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3/3/2021 1:25:00 PM

One man charged in the Capitol insurrection put it simply on Facebook: 'Don't you dare try to tell me that people are blaming this on antifa and BLM. We proudly take responsibility for storming the Castle.'

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got to admit 250 unarmed rag tagged assembly whupping usa security / military / intel comm .... kinda impres ... The readiness to resort to a militant solution to retain power is entirely consistent with Trump & Pompeo's Megalomaniacal personalities. That's history !! Would anyone expect any other response from these tools

'ONE MAN' Thanks liberal PUBLIC radio. So is NPR admitting ANTIFA exists? Tricked yourselves into admitting they are real, and do a LOT of RIOTING in our cites? So are you going to go back and cover all the damage they did in 2020? MrAndyNgo has thousands of photos and videos to help you do your job better.

And what do we do to those responsible for the insurrection? Just ask one man who was President. Leo77743955202 I'll give you a point for your honesty. People who try to blame others are just cowards not willing to pay the price. It was obviously the Lizard People. They've been living among us for a long time now, just ask Q.

Those who did it,say so. Those who did not, say it was Anti fascism or BLM. But both voted for Trump. Facts of telling the truth is not important anymore in this joke of democracy. He needs to tell this to the Trump Supporters who swear up and down that the insurrection was a democratic ploy spearheaded by antifa.

Maybe BLM should read more on history before choosing sides... Doesn’t matter. People now believe whatever makes them happy, even if that belief is “water ain’t wet” or “the sky ain’t blue”... Slowly, these people will all congeal into a gelatinous mess of ignored incels and shut ins, cashing their SS checks and waiting on the TV guide. Sad

And there you have it! Proud to over throw this country's government, and show foreign powers how easily they can do the same. Storming the castle...... Is a fight to the pain next? I can't believe they got past the R.O.U.S's (I don't think they exist). Well, our little experiment in democracy has been fun. We'll be right back here in 4 years. idiots

Republicans once stood tall. Once. Republicans are virtually the new ISIS. Republicans drove the attack on our nation's Capitol and is irrefutable. Republicans desire political unrest at any cost because unable to win by merit. Don't be duped. Turns out said guy is Antifa. The fascist Trump supporters did

Well the next big day for the Q another's is Thursday, less than 48 hrs from now! They think trump will be reinstated as prez and another terrorist attack will happen is what ex Q anyone's were saying today! Are they prepared? GOPDONTGIVEAF0CK The jokes write themselves at this point Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't their president do exactly this?

SeditionCaucus listen up. “Your people” are talking to you. GOPQ The nerds vs. the bullies. I want to ask this person,, 'why would you have loyalty to a man who talked you into rioting in Capitol and then pardoned a bunch of rappers out of prison & not have charges dropped for 'his Patriots? Because He does not care about you at all! You were used by him!

Sounds like something a crisis actor would say Guilty, proud and stupid - the perfect cannon fodder The lies are so illogical that it is an embarrassment for anyone who actually believes them. Show me the 1st 'antifa' rioter who has been arrested. I'll wait. That’s exactly what an Antifa would say! Don't they dare tell us that this was about a stolen election.This is about setting aside an election because they do not agree with the majority.

“Proudly” “‘Metastasizing’ Around The Country” There’s enough tech data to show who did what. king Proudly misinformed. Fake Narrative Assclowns ... we all know it was Antifa and the DNC actors That's not something he should really be proud of, but thanks for owning it I guess. It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere. — Voltaire

A warning publicly streamed three weeks before January 6th. The nature of our 2020 elections, unprecedented transition of power, January 6th & the seditious conspiracy that has left everything in disarray. NoOneUnscripted Facebook should be held liable -Welcome to A New Era in News -- We've only just begun

horrible 'We're totally proud of our treason!'- signed, Trump supporter Pretty much sums it up