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1/21/2021 9:38:00 PM

Daily numbers of new coronavirus cases are finally starting to wane, researchers say, and hospitalizations are down slightly. But thousands of people are still being infected every day, and the virus could surge again.

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Thousands of cold-stunned sea turtles being rescued in Texas

People have taken thousands of cold-stunned sea turtles to a convention center in South Texas in hopes of saving them during the unusually chilly weather

~ the day after Biden's inauguration. Wow what a coincidence thank you Science for ending this immediately upon losing political expedience Uptick from the coup? We should lock down for six months, it’s the only way to save grandma We're past the holidays now. If people can withhold from gathering we can start to smother this.

All thanks to Joe Biden!! The noncompliant-led surge has saturated infection rates. An asymptote of the failing to mask is apparent. Every day vaccine sits in the freezers rather than in someone’s arm, there will be needless deaths. The average state utilization of vaccine on hand is 50%. WV maintains over 98% utilization. Incompetent governors are killing people

I know it’s only slightly but the hospitalizations have dropped back to levels of 12/28. And cases are slowly coming down as well. We may have finally peaked. Let’s hope it continues. Glad to see media outlets finally noticing. same time the WHO stated the testing is resulting in massive amounts of false positives

It's called 'herd immunity', duh. its a Biden Inauguration Miracle. Between the mass infections and vaccination efforts ramping up, we may finally hit a wall soon. nice I’m running as a Democrat in Utah to unseat Mike Lee in the US Senate in 2022. I’m trying to drum up as much support as I can. Follow me and let’s get to work.