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7/21/2021 8:39:00 AM

Dr. Jerome Adams, the former surgeon general, says the CDC messaging that vaccinated people can drop their masks 'has just absolutely, unequivocally failed.' He says even the vaccinated may need to mask up as Delta surges.

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COVID-19 live updates: 'Steady increase' in vaccines in past month, White House says

A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now infected more than 197 million people worldwide and killed over 4.2 million of them.

So no point in getting vaccinated Why are you giving a Trump appointee a platform! He stayed silent when he should have spoken up during his tenure. He can just Shut it now! CDC bureaucrats played psychologists to get Ppl to vax up: 'if you're vaxed, U can go out & play now! Their nonsense has killed Ppl & it's probably why a nearby Burger King is closed, and D. Donuts is drive thru only...nobody wants to work there alongside mask free team mbrs..

who could have possibly foreseen that Operation Open Biden could have failed in the face of endemic covid-19 Truly none could have predicted such a turn of affairs RheaBoydMD If only he spoke out this decisively when he was a part of the misinformation master Trump Administration. This seems more partisan than brave. No points for you JeromeAdamsMD!!! 🥣

Who could have seen this coming? JeromeAdamsMD made rare appearances throughout the pandemic and never dismissed Trump’s wild suggestions to try ultra-violet light and drink bleach. Being an African-American physician would’ve made a huge impact on POC to get vaccinated and wear masks. Sit down. u'd better read up and learn. Vax's arent the panacea ur claiming them to be

this was always the case because it's impossible to tell at a glance if someone is vaccinated but it's easy to tell if they are wearing a mask Do we trust the science or do we not trust the science? I’m fully vaxed. No need to wear a mask anymore at this time. If unvaxed folks want to spread the virus among theirselves then that’s on them.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choiceshorrible We don't have a healthcare system. We have a medical mafia. And it's way worse than anything Capone was doing. If only Viagra could treat PPD, and men suffered from it instead of women…😐

We are living in the end times people! Just look at India and Indonesia, their real numbers are coming out now and it’s getting higher every day. We have 5 years tops because of idiots who refuse to wear masks 😷 CDCDirector JoeBiden CNN Exactly why people have no faith in CDC. It's apparent CDC is promoting no masks after vaccination because it's the carrot to get people to vaccinate. Trust your own instincts and intelligence, wear a mask to be safe. No wonder there are antivaxers

When does Fauci get any blame for repeatedly screwing up guidelines on masks The vaccinated DO need to mask up, but c'mon. Jerome Adams? Who was surgeon general while 600,000 died of Covid-19 on his watch? Maybe he should keep his criticism to himself. Have we conveniently forgotten his role in the Trump message?

I mean, common sense… I know, I know. It’s not so common. We should deport the anti-vaccine crowd.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices'thanks to climate change'. --npr And the GOP, FoxNews, disinfo troll farms, etc. continue to deny science. They're not sceptics. They're deniers. Their influence is pernicious. The purge. Natures style

He should stay out of this! We are in this mess because he chose to lie for Trump. The man stood there and said, 'Trump is in better shape than I am.' The reality is that everyone on the planet will be exposed to Covid 19. There is no stopping or hiding from it. The sooner we come to terms with it the sooner we can get on with our lives. No more masking, no more shut downs. This is now a preventable disease.

Too late, cats out of the bag Masks are placebos and give you a false sense of security. Unless your wearing a hardcore surgical one. Let me run out and grab one for every week of the year. eyeroll youvecriedwolftooften Oh great, another expert piping in about mask wearing among the vaccinated. Another opinion is not helping clarify what I need to do to protect myself. The media is part of the problem including you NPR.

Obviously it backfired because the UNVACCINATED are assholes who lie about it, but vaccinated people are not spreading it. Masks suck, they were necessary, but they absolutely suck to wear. Lots of smart, talented people working at the CDC, but certainly not in their leadership. OR Biden could do as Macron and tell unvaccinated folks to simply stay at home. Enough of the ignorance of those who refuse to be vaccinated.

Get vaccinated, wear a mask, wash your hands.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesGood for her. We stand with you, Britney. See you on the other side, dear. 💚💛 Good for her, her situation is ridiculous and inappropriate. This happened to Brian Wilson too, but it was his psychologist who had the control. Conservatorship laws must be changed! We hope Britney gets the Help needed, more-so, for herself and above all, her children, as well as, hire ethical and legal representation, that will Not drain her Dry in more ways than one, including financial...

It's awfully hard to keep up when there are several tracks playing at once. Now it seems we'll follow the advice of the guy we like best! This really poor messaging! I wasn’t happy about the statement. I’m vaccinated but will continue to wear a mask until this virus burns out. My life and the life of others is too important to not wear one. I wear a seatbelt, put kids in car seats, wear shoes when I’m outside.

My job site just dropped mask requirements for vaccinated people, on the honor system... The anti-vaxxers will be the first ones to disrobe. I'm keeping my mask on until this shit is over-over. You'd think that infection and transmission still being able to occur even when doubly vaccinated would have been a clue that everyone should still wear masks......

SophiaBush I mask everywhere The CDC didn't want to drop the mask advice. They caved to outside influence from folks like DrLeanaWen saying we need to drop mask requirements to those who are vaccinated to encourage others to get vaccinated. Wait. You're tellimg me CDC fucked up? That can't happen. It's a PMC icon

So - telling people that getting the vaccine is the path to normal….and then telling them they still have to follow lockdown/mask protocols = Dr’s start to sound like incompetent bureaucrats (see government) who are making things up as they go along = people will stop listening. It was a huge mistake because people like me, who were cautious and still continue to wash our hands frequently and won’t leave the house when symptoms arise, won’t go back with masks unless mandated. I will do it but I don’t like it! We’re not rowing the boat together!!

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Yup, I thought so. Why do people find masks so difficult I wear an N95 + cover mask for 10 hours straight. Yet I watch patients tug at a surgical mask after 2 minutes This isn’t hard people Man, their messaging over the past year has been really frustrating; just all over the place and it’s absolute fodder for bad actors. We need people to do their part - get vaxxed, mask - and this waffling isn’t helping.

I still wear it. Vaccinated since Feb but I am wary of the unvaccinated who think they know it all. (I do realize some people have legitimate reasons for no vaccine but they are in the minority). It's nearly impossible to believe that those who put out the guidance didn't consider that the unvaccinated—many of whom were against masks from the beginning—wouldn't immediately unmask as soon as they could get away with it.


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