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9/28/2021 11:01:00 PM

President Biden vowed that Border Patrol agents who chased migrants on horseback will be investigated and face consequences. But immigrant advocates are doubtful — and want independent, external investigations.

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I'm not buying this. While my gut tells me BP agents probably treated the people like shit, the evidence shows they treated them no worse than our shitty policies told them to. Biden vowed that Border Patrol agents who were seen strapping imagrants would face consequences. Why is npr now positioning Biden as being upset with “chasing”? Because no one was being strapped or whipped and the president was lying ?

so where is the proof that the illegal was whipped? They're probably going to 'fire' some of the people involved. What did they do wrong? Speaking of horses “A’s” here’s Joe Biden threatening to punish people who did their jobs, when he can’t do his! Consequences I'll believe it when I see it. I thought that's why they use horses. Using whips is a different story.

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NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

Should the border patrol agents be investigated? Actually shocked npr isn't continuing with the whip hoax narrative that the White House just based policy around. Upside down world The rules that were put in place when this department was created makes it impossible for these people to face any worthwhile discipline at the federal level. Local or international courts are the only options and they're even very few and far between.

This needs to be followed closely.. don't let them get away with it. . Why would Biden snitch on himself? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Any investigation here is a waste of time. These men were doing their jobs and they were not violating any human rights. The person who took the photos even came forward and said they are being misconstrued. Lets focus on the real issue at hand here -- bad border policies.

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NPR Cookie Consent and Choices