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11/28/2020 3:19:00 PM

From the archives — a quick cheat sheet for stain removal: ◾ for ink stains, use alcohol ◾ for oil stains, use dish detergent ◾ for blood stains, use ammonia or hydrogen peroxide ◾ for grass or mustard stains, use white vinegar

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If the blood stains are your own, your own saliva has the enzimes needed to break it down. Thank you NPR! What about kid’s’ slime? This is so cool. Thank you for sharing. I’m bracing myself for when that third bullet turns up on a future true crime podcast. Yes! Great life hacks! Saline solution at body temp works for bloodstains. However, do not run the strain, blot it out. If you rub, the red cells will rupture and the strain becomes pernament. My missus was a paramedic and her company used White uniforms. She's an expert on stains.

Thank you for posting this! I knew the one about oil stains but not the others. Meat tenderizer also works on blood stains. Felsknap soap is the only stain remover you need. Have used it on lipstick, oil, grease, grass stains, chocolate, you name it. Has never failed me! Does it do long-term Orange stains?

SelfImposedXile What about orange stains? Will it get rid of trump and his minions? Big stain!!!!!!! Ooh! Saved And for stains on our democracy... *A free press *An informed people *A fair, transparent electoral process Thanks for helping with all manner of stain removal, Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A

Genocide Alert: Right now the NobelPeacePrize laureates AbiyAhmedAli is mascaraing 500,000 people of Mekelle of Tigray using surgical airstrikes and artilleries mercilessly . TigrayGenocide WarOnTigray R2PTigray UN UNReliefChief CharlottePetriG mbachelet Thanks NPR♥️ What about cum stains? Coffee stains?

For grease, use club soda! Used to happen when I was a flight attendant. For blood stains I always use a saline solution (salty water). horrible