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11/28/2020 1:48:00 PM

We're born with the wiring for both kindness and cruelty, so altruism is not inevitable. It's a skill and a habit that we have the power to foster. Here are some ways parents can help their children cultivate kindness. (nprlifekit)

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Biden dogs set paws on White House grounds

For the first time in four years, presidential pets have set paws back on White House grounds. President Joe Biden's dogs Champ and Major were roaming the lawn on Monday.

LifeKit What if it's too late?☹️ LifeKit This is an eye opening article. Thank you for sharing. LifeKit I wouldn't use those scary puppets to prove a point. Kids have innate abilities to be kind & helpful in supportive environments & even in unsupportive situations. Children have powerful spirits. Our adult selves cannot compare. My children uplift me each day.

LifeKit should include deception, which it practices on a daily basis by excluding large swaths of humans from its political agenda. LifeKit Fascinating LifeKit 1st. they have to parent. Parents today as we've seen thru pandemic don't know, or have really spent time w/kids! Parenting 2day relies on outside sources & teachers for the most part. Parent have careers! SHAME 4 children!

LifeKit Doing the right thing, doing kind things for yourself and others - makes you feel good. And that feeling trickles down to all areas of your life. I learned this the hard way. LifeKit Genocide Alert: Right now the NobelPeacePrize laureates AbiyAhmedAli is mascaraing 500,000 people of Mekelle of Tigray using surgical airstrikes and artilleries mercilessly . TigrayGenocide WarOnTigray R2PTigray UN UNReliefChief CharlottePetriG mbachelet

LifeKit Another way to cultivate kindness is for media to stop using cruel descriptive words about the President and conservatives. It is no better than adult bullying. This includes NPR, who receives funds from the government. LifeKit Raising emotional intelligent children in a world that thrives on greed is no mean feat. As long as billionaires exist to exploit on such a mass scale there is little to recommend empathy.

LifeKit I hope JoeBiden revives the Be Kind to Animals campaign and applies it to the FDA and the USDA. LifeKit So true that we can be both Abel and Cain. East of Eden, Chapter 22. LifeKit Step 1: Read the article. Step 2: Realize adults are just sophisticated and complicated children. Step 3: Actively observe adults behaving like the children in the article. Step 4: Have your mind blown multiple different ways in real-time. Step 5: Choose empathy over apathy.

LifeKit Humans are just animals with the capacity for higher thought... which enables us to be both unusually kind and unbelievably cruel in the pursuit of survival of the species. No other animal takes care of its own and tortures its own the way we do. LifeKit Well dontcha know that all those Trump parents are teaching their children biased KIndness.

LindaLarsonKemp LifeKit 💟 LifeKit you could want them in the first place LifeKit So you’re saying Trumps parents failed him. LifeKit For as long as it is not the kind of kindness proposed by Trump an Pence: Gather, get together with the community, party, go to restaurants, travel, and leave the masks at home. Their approach is taking close of 200T victims of coronavirus most days, more than a million weekly.

LifeKit In before all of the ‘MSM complainers’ come in to add “Ain’t no liberal public news station gonna tell me how to raise my kids right, it’s my personal freedom to raise them wrong.” Thankful for all the parents who raised their children to be kind. LifeKit We can name our kids kindness. John means gracious which means kind.

LifeKit By example. LifeKit wow LifeKit