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8/1/2021 7:40:00 AM

A new lawsuit alleges that Johnson & Johnson marketed its talcum-based powder products specifically to Black women despite evidence showing the products could cause cancer.

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Dude🤬……J&J need to go! Of course peiple need to realize we are in an over crowded world and why wouldnt you think the gov had and has a s3cret roll in eliminating people with products food and oh oh raising the retirement for more money for them to keep and not have to payout Look overseas for sales of J&J talcum powder, neocons spread ☠️ globally

Anyone shocked by revelations that corporations market and sell toxic products isn’t paying attention. I don’t see a nefarious connection here… they marketed their product to one of their largest demographics… that’s Marketing 101… the fact that talcum powder may cause cancer is a different issue all together… they call it baby powder so would be putting all babies at risk…

J&J has some serious issues…they really seem to be a POS company. All kinds of issues with their vaccine and shit like this on top of it! No wonder people aren’t trusting the vaccines. TJSeraphim Menthol? Psst…. Don’t go thinkin you could call someone a “negro woman” without being dragged through the streets and made the poster boy for racists everywhere.

Omg...seriously? Very interesting. Their profits far outweigh the fines.🤑 They dont care about you. I cant believe people took a vaccine from them!

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesthis is terrible news When did we get an FDA approved “Delta Variant” antigen test? The report also recommended that the CDC ramp up communications so that the public will understand that vaccines still greatly reduce the risk of death and severe disease.

Hmm it doesn’t sound like they were telling black woman to put baby powder in their crotch, it sounds like they were recommending it as an anti-chafing product. Yeah, but is it true and can they prove it? The truth is J&J doesn’t care about the allegations, just the facts. The whole of Ireland used this stuff in the 70s, wtf? Why is everything about race today?

Wow. What a surprise Not good for their vaccines Identity lawsuits. whats the claim? product which black women like more was specifically marketed to them, KNOWING it was MORE harmful to black women? Or is it that the product was marketed to all women and black women happened to like it more? The irony So awful. Despicable. They should also look into Vaseline…

GileadSciences Similarly, but with a different level of insidious corporate greed, Truvada formulated with scientific research between 2001-2004 led to patent(s) and specific marketing to LGBTQ community members in order to make HIV/AIDS patients become prone to bodily injuries.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesthanks RT : Award winning poet Adrian Matejka's new book, 'Somebody Else Sold The World,' is about the protests that happened in the pandemic and the way we responded to each other. He says, 'It's also about music and the joy that music brings.'

aclu naacp time for a class action lawsuit “Companies market to people who like their products” 🤯 Black folks need the vaccine…now! But everyone needs to take the vaccine they produced!! Ghetto lottery. No one I know trust that brand. Not even for vaccines. That's why the u.s is donating them to other countries. That brand is garbage

good Bull!

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesKeep your word. Do the right thing. Meanwhile, Congress is messing around giving their visas to other Afghans. thanks

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesThat actually sounds awesome. They’re around the art every day and probably have some great hidden gems

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesthis is terrible news Cows are the 1 source of greenhouse gases. What are you suggesting? Should we kill them all? Do we really need 74 million more people on Earth?

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesthanks Anyone who needs it! Easy answer. But why lie y'all know only people with money will get it.