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In 2017, the Philippine military defeated ISIS insurgents after months-long fighting in the city of Marawi. Though the government is now in control, about 100,000 displaced residents are waiting to return home.

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There is only one way to deal with the religion of surrender. At the end of a gun barrel. ping BarbaraTroj YWILPFPeace Rodrigo is brutal, they never had a chance.

NPR Choice pageWorldCafe What BS. WorldCafe One of my favorite musicians. Now even more so. WorldCafe Santana: Both the Name and his Music Evokes Magic: She's a Black Magic Woman!!!

NPR Choice pageAl Franken not looking good Liquidate the company. Get every penny of the $225 million settlement. Barnes_Law It’s always been done this way.

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NPR Choice page

NPR Choice pageShut them down What needs to die is this sport. Yet they refused to shut down How

NPR Choice pageHeard this today. We need more 10-seconds-with-the-perfect-focus-group market testing (or toss and restart). sesamestreet No delusions. What works works, and doesn't, does not work. Boeing should have taken heed with one of their airplanes. boeing737max8 An article about the music of Sesame Street that doesn't mention Joe Raposo is seriously lacking.

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