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6/13/2019 1:07:00 AM

Members of Congress have not had a pay increase in 10 years, and supporters of a raise argue their salaries need to keep up with the cost of living. Opponents say that should not be a priority.

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I agree that everyone’s wages should keep up with inflation lovethyneighbor perfectworld In any business, you get a raise for doing a good job. Congress doesn't even know what that means. What about the cost of living for people on SOCIAL SECURITY !!! 😡 How about a merit pay system like teachers? Pay for performance?

If they would keep the same hours that I do, I would not oppose a raise. However, I look around and see a lot of empty seats. Id just put them on federal minimum wage. Just so they can, you know, see how people they should serve live day to day. Overpaid!!! Lets not forget the amazing benefits package that the 99% can only dream about. They're spoiled leeches, if anything they should all get a pay cut!

DNC should just build a dorm for Democratic congressmen. They should all receive a reduction in pay until we have a balanced budget and their Cadillac retirement plan and health benefits should be stripped. They can all buy the same health insurance as the average American and retire on SSI... No raise for Senators because they don't do anything but the House members deserve a slight raise.

What about the rest of the US population? Politicians are the last that need a raise! Why does ur salary need to keep up with the cost of inflation but not the minimum wage? 🤔 Yes but only if is attached to a minimum wage increase Give them the raise Tell that to AOC..$4500 richer, you know, like, everyone gets a cost of living raise... right?

After not showing up to answer for still not having taken care of 9/11 first responders they want a raise..... Not a stinking penny. i say they should paid by the work they do and they do NOTHING They make more than enough already. I think I may run for Congress to get some of their perks. None of them deserve a raise. They should be made to go to ethics class and a class on how to communicate and work with others

No increase until they get fair trade and immigration settled Maybe congress should make sure all Americans can keep up with inflation. Raise the minimum wage NPR's new God, the barmaid socialist from Westchester already wants MORE MONEY from American people & gov she says she's supposed to 'serve'. $174,000/yr should be more than enough to live on without a salary increase when most other Americans are holding down two jobs just to keep their heads above water.

Since we voted them in, we should get to decide if they get a raise. Like working for a real company they should get a review to decide how they are doing Cost of living? Give me a fucking break. Cost of living is a fraction of what they make. Better to vote a raise in for teachers What’s the lowest wage in the District? Are they paid more than that? Then screw off.

I get that DC is expensive, but you can afford rent on 174k per year. Staff salaries do need to be higher though. Rn you have to be pretty “committed” to want to work on the hill for the peanuts they pay staff. They should get paid, when they actually start doing their job. It should be on a scale and their pay should be contingent on how their constituents grade their representation.

So THEIR pay should increase with the cost of living. Does this mean every one else's should too? In that case, minimum wage should be about $30 an hour. Deal? Can they get a cost of living increase? No raises We should pay them minimum wage I didn't think a seated Congress could vote themselves a pay raise

Most of these people in Congress are wealthy and worry about cost of living? You mean they can’t afford their third Porsche? I am in favor of giving Congress a raise. Possibly a raise would give them incentive to begin negotiating rather than combative responses that go nowhere. It is amazing what a little extra money will do to motivate.

So. Wait a minute. If a loaf of bread went up 5cents, they can’t afford it? They haven’t done anything in 20 years zz It’s not a career job it’s a privilege to serve the people their supposed to represent, which they do a poor job of.. If they paid for their health insurance like very one else, then maybe a raise is in order. They need to see what their pay is in total compensation. not just their salary.

They deserve a pay cut.Look at the state of the country.They come to the Senate &Congress to get rich. With republicans in charge WE ARE SCREWED. CORPORATIONS GET Rich while we just get old. If a woman...forget are screwed in trump’s America..fake religion holds u down They make $174,000/year and work about 70 days. They could always do what normal people do and their spouses could work to help make ends meet.

You mean the people unable to get a budget completed on time, who shutdown the government, whose leader refuses to bring bills to the floor - they want a raise? They should be FIRED! Most are bums who don’t earn what they are paid No raise for a “ do nothing” Congress! On pols tasked to watch capitalists but both the same guy: 'We are past the point where being a capitalist is the only way of becoming a politician, and we are dangerously near the point where being a politician is much the quickest way of becoming a capitalist.'-G.K. Chesterton.

Maybe their salary should be $300k, then adjusted for other income and net worth. So someone where this is their only source of income their salary is $300k, but if they are already wealthy, have major investments, then their salary is $0, adjusted on a sliding scale..... Except for AOC, who advocated for it?

I think their productivity is way down. Something about bootstraps comes to mind... You have to work for pay! Congress is a desirable profession. That’s because of the lax environment & perks or benefits. Keep things status quo. Simple solution is to tie congressional salary to GS15 pay. Eliminates all the problems and ensures that they pass the annual cost of living increases for federal workers.

They already make plenty of money and have great perks and benefits! How about minimum wage being increased for cost of living? When my social security check keeps up with inflation. That's when they should ask us, their employer, for a raise. Hell No they don’t need any raise. They already get paid more then most people and then get huge amounts of money for offices and staff! Outrageous that they even think about a raise. Need a big pay reduction

Well, since you worked 130 days, end of 2018/2019. Currently your doing nothing. First hold the people who were served a subpoena, but did not show, hold them in contempt. 2nd Impeach the crazy idiot. Or send to prison! Trump has never followed Congresses subpoenas. Boo hoo. Snowflakes. Tied to wages of public school teachers with comparable education, and same healthcare the rest of us get

Pay equal to the median salary of teachers in the state they represent. Except GOP. They get nothing since they do nothing. Republicans in charge of Congress: no pay raise and cuts taxes. Dems: endless investigations, 0 legislation, pay raises. Maybe they should skip that latte, or maybe not but the most recent phone, have they though of getting a night job to make ends meet?

Yeah, that's a great argument for raising the minimum wage. FirstThingsFirst Kekkkk, amer citizens: “we work 3 jobs and still cant make a living wage” gov’t officials: eh also gov’t officials: “we literally don’t do anything and get paid by company lobbyists and use tax payer funds for trips to italy and fancy chairs but we dont make a living wage”

Should all complete financial disclosures. Then those who are not already well off should get raises or assistance with housing, etc. How about making sure to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and tie it to cost of living increases? EmilyShapiro1 Unless they extend the privilege of cost of living wages to minimum wage workers, Members of Congress can back burner their own salary raises. It would be nice for MOC to put non-rich Americans first for once. hypocrisy

Are we talking about just salaries or about total compensation? MY CHECKS DON'T KEEP UP WITH COST OF LIVING INCREASES NEITHER DOES MOST AMERICAS. WHY SHOULD YOURS. Members of Congress merit an 80% pay CUT. They aren’t doing their jobs and should be compensated accordingly. Exactly what are they doing to deserve it? Automatic COL raises are rarity in the private sector these days In many companies, workers are absorbing the work of those ‘right sized’ and getting ZERO additional pay. Cry me a river, Congress. Better cut out that Starbucks

Keep them honest, pay Congress a fair wage to keep corporate money out of their decision making process. Hell no! In the real world you have to prove your value in order to get a raise, in congresses case we should make reductions. Hog wash! They gey paid 150,00 a year already. That’s enough for the kind of work they’re doing.

A lot of us would like to experience how hard it is to live on 6 figures. No raise but most are all millionaires How does that happen with no pay raise in 10yrs? I’d like an investigation! $174k and you need a raise? This is fake news, right? Helllllllllllllllll NO you entitled swamp creatures! If you became a public servant for a guaranteed always increasing 6 fig salary, I promise you ARE NOT what we the people are looking for to represent us. 😡🤮

Average pay is $174K per year plus benefits and perks. Eff them. When they start representing the US citizenry, then will consider. Absolutely not. As a professor in Northern VA we had not had a pay raise in 4 years and now we get just 2.5% - which in no way covers the cost of living and the pay is well below their base rates. Education ALWAYS suffers.

Give them a raise! $20k If Congress can give themselves a 'cost of living' raise, then pass it for everyone in the U.S.A.. Uh, yeah! Duh! That's what us poor people have been saying. Let us focus on those who cannot afford to buy $500 outfits and vacations. Could we? How come the politicians get paid before their constituents!?

$175k and the best health insurance on the planet for life is not god enough for a group of people who do NOTHING? Give me a break! In lieu of actually tackling money in politics...🤣🤣🤣🤣...lets just give ourselves raises Put your political foot on the necks of the average American struggling to make it and give yourselves raises when you make so much more than an average American. When do you get fiscally Smart on behalf of the people you serve and keep shafting

Hahahahahahaha. what about LITERALLY every other job market that does not keep up with the cost of living? Maybe if they pass some bipartisan bills instead of endless partisan grandstanding, they can get a raise. They don’t do anything. Why pay them anything ? With literally millions in kickbacks & under the table payments from corporations & people like the Koch brothers, who needs a raise?! FFS! Mitch McConnell made about $2.4million every year for 10 years on an aprox $193k salary. No raise.

Cunningham (D) SC1, is a one term rep. His fifteen minutes will be over soon enough. Get a roommate.. Share places with each other 🤣🤣🤣 The federal minimum wage is $7.25 and it too has not been raised in years. I wouldn’t be so opposed to a raise for them, if Congress could support a living wage and pass laws that close pay gaps, among other things that wouldn’t benefit only the top 1%, and other rich entities that buy their votes. Also, previously, they used to get raises constantly.

Boo fucking hoo. They're paid better than 90% of the country.learn to do more with less. Didn't they just get a pay raise last year? Wasn't it McConnell that fought so hard and got it? Doesn't their pay need to be going the other direction? How else are they supposed to understand the plight of the American people? They already don't have a grip on what's actual real

Congress is similar to sales reps. Base salary + commission.... commission aka lobby money.... aka bribes.... stock trader... aka insider information. Take ur 10 years and shove it. I agree they havent done shit to keep this president accountable and also fix all thebshit out there they dont deserve none... specially the old members of congress who been there for the longest

OMG seriously? If they vote themselves a pay raise before they take action on any other number of things, they should all be impeached. Self serving, entitled ass hats. I work for the government where is my raise......I put in more hours in one week than these lazy bastards do in 3 months. Other than endless and pointless investigations of the president, they don't seem to be getting anything done. They certainly don't deserve a raise. If anything, their pay should be cut.

Shut up, Congress! But before I go off, what is their salary and is it equitable between women & men? What is there insurance package & do they have it for life? No raise without term limits. Period. Each State should pay their own representatives and senators. Let the state legislature set their pay. No one should be able to vote for their own pay raise.

If they agree to make the law to never take another corporate or lobbyist dime by penalty of law - with heavy anti trust and investment clauses as well - then I will absolutely make it a law that gets them increases based on some cost of living & approval combo or voted on Maybe they should ensure that the voters pay keeps up with cost of living first. I think every Congressman or Congresswoman should make the average salary of their constituents and have the average healthcare available to their constituents.

How about they get a pay raise to adjust for cost of living when they raise the federal minimum wage to do the same. .., while workingfamilies tough it out Nice If they truly believe this, then why aren't they working to raise the federal minimum wage? Rising housing costs are ripping in to everyone....

If Congress wants to link their salaries to the cost of living, it needs to be automatically tied to raising the national minimum wage. Maybe they should cut back on coffee Hey do a story about how so many of them became multimillionaires while being 'public servants.' Aaaaand, how long since the federal minimum was raised?

Maybe they should eat food they have at home and utilize public transportation to reduce cost. No Raises Minimum wage hasn't been raised in 10 years and we all know they make a hell of a lot more than $7.25 an hour. Cry me a river. Oh really cause Rep.Cortez is pretty new lol.... Democrats have such good priorities 😉😅😂

They don’t need a raise. They already get paid TOO much for doing NOTHING. Most of them become millionaires before retiring from lobbying interest and business dealings thru connections they make while in Congress. 10 years? Well it’s been a hell of a lot longer since they actually earned a paycheck! When they start working for America they can have a raise. Until then I say they owe us a refund!

Definitely not a priority. They receive many extra benefits the average person does not receive nor does the average person get salary increases just by saying they deserve one Opponents are idiots. Everyone’s income should keep up with the cost of living, otherwise they can’t afford to do it. Really, these clowns make more then a doctor for doing nothing, 175 thousand dollars with an avg. work week of 18 hrs. This is sick.

Really, these clowns make more then a doctor for doing nothing. Avg. work week 18 hrs. 175 thousand dollars. SICK Most working Americans have not received a meaningful pay raise in 10 years either. Increase the minimum hourly wage to at least $15 to $20 and then Congress May deserve a raise. The optics are really bad.

So should the rest of the country. Are you serious? Have you checked the salaries of educators? We haven’t had raises in years and are no where near the cost of living If they’re making more than minimum wage they need to shut the fck up about it. What have the rest of us got in the last 10 years? What have me minimum wages worked received?

I think Americans would be more open to a pay raise for these politicians if and only if the pay is docked when a budget is not enacted on time, the budget isn't within a reasonable margin (2-3%) of balance, and the politician fails to attend all committee hearings and votes. No! They make $174,000 a year. The median income in DC is $83,000. They don’t need a raise. They need to finally balance a budget and stop over spending.

No national minimum wage—-no congress pay hike. When social security recipients get a 4500 a year increase, we have a balanced budget, healthcare is under control, Congress is on the same health are they force on us, their lifetime entitlements are gone and a two term limit is in place we can discuss it

Meanwhile women still make 77 cents on the dollar. Nor have I, and? JoeCunninghamSC deserves a raise. Not sure about the rest of them. If they cannot live on the pay they make, then they are living beyond their means. Minimum wage should be adjusted for COL before these fat cats get a raise. If my rep thinks they aren’t making enough, I’ll gladly do their job for the pay and benefits they get.

They should get the same amount as the amount of work they do. Minimum wage. When you already get 174,000 a year and plus more from 'fundraising groups and charities' *cough* lobbyists *cough*, then you don't need a pay raise on top of your 6 figure position. Ask AOC Raise minimum wage ... then we’ll talk.

Did other government workers get an increase last year? Wasn’t that taken away by Trump? They can’t vote themselves a pay raise. Let me know when $174,000 a year, at a minimum, becomes a poverty wage, perhaps then I'll give a shit about their salary. The next words about income coming out of their mouths better be $25/hr min wage, otherwise, shut the hell up.

they have not DONE anything in ten years. ...along with term limits... When Flint has clean water, when ALL hurricane devastated areas have funding, when 9/11 first responders have funding, when our infrastructure is up to 21st century standards, when our elections are devoid of corruption, when the ERA is law,

After they do something about immigration, healthcare, student loan debt — then and only then should this issue be discussed. Join the club! But how are they gonna pay for it? 🤔 How ‘bout we put them on some kind of “pay as you go” schedule? You know, if you do the work, you get paid? It would probably be A-MAZE-ING at how much they could accomplish in a bipartisan way if they only got paid per actual productive, helpful, bill passed & signed into law.

How about they work for two months and GO HOME? Keep their pay the same but get rid of all perks and benefits. Not having career politicians would be best for all of us The deficit needs some attention before a Congressional pay raise. Voting No on the pay raise- it definitely sends the wrong signal to America about priorities of legislature. Most of them have their book deals which equals more write offs than us W2 employees.

Raise the minimum wage first They’ve given themselves ENORMOUS increases in Cost of Living Allowances. ENORMOUS. On the order of tens of thousands. And they don’t work. It needs to stop. What have they done to deserve a raise? And I think they're doing just fine on $174,009 a year... Raise minimum wage first. It's been longer.

If the GOP were in the majority,you'd be against this 🤣 Maybe after they deal with the entitlement crisis for the rest of us. House Maj Ldr Steny Hoyer, D-Md., said it's 'our ability to be competitive as an employer and to get the best and brightest.' LOL. Taxpayers are their employer; they get free health, dental, vision, pensions, offices, staff, expenses & travel while schools don't even have books.

It’s so insane how politicans are so concerned about keeping up with the cost of living at $170,000 a year but it’s to much to increase the standard of living for the entire population When the American people get cost of living increases then Congress can too but only after working Americans get it first . Until then beat it

Sure, we get to have their healthcare and then they can have a raise. I think a dollar a year would be more than fair. Real opponents say they should all be fired asap. 'Congress pay should keep oace with cost of living' Yet for years in a row congress did not increase Social Security even though cost of living increased

Oh thee irony At present, how much does Congress make? Hindering, Do Nothing Congress deserves no raise. No more money for Congress until they do something tangible for the 99% Personally, I think members of Congress should get no salary and have to rely entirely on the social safety net (welfare, public housing, Medicaid) as long as they are in office. You can bet they'd suddenly start to care about the poor if they had to live that way.

Min wage first. Let's see exactly what their benefits are in terms of health insurance costs first. We want to know just how good the coverage is for them? It seems made up problem --there is no shortage willing to serve in US House & Senate. '2.6 percent cost of living raise of $4,500' translates into annual salary about $173K. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics mean salary: Mean lawyers & judges salary $!44K

American wages (AFI) are at 1970's levels. If anything, Congress pay levels should be adjusted DOWNWARD! Of course it should be connected to a lifetime ban on any lobbying after you leave Congress. But that's if we were a rational, advanced society. Sadly, we aren't. 10 years? They deserve a pay raise.

Xristian806 NO!! NO!! NO!! NO RAISE FOR CONGRESS OR THE SENATE UNTIL 'WE THE PEOPLE' GET A $4,500 RAISE PER PERSON (OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE)!! .LeaderHoyer is concerned about Congress living in their offices. What about American ppl living in their cars/on the streets? Only rich people would serve? Please- they know that private is than public. As a public servant, make $174,000 work- get a roommate!

They can have a raise when the pass a minimum wage law that keeps up with the cost of living Raise the minimum wage first Simple, tie it to the civil service cost of living increases. Congress should not control its own pay. Fascinating how lawmakers are not interested in keeping Americans wages up with inflation because the minimum wage would be over $25 an hour but Congress is sure willing to raise their wage to keep up with inflation AOC

It wasn’t ever supposed to be a career. It’s like frickin jury duty. Vote to impeach to get your raise. 10 yrs. they deserve some raise. How about an increase when the start doing their jobs? Everyone I know is evaluated on actual productivity. raise 10 yrs too long....but HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE for results in office, and kick them to jail for corruption, financial malfeasance, unethical behavior.

Ooh, ooh, I know! Tie Congressional pay increases to federal increases to teacher salaries. Oh, wait Whaaa. They should have their checks decreased! Why them and not us? Most private employers don’t increase salaries/wages in line with COL increases. When moc’s do their jobs, they can ask for a raise. They get nothing for doing nothing.

How about $1 a year? It should be a privilege and honor to serve your country not a get rich quick scheme. 🎻 When employers keep up with the cost of living, Congress can too. The middle class hasn’t had a real pay raise in 40+ years. Have they thought about getting a 2nd job? Anyhoo, ThoughtsAndPrayers.

Perhaps it should be tied to a percentage of the Federal Minimum Wage for a full time employee. Like say 5-6 time Federal Minimum Wage. When they show how much they get from outside sources a decrease would probably be more appropriate. What about my salary? No one lets me vote on a raise. Plus they are getting money from lobbyists. They aren’t struggling.

Umm do they realize that their salary is about 3 times the median salary in the US 🙄 I don’t see that for them. What about homeless vets and children? raise the federal minimum wage & congressional pay, put it into a package deal/legislation. the cost of living in District of Columbia surely necessitates this. i don't want Congress filled with only rich people who don't need the salary

Don't take the job then Cost of living, don’t make me laugh. Living like what warren buffet? How about Y’all have the average American salary of 40 grand 🤦🏻‍♀️ Let them live in shitty little one bedroom apartments like i do for 1400 a month like i do. Im sure they make enough to cover that. Why? They don’t work very much or often, and when they’re there, they get nothing accomplished. Tie their compensation to successful passage of meaningful legislation. Then they’ll start to work together.

They haven’t done sh*t in 10 years. So if that is the case how about raising the minimum wage to $15.00 per hour. After all its only fair. What about the raise the working class people should get that hasn't materialized yet but we still have to pay taxes so you can get yours please. Members of Congress get paid generously The 'newer Democrats' r right to oppose the increase Most Americans don't get automatic 'cost of living' increases Wages for most worker been stagnant for 20 years welcome 🙏 to the new economy

HouseDemocrats not a good look. Maybe their pay should be related to the overall level of legislative functioning How about WE THE PEOPLE have a salary adjustment to reflect the same cost of living? Absolutely NOT for any pay increase until they 1. Work more than THREE QUARTERS of the year. 2. Actually LISTEN to THE PEOPLE 3. Nix out the corrupt jerkoffs Then there could be a minor consideration. We're tired of being screwed over for their greed.

How about raising the federal minimum wage first? I'm a single income earner looking at a second job right now to keep up with a 18% rent increase who made more money in 1992 than I do now. Their earnings potential has my empathy meter at a hard 0... I think members of Congress should be on commission!

Aww let’s pay them a “living wage” they can define what that means and apply it to everyone. And maybe they could show up and do their damn jobs! they make more then 3 times the national average how about you get a job in the private sector were performance is the litmus test for increases in pay, Happy that their salaries should keep up with the cost of the teachers in my district have gotten a cut every year for the last five years due to soaring healthcare costs...fix the problems

Get rid of the health insurance for life along with a few other extended benefits, and maybe a pay raise is in order. I don't believe the federal minimum wage has been increased in 10 years either. Why not tie Congressional pay to the minimum wage? Put term limits on the scum and it won’t matter, get rid of them all.

I'll fork out an additional .05% of taxes or whatever if it reduces the likelihood that some douchebag decides he's underpaid and sells Yosemite to some fracking outfit for a payoff. Doing their ACTUAL job should be THE priority. How about $15 dollars an hour ? Go Joe! RepCunningham How about they increase minimum wage to keep up with the cost of living first?

Yea but how much do they get from payouts from lobbyist? Y'all remember the CorkerKickback during the GOP tax scam bill, right? How much has healthcare cost increased in that time? Minimum wage workers haven’t had a pay increase in 10 years, either. They don’t deserve one. Why do they need a salary increase when most of them get 10x their annual salary from lobbyists anyway?

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