COVID-19 vaccination proof will be required for Broadway patrons, workers

Proof of vaccination will be required for anyone seeing a Broadway show and all those working in the theater.

8/1/2021 8:14:00 AM

Anyone hoping to catch a Broadway show as the Great White Way reopens this fall will need proof of vaccination along with their ticket.

Proof of vaccination will be required for anyone seeing a Broadway show and all those working in the theater.

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North Korea fires ballistic missiles in 2nd test in a week

North Korea fired two ballistic missiles toward the East Sea on Wednesday, according to South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Doesn't Broadway realize yet that we don't need them? Nobody really cares about Broadway!!! Here is my new flyer design..How Is it? Order here My portfolio is here flyer brochure fiverr graphicsdesign Yes in deed . I feel better knowing that people are vaccinated. Thus it is NOT ENTERTAINMENT Good Bruh who even goes. Broadways gay af anyway, unless you're there with your girl and she's giving you head

First of all the title of it. I wouldn't as a RULER of the united states to come. I find it very offensive to the So-called African Americans, Mexicans! Indians! Anyone else who's not of the European decent!. Anything sounds divided and RACIST will be BANNED. Mica'iah🌏the Ruler. Fuck Broadway! morgfair You have the freedom to be unvaccinated or unmasked, but businesses also have the freedom to protect their employees and patrons by excluding you from their establishment.

Or you can go to a show in Texas, Florida or Iowa without a vaccine or mask as the Dumb White Way continues there.

Covid-19: Furlough 'kick in teeth' for firms and 'Covid jab scammers nearly got me'Five things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic this Saturday.

Yet, we don't need an ID to vote. You can't make that sh!t up.......

Broadway theaters to require audiences to show proof of Covid vaccinationsThe Broadway League announced Friday that it will require vaccinations for audiences, performers, crew and staff.

New Research Shines Light On How Covid-19 Can Damage The BrainResearch from the Alzheimer’s Association annual conference shows that Covid-19 can lead to cognitive issues—but many questions still remain. This isn't good 🙁 horrible

Southern States Urge Covid-19 Vaccines as the Delta Variant SurgesArkansas is working with churches, businesses and historically Black fraternities and sororities to boost the shots; Alabama is a cautionary tale. horrible Come on 🐀🐀🐀, get your 💉💉💉!!! Why hesitancy? They drank the Trump Kool-aid, why not take the Trump vaccine?

Opinion: COVID-19 — but not the vaccine — is a risk for male fertilityOPINION: There is no evidence the vaccine harms a man’s reproductive system. But ignoring the vaccine and contracting COVID-19 very well could, Ranjith Ramasamy writes. My people don't trust it especially coming from a democrat president. Remember it was democrats that forced sterilization on my people founded the klan forced segregation. Yes we still vote mostly democrat because a lot are addicted to the racist social programs that keep Women unwed and rewarding bad behavior Mannn yall trying every strategy in the book for ppl to take the shot.

COVID-19 live updates: New CDC brief says vaccines may be less effective against delta variantJapan’s government will put in place a coronavirus state of emergency covering three of Tokyo’s neighboring prefectures and Osaka on Monday. Today, Japan has 9 deaths and US has 382 deaths. Uh…🤔 One question. How many hours are until Monday? About time we need the same thing because of the GOP Hesitancy Policy. The GOP open the door for China to win the economic fight by shutting down the economy with COVID again.