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1/14/2021 6:50:00 AM

President-elect Joe Biden has added 3 experts to his National Security Council to advise him on homeland security and cybersecurity.

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If members of Congress aided Capitol attack, they should be prosecuted: Pelosi

U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Friday that if members of Congress were found to have been accomplices to the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, they should be prosecuted.

I have no doubt when the evidence is sorted through we will discover Mo Brooks, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Marjorie Taylor Green and Lauren Boebert were active participants in the events of the 6th. That’s how they introduced themselves on the phone anyway He nemesis to hire the Parler hacker

Our lump of a current impeached president is probably leaving the presidency in disarray so since Joe has been there, done that, he can get things organized and working properly ahead of time. He is gonna need it after the last 4 years .. the 🍊 admin made a mess of everything . Yet he only had the beat and the brightest 🤣 NOT! Working for the 🍊 was like political suicide .

Impeached joe Biden I can't wait Aye bruh change the game for once and don’t pick war mongering mufuckas My President will get it right Experts? 5 bucks say none of these positions will be filled by anybody in the Trump family. Hey!!!! Leftist bums infesting Our America... Remember when RBG finally croaked and Trump replaced her with an ultra conservative thus securing American Values to Our SCOTUS for the rest of your lives with a 6-3 majority? That was so much fun😛

Anyone under Joe Biden is not an expert in anything 🤡 We need the government to keep us safe!🙄 Wonder what branch of the CCP they are formerly from He'll need a lot more than that.... Haha “president-elect” - whatever you say