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1/21/2021 9:49:00 PM

The Biden administration has made some changes to the White House website since taking office. Among them: adding an optional field for pronouns on its contact page and relaunching the Spanish-language site.

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NASA Celebrates Mary W. Jackson With Building Naming Ceremony

On Friday, NASA celebrated the agency’s first African American female engineer, Mary W. Jackson, with a ceremony to formally name the agency’s headquarters building in Washington in her honor.

How badly we have been in need of President Biden. But yet they don’t even caption their press conferences... My pronouns are Me/Myself/I. And to kick off the administration, NPR, the taxpayer funded organization ($500 million) begins with hard hitting journalism about ... pronouns. All positive steps! Biden also made public the White House visitors log Trump stopped. No more secrets as to who is visiting.

Asking for pronouns.... I just want to know if the $2,000 checks have been mailed yet. Asking for a friend. 😂. We were told these would be “out the door” if GA senate elections went D’s way. Now Ossoff and Warnock have been sworn in. Any updates? Tr*mp took down the White House Spanish language website. The cruelty still astounds. 😢

I love that President Biden is dragging people into a modern era that is civilized, tolerant and inclusive … whether they want it or not lol. bidengasm Not bad. I choose Mr. as my Prefix and she/her as my Pronoun. 窃据中华民国的窃国大盗蔡英文、窃国大盗集团姨妈巾党台湾民进党和窃据美国的瞧败登、民猪党,都是靠选举舞弊非法上台窃取政权的。 He looks confused I hope he doesn't push the nuclear bottom instead of door Bell . IvankaTrump shirenar

WTF? Relaunching? Trump removed the Spanish-language site? For what? Because you want people who are more comfortable with Spanish to be forced to read the English? Or to save a little money so Trump can get an extra 9-holes of golf, in addition to his usual 36 holes? I look forward to the time when being a decent human being is no longer newsworthy.

thanks The US then: Bombs civilians overseas The US now: Bombs civilians overseas (he/him, she/her, they/them) BS The government should never be allowed to remove the Spanish language pages! I’m gonna love this president Biden It’s the little things, you know? So glad we’ve got grown ups in charge again! I think the major problem that Republicans have with Biden is that he is a truly decent human being.

Can we bring back references to Climate Change? Here's my pronoun 🖕 I wish we knew what this guy actually thinks.