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1/14/2021 7:01:00 AM

The FAA has enacted a 'zero-tolerance' policy after several incidents of Trump supporters engaging in threatening and disruptive behavior on flights to and from D.C. Penalties include fines up to $35,000 and jail time.

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Ooh, sounds authoritaritive. Gonna take away their in flight snack time, maybe no movie? Way to crack down. Great! These people will show security their ID so they can then be told to take off their shoes & belt, have their belongs + their bodies x- rayed & searched, subject themselves to pat downs & back room searches only to get on a plane and act up cuz they’re asked to wear a mask.

empowergracewi Put them on the NO FLY LIST Silly me. There I was actually thinking we already had a zero tolerance policy towards threatening and disruptive behavior on airplanes. I guess trump supporters used to get a pass. WhitePrivilege FAA MAGATerrorists TrumpBanned NoFlyList Good! I’m glad to see these enforcements happening.

Awesome!!!! Finally someone has grown a pair of balls to deal with the idiots. 🥳 Good! Make it permanent! Hey I know him All passengers should obey flight rules and behave with some decorum. Regrettably good manners, consideration for others and civility has declined and not just on planes. Looks like FAA has said “enough”

And the airports need to do something about the harassment incidents, better security. These people are delusional and dangerous idiots. Straighten them the fuk up. Enough is enough. Trump recruited every American that is antiGovernment, now he realizes he screwed up, it has turned into a legion of mobsters that’s out of his control.

'Trump supporters' Really? Every single unruly passenger was a Trump supporters, really? Statistically impossible!!! LuvHawaii40 Good. Have they considered just booting them off the plane (preferably mid- flight)? Good for FAANews - others shouldn’t be allowed to place passengers at risk because of their delusions over wearing a mask.

FY About fucking time. No Fly List In civilized society behave...or pay. Why don't they go immediately on the no-fly list? yayayarndiva Bring back the U.S. marshals on flights. It's about time corporate America stepped up in order to suppress Trumpism. About time geoffreylaxton Bravo! Now that's how you deal with these ass backwards idiots. Head on! Spank their bad little asses.

Because of citizens who chanted USA on an American Airlines flight & were told to behave by the pilot or be left in Kansas? Or when passengers were removed for singing the national anthem? Or when Trump supporters were told “I’ll fuc%* kill you” by another passenger? Blame AntiFAA. These are some of the 'good people' Trump said are on the side of the white supremacists. DonaldJTrumpJr IvankaTrump

Just tell the FAA you are with BLM and you are going to kill innocent Americans, all will be good. 发动全民性的运动推动美国选举制度的改革! 每10000:1的比例直选出一名议员,以此排除那些对政治冷感的人参与总统的直接选举;一个州按500万人计算可直选出500名州议会议员。全美按50个州计共有25000名州议会议员。 由这25000名州议会议员投票选出美国总统。 To bad they won’t see this in their Twitter feed There was always a zero tolerance policy, only it applied to everyone else.

It was their first time flying, they were excited About time. I remember what it was like after 9/11 when you couldn't leave your seat for the last 30 minutes of flights into the DC area. terroristsnotprotestors They’re special. I wouldn't be surprised if next they complete their terrorist resume by hijacking a plane.

The only truth trump ever said with regards to his supporters, and during his whole tenure really: 'they seem low class'. And that will be enough of that! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Good, the fine should be $100,000! That's what'll break all of this nonsense up.