a propaganda mouthpiece for the Davos types. I love new reports. New reports are the best. We have a new report coming shortly. The new reportooor Digestive issues especially It’s not food allergies. It’s climate caused food allergies. You breathe junk air too.

Start by outlawing backyard firepits & the smoke/ deadly particles they emit, polluting the air & sickening and killing people! Too late now. With the final end of voting rights and the crushing of the last hopes for majority rule in the U.S., the window on doing anything just closed, forever, on any of the issues that matter to the disenfranchised blue majority.

The rise in autoimmune diseases…

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesSome people are determined to “teach” that racism that’s directed toward Caucasians is not only socially acceptable, but an efficacious educational policy. Stop the indoctrination of students now!

World leaders...? Like Putin? Like Xi? Like Maduro? Like Bolsonaro? What makes anyone even think most world leaders give a damn about anything other than themselves and maintaining power? Our neoliberal governments have failed us in all ways, big and small. The corrupt liars we must choose from to be our political leaders continue to lead us headlong into ruin. And all we can do is post about it or get arrested or shot if we try to change things.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesDO SOMETHING POTUS SenSchumer VP WTH? GOP, cut the crap! Ds didn’t propose to end filibuster when they were using it against R judges and legislation. Estrada, Bork, civil rights legislation. You should at least know the history before commenting.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicestamarakeithNPR 🖕 tamarakeithNPR Pitching for the grifters team, NPR tamarakeithNPR why is anyone giving her a platform now. I love npr I do. But giving SG a voice. No thanks.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices