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10/10/2019 3:30:00 AM

More fetal remains have been discovered during a search of vehicles belonging to a deceased Illinois doctor who performed abortions in Indiana. Authorities say they're still investigating why he stored more than 2,000 fetal remains.

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Dude this guy was psycho. - 2000+ lives taken...insanity. Pure insanity. RIP, little ones. Some people are just actually crazy. I mean it's completely nuts, but it could be worse right? Because he’s a freak? In some country they eat them. For good skin complexion. Seriously. Dude was crazy. It's amazing that behavior like this can go on unbeknownst to anyone. You would have thought his living room would be stacked floor to ceiling with boxes or jars or something and that someone would at least notice and ask...maybe a repair person working in the basement...

Because he’s a serial killer and that’s what they do? Demons! Send them all to the womens march office You mean babies right? Why isn't this national news? Uh... Because he was crazy? Mental defect is no respecter of specific categories of expression. Even the very best people are prone to bizarre behavior.

How was this Monster not found out? Are authorities going to dig up deceased doctor and ask him why he stored more than 2,000 fetal remains? The not knowing of 'why' annoys many people. Ahhh yes. Mayor Pete's guy. Why is this news? Fetal remains improperly disposed? Not news, except for the hyper pro- lifers.

thats sick...sounds like he has a mental problem They were trophies. This isn't difficult. That doctor gives abortion a bad rep, he is the reason women have to fight so hard for reproductive rights oh I'm surprised NPR even printed this story Absolutely Disgusting and SpeakerPelosi still supports abortion rights.

This is gross.

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