Retirements, Congress, Trey Gowdy

Retirements, Congress

Former GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy joins Trump's impeachment defense team

Former Rep. Trey Gowdy potentially coming to Trump's defense in impeachment inquiry. Gowdy stepped down from Congress in 2018 after serving for eight years.


Former South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy , who led the Republican investigation into Hillary Clinton and the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, will help defend Pres. Trump as he faces the Democratic-led impeachment investigation.

Former Rep. Trey Gowdy potentially coming to Trump's defense in impeachment inquiry. Gowdy stepped down from Congress in 2018 after serving for eight years.

It was unclear what specific role Gowdy would play in the current White House strategy of not cooperating with the investigation, but when word got out that he was being considered, a television clip from 2012 surfaced showing him saying it is"wrong" to withhold documents from Congress regardless of politics.

As chair of the House committee tasked with investigating the 2012 terrorist attack on an American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, Gowdy vaulted into the national spotlight for his intense and critical questions about whether then- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could have prevented the attack or dealt with it more effectively.

There is a time to come and a time to go. This is the right time, for me, to leave politics and return to the justice system. Full statement here ?

Other Republican members of Congress and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, formerly the Governor of South Carolina, all praised Gowdy.

I always said the reason @TGowdySC was amazing at his job was bc he disliked politics so much. Trey, thank you for your impatience, sacrifice, and fight to make our country a more just place. SC and our country thank you for your service. I thank you for your friendship. ????

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I’ve noticed when he says, “ I don’t know...” it usually means I’m not going to tell you. When he REALLY doesn’t know something he just makes shit up so he doesn’t look dumb! LOL 😂 There is always Drama with this man because he never learns from the mistakes he makes . TreyGowdy's still busy investigating Hillary's role in Ben Ghazi. Plus, Trump's versing him on how to say, 'No quid pro quo!' Trump's putting Trey on the team to make Rudy look intelligent.

Nah man, Trey be ready...! No problem. Trumpsky will be long gone from thee WH by then. It will be a wonderful Christmas present. ImpeachAndRemove He going to need help, any others suckasses want to add their name to this charade? 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥 Gowdy/ Gotti !! cover up continues! Such a guy Kick their ass Trey dont let this happen no more

Poor guy

Fox News terminates Trey Gowdy as the former GOP congressman joins Trump's legal defenseThe former South Carolina lawmaker's ousting came a day after it was widely reported that the White House tapped Gowdy to join its legal defense team to help President Donald Trump combat the House Democrats' impeachment inquiry. Terminates his employment or actually terminates him? Seems harsh. How would anyone tell? Wow. Can we actually say good for Fox News? Hopefully, Gowdy will also go down with the ship.

I’m sure TGowdySC is going to be part of Trump’s “What About...” crew. He’ll be in charge of getting knuckle deep in the Right-Wing conspiracy theories that have never been proven! HypocriticalHack BLOODY TRAITORS THE LOT OF THEM !!!! Screwing and cheating THE AMERICAN PEOPLE !!!! IN PLAIN SITE!!!!!’

Gross Dont worry nobody going to fail nor turn up death for lack funding healthy independent Chronicle civilrights exchanges sovereign jurisdictions manpower confidence positioning authority of attacks He failed I n each and every investigation. He came up empty. He led a witchhunt. Why is that not not included in your tweet?. He should reimburse taxpayers for all the money he wasted persecuting Hillary!

IT FIGURES ATTACK DEMS AND PROTECT GUILTY REPUBLICONS So, what happens if the House just decides to proceed directly to a floor vote on impeachment WITHOUT even having a formal investigation? Apparently, they're not constitutionally obliged to have an inquiry. A move like that would definitely neuter Mr. Gowdy.

Democrat-led FAKE impeachment investigation! EnemyOfThePeople Filibuster Trey will always be known as treybenghazi...he's from SC... talk long enough, even a dead raccoon will come down from a tree.

Fox News Drops Trey Gowdy As Contributor After He Joins Donald Trump’s Legal TeamFox News Channel has dropped former Rep. Trey Gowdy as a contributor after reports that he is joining President Donald Trump’s legal team as outside counsel for the impeachment inquiry. A Fox… Was someone off their meds today? The Fox News spokesperson was supposed to say “Trey Gowdy is stepping down as Fox News contributor in order to help the White House prosecute Hillary, Obama and Comey.” But since Paul Ryan with the Murdochs on the board now? Makes perfect sense

Wait, Rudy Giuliani is his main squeeze. What happened. “As the WH Spins “! The Ds need to make a tv ad out of his rant about an admin releasing documents to Congress Good Gowsy's smug face can crash when Trump gets an impeachment He is a Never-Trumper and will be , no trust on him People is not that smart in the SC state of the coconut tree family. Navy overhauls its charleston base to only do nothing because new navy intell living here has no clue whether NK is capably testing its SLBM. Jokes on the navy

Will he get paid up front? Whose money? Weird how leaves out that Gowdy was caught falsifying evidence in the Benghazi investigation in the headline. Oh right, media keeps pretending that Republican criminality is normal. Ofcourse he is 🎬 Perfect addition to the clown show. Bravo! of course he will and he will be a walking contradiction of everything he's said and stood for in the past. TraitorsSupportTraitorTrump TGowdySC is a traitor

Fox News terminates Trey Gowdy as contributor amid reports he joined Trump's legal teamA source familiar with the situation noted that Gowdy representing the president would pose a conflict of interest with his role as a Fox News contributor. CNBC fired? CNBC The plot thickens!! This should be easy though; Subpoena Rex Tillerson, he’d be happy to tell the truth, I think! CNBC THANK GOD FOR TREY, RUDY, and DONALD!

So I'm guessing that he insists that Donnie goes under oath and answers 11 hours of questioning. Since he didn't catch the obviously crooked Hillary that way, the obviously innocent Donnie, with his genius mind, would breeze through 11 hours and prove his innocence Lol Hillary was guilty as sin and she walked free without even a slap on the wrist. This is they guy they get? Trump will surely be impeached now.

realDonaldTrump The C team? Or is this the D team? If you just resign, you can keep the cash from the defense fund right 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Maria Allen Lambert Enos Little pin head is back ...

Trump Enlists Trey Gowdy to Help With Impeachment Fight(Bloomberg) -- Donald Trump has enlisted former Representative Trey Gowdy to work with the White House team combating the U.S. House’s impeachment inquiry into the president, people familiar with the matter said on Tuesday.Gowdy, a former prosecutor from South Carolina, is not formally joining the White Love TreyGowdy , but that hair cut, what’s with that... This is great news! Thanks Trey! I thought I read he turned it down. If it is true and he has changed course I suppose the defense will be more Benghazi this and Benghazi that as I have pointed out before. And the rubles must have gone up.

Paul Hanson Enos Thats not news or new Bye Bye Deep State Pc's of SHIT. Laurel Hanson Enos To be fair TGowdySC is a hypocritical, craven hack without a single identifiable principle Nice addition but I'm still just some bummed that we are even at this point. Why did PresidentTrump do this himself and do this to MAGA that call was so stupid and unnecessary I just wanna cry. He just keeps stepping it, I've never seen such self sabotage by one man

So they hire a guy who was such an abject failure at investigating Hillary & Benghazi. Must have found a small slot in the swamp (cesspool) that needed filling. A 1 choice!

Fox News Cuts Ties With Trump Lawyer Trey GowdyThe network hired the former congressman at the beginning of the year. Means he’s going to work for Trump. So did majority of Americans Outta fox Gowdy!

Gowdy? Who couldn't bring charges, or even recommend a censure during the Benghazi hearings? ROTFLMAO! Trump's attorneys are a sad bunch. Cohen is in prison. Giuliani is heading in that direction. And Gowdy was dumb enough to board the sinking ship! And how'd that go for him? I do believe Hillary is still out and about. Let me check my notes real qu- ah ha! Yep. Might as well get a jumpsuit for the clown of a president now.

Selling his soul to defend Trump; he will soon look like a fool defending the indefensible. Did get paid in advance? Thank God we have some Americans in Washington D.C. The same guy that Hillary allowed to grill her for hours and found nothing? Another Republican Looser. Benghazi The Benghazi weasel?

Fox terminates Trey Gowdy as contributor amid reports he joined Trump's legal teamA source familiar with the situation noted that Gowdy representing the president would pose a conflict of interest with his role as a Fox contributor. Makes sense. Gowdy wants a closer sniff of Trump’s backside.

I have great respect for Trey Gowdy. Will be a joy to watch him fightfor justice. he’d have better luck with curt gowdy Typical fake news. He is not defending Trump. He is a long time prosecutor and is making sure the president has the correct advise in navigating the proscess. The defense consists in diverting attention with a counterattack, fantastic, the great problem of the country.

Good! Go Trey! Never tell the truth Gowdy would rather play hate politics than seek justice. Oh great, we get 2 watch Gowdy’s freak innuendo show, using his weird facial contortions, designed 2 confuse onlookers + imply criminality of the innocent + innocence + victimhood of the actual criminals. Fasten ur seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. circus

He's obviously incompetent because she should have been convicted so maybe realDonaldTrump will be.

Another snake in the grass. Another evil man! Defending that monstrosity of evil! pinhead will find a way to blame hillary Another corrupt aboard we know him already he is useless don't worry That means he will be 0 and 3 Seems no matter how many times they're flushed some South Carolina dog turds just keep floating back into the bowl. LeningradLindsey TraitorTrey

The hypocrisy of it all, nothing is lost on irony. Career politician and hypocrite. Either desperate, or wants to ruin his career? TGowdySC

Love this guy! Has the experience in fighting Gov.Corruption & will call it what it is , Deep State Coup. He is going DOWN!!!! I love his situational ethics. This is going to be entertaining. Bottom of the barrel His insides are turning gangrenous as the ETTD necrosis sets in. TheRickWilson Still waiting for your investigation of ACTUAL corruption by Biden putting his son on the Ukrainian board. Oops, sorry. Forgot you're just DNC propagandists.

Huh. All that time and money wasted.....for nothing, he’s your man? Trey is awesome! I’ve seen him take on the idiots in the senate & congress many times - he leaves them speechless. 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸 Well that's a different, a rat jumping ON a sinking ship.

How did that go? Trump continues to surround himself with losers! Gowdy is no different! Isn't he the one who married a family member! Former South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy, who led the Republican investigation into Hillary Clinton and the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, will help defend Pres. Trump as he faces the Democratic-led impeachment investigation.

Lol. The Benghazi investigation that went no where and cost how much. Good lord. spurguy210 It will be fun to see how donald handles 11 hours of intense interrogation. That should go well because he was successful in indicting Hillary........oh wait! I forgot, Gowdy spent millions of OUR dollars, wasted Sec Clinton’s time for several years AND GOT NOTHING! He’s only coming back now to bilk us out of millions because TRUMP WILL BE IMPEACHED!

Democrats are totally screwed! Great, we get to hear trey spew hypocritical bs Dems are in trouble The clip you are referencing is not from an impeachment investigation. You would be a fool to underestimate this one.

But the emails!!! And what was the result Of his lengthy investigation of HRC Oh yea - she had done nothing wrong ... Traitors all Perfect. He failed last time and will no doubt give a repeat performance No surprise that the morally compromised would form an alliance. I hope the Democrats pursue this impeachment as vigorously and doggedly as Gowdy pursued Mrs. Clinton. The only difference will be that Gowdy found nothing, but the Democrats will find plenty.

I’m curious if he asked to be paid upfront? These people have no soul. They have no self respect. How can you just sell out that fast. Graham, Giulian the list is endless. Absoutly disgusting. Who’s paying him? Of course, rats are pack animals. Dems are toast for sure now! Schiff will be crying in a corner lying to his mommy.

A known and documented liar joining trump. Seems to have been inevitable. He is the Best! Things just got interesting. TGowdySC is a fantastic attorney. I say that as a Democrat. Right...”what difference does it make “? 😂😂😂 Thank goodness The Best. Love Gowdy. 😂 Poor lying, no good corrupt realDonaldTrump! I hope orange is your favourite colour!

Looks like he’s ready to go two and O. OH GOOD HE IS FULL OF SHIT TO AND NO GOOD AWESOME

He will lose! We won! ImpeachTheMF Keep in mind he is a Former, just trying to pump up his chest. He has no idea what is in front of him Great to have a winner like you on the team to stop the illegal coup! he's gona testify but no one from the adminstration is ? Hahaha good. He got away with too much. Hoping he goes down with them 🙂

great news for dems, given that he sides with losers. 👍 Only the best from South Carolina, LeningradLindsey and Trey, I couldn’t break HillaryClinton after 11 hours of testimony. Yup bring in all the corrupt GOP to defend a maniacal, draft dodging, foreign-ass kissing POTUS Another one willing to throw his reputation down the drain!!!

Trey, you can do this! Truth is on your side! 💚🍀🇺🇸⚖️

The press took this man seriously as he led the farcical Benghazi 'hearings.' Have they learned their lesson, or will they still pretend that Mr. Ever-Changing Bad Hairstyle is a Very Serious Person? Good lord we have to be subjected to TreyGowdy! There is NO GOD! treygowdyisaTraitor Gowdy 🙄 This should be entertaining. Looking forward to all the new memes.

Hmmm, interesting 🤔 Trump: I want you on my team Gawdy: Ok, can I see all the docs and data Trump: No, play it by ear and lie if you have to Gowdy: -.- (run) This is the guy who four years ago that said all documents requested by Congress needs to be submitted or it is obstruction of justice. Gowdy is just another republican traitor

Fox then fires him from his job as a “Contributor,” but will no doubt have him now “contributing” as Trump’s lawyer, spokesperson, and boring gaslighter. But tell us more about letting him go due to a “conflict of interest.” Rep Gowdy is on the wrong side of history and is defending a sinking ship.

This is a parody account, right? ...right? maurt42 He's going to get his hair messed up in the blowback. 💩=💩 Saw him on tv thought ..why not After seven GOP lead investigations he will find nothing… Again Gowdy starts his new case with zero credibility & tons of hypocrisy. 🤨 Yeah that’s quite a resume. Color me impressed. Can he also run a 12 minute mile?

Role reversal spurguy210

Does this guy have any credibility? Watch the sparks fly. There's no one better than Trey. At least we know he’s all about transparency and turning over documents! bmangh 👏🏼👏🏼 Turn over all the documents, emails and phone calls on the private lines. Oh, this will be hilarious. Let's not forget when the tables were turned and they attacked HillaryClinton! Can you even imagine this. Oh Hillary, come back, you so deserve it!

I bet he got paid up front. Trump supporters are like children. Give them a treat and a slogan to chant and they will jump for joy. Vampire is the only word that comes to mind when I see this guy. He is soulless pit.

One insane clown defending another sounds like a awarding wining duo The total failure investigations of Hillary you mean? And she even testified. No wonder Fox News terminated him!!! I guess he changed his mind. Reporting yesterday suggested he wasn’t going to do it. What happened? He is sooo effective....

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