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10/17/2020 11:22:00 PM

The recent arrests of militia members in Michigan are echoing loudly in Idaho, a state long synonymous with violent right-wing extremism. 'There are people with guns who come out from the hills whenever they're whistled,' a former state lawmaker says.

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Good. They may be needed to overthrown a criminal govt. Except that these guys from Michigan are lefties and Antifa supporters. More anti white stories FakeNews TERRORISTS!! Wait, what year is this? Let’s all get a grip and be better! This is way different than what our founding father’s meant in the Constitution. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Stop the drama and stop the hate folks, stop this crazy mob mentality.

How about focus on today in Seattle? They are not militia! They are paramilitary terrorists. labels matter especially in journalism We can start by stop calling them a 'militia' as if they are equivalent to the 'well-regulated militia' mentioned in the Constitution's 2nd Amendment. They are thugs, terrorists and misogynists

Unless they are PMCs there really isn't a need for any kind of militia that's what Law Enforcement and the National Guard are for. If they want to protect their rights they can do it in their own back yard not on the streets. Don't you just love the proliferation of guns in this country? And so many nice people have them.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube loaded with reporting of Antifa, and NPR running with 'right-wing extremism'? So with disproportionate reporting, is NPR condoning antifaviolence? NPROmbudsmenNeeded FakeNewsBias Since the 80s, buying large stocks of weaponry, ammunition, creating training camps, even buying small remote towns. It's not a surprise to thousands of us. The question is: what are they going to do?

Militia=terrorist Please Report This Correctly, These People ARE TERRORIST! Plain And Simple! HomegrownTerrorist Yes, the media are normalizing them by giving them legitimacy. Idaho has like the lowest crime rate in the entire country, but sure, go ahead and tout those democrat-led cities where murders happen every weekend.

Defund NPR KidadaEWilliams Obviously paramilitary extremistism has been normalized for a long time as evidenced by the way people are arguing over using the word Militia vs terrorism Militia members? Why so polite? Domestic terrorists. Let’s quit being polite with this. Like, for real. People in Texas don't believe me when I say that Idaho is FAR worse.

Please ask Oklahoma’s Republican members of Congress why they are not speaking out against the rising threat from the terrorist militia movement (with Donald Trump’s encouragement). .repkevinhern TomColeOK04 JimInhofe RepMullin RepFrankLucas .SenatorLankford all know better Smells like fake news.

'Terrorists'. The word is 'terrorists' Your former state lawmaker which is not named sounds about right. Do the Democrats whistle for Antifa and BLM when they need them to destroy Democratic. Cities. I guess he's experienced in the whistle calling. They use it enough. NPR, IS FAKE NEWS! What an honest to God bullshit story do we have here NPR? Did these vigalante boogymen shoot up the town, burn it down and scream the residents to death? Nope. They came in case they were called on to defend their rights, as afforded by the constitution.

Idaho GovernorLittle interesting read. Don't forget Utah. Let me know if you need help reporting the news as it's happening instead of days later or stolen from other sources who are more on top of their news game. Npr used to be a gold standard, what happened to you? Well crap, I really wanted to move to Idaho but I have zero tolerance for domestic terrorist.

The title 'militia' is normalization. These are the people who wish to destroy our country. They want our country to be totally white, 'Christian' and take us back to the 1700's. And MAGA supports this type of terrorism. Antifa, BLM, those use intimidation and violence to further their agendas. I think NPR calling them a 'militia' rather than a 'gang' or 'terrorist organization' certainly helps to normalize them.

NOT MILITIA, TERRORISTS!! Stop using the word militia for domestic terrorists A small section up by the Canadian border does NOT mean the whole State of Idaho, not by a long shot!! (Just another radical leftist ploy spreading discontent before elections in November!) LOL! ‘Domestic terrorists’ if you are going to be consistent...

“Right wing?” Nope. Try again. By their own admission Trump is a tyrant and they are anarchists which land them solidly in ANTIFAs doorstep. Good try though. Same for Eastern Oregon... : “paramilitary extremists” = “domestic terrorists” Trump's base of support. Sad. Blue 🌊 Domestic Terrorists. It reflects the systemic racism of our country.. it's virtually everywhere in the country. White's who chooses not to take sides are complicit. Blacks who attempted such a organization would be pulled up by root and stem quickly. With extreme prejudice

Absolutely pathetic Which is why the state elected a crap(o) senator. Imagine Npr hating Americans while cheering for China ThreshaKilkenny They’ve been (ab)normal for decades. The recent aspects of millinery numbers in the wishing can echo loudly I dunno.. I do, anyway, a long state of anonymous violent swinging comes out from the hills and whistles.

NEVER EVER They're coming out of the hills, you say? Well, there's a solution to that problem. I think you misspelled Terrorists. The United States Department of State defined terrorism in 2003 as 'premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents...” There is no Federal criminal offense designated as ‘domestic’ terrorism.

Send them to the hills of Afghanistan with no backup. We will then see how tough they are. I’ve been. It’s not child’s play! DomesticTerrorism DomesticTerrorists minorities should also paramilitarize, but less likely. Because most likely they or relations had lived through a militarized government or real dictatorship. These militias have never experienced real military government. It's all in their heads. Fear..

NPR----PLEASE stop calling them militias. They are DOMESTIC TERRORISTS Again, x ∞: No more chaos Time to heal a nation VOTE DEMS VOTE BIDEN 🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸 Please stop calling these gangs 'militias.' They are terrorists. That's not true. This has already been debunked. It’s a regional thing: Idaho, E Oregon and E Washington state, who elected Matt Shea to office

The biggest threat to the US is the Republican Party and their constant call for white supremacists to arm themselves to overthrow an imaginary tyrannous (Democratic 😉) government... as in LIBERATE MICHIGAN or LIBERATE VIRGINIA Why “militia”? These groups are not raised to aid in defense of the state or National Gov’t. They are the opposite. STOP using that legitimizing name! terrorism

Maybe because y'all keep calling them militias and not gangs or terrorists. Right Wing... they are not 'militia' they are terrorists! In the US only a Governor can call a militia. People who self organize to terrify Americans are terrorists! Please see FBI definitions for more information. Domestic terrorist cross-eyed knuckle dragger, hills have eyes type.

Haha. NPR can't win here in the comments. Just wait for Election Day. They’ll be whistled by the “president” to seize all state Capitols *domestic terrorist group Please stop calling them militia It’s the Mississippi of the north... Ppl who own guns and want to protect the 2nd amendment are not a “Militia” nice try tho!


NPR Choice pageIt could be a Russian spy. I hoped they find out! See related 😉😍

NPR Choice pageIt's pretty easy these days to figure out who spreading horse shit and who's not. Just use your head.

NPR Choice pageMasks are great protection, even though the CDC itself says that most people who get the China-virus wear them. Oh, well, makes us feel 'safe'. Voted by mail in Michigan. Ballot was tracked the entire trip, text messages sent to my phone, including a final official email from the clerk reporting it has been received and will be counted on election day. No risk of death from Trumphole's Covid-19 mishandling. I’m bringing a chair and coffee and a book. I will also ask my socially distanced next in line to hold my spot if I have to pee

NPR Choice pageTake notes America this might be on the exam RT : Kyrgyzstan's president has resigned after 10 days of unrest sparked by disputed parliamentary elections. He's the third president to be overthrown in a popular uprising since the country gained independence in 1991. Good for them. Don’t fall into the trap we did where we can only choose between 2 people out of 2 parties decided by people who run those two parties.

NPR Choice pageWells Fargo Sucks How often is Wells Fargo going to pull this stuff and keep operating like nothing? Isn’t this like a monthly thing? WellsFargo doing something illegal and blaming low level associates?

NPR Choice pageHow about Hunter Biden’s emails? If you’re trustworthy, tell us about it. Are they legit? What are the facts? That’s what matters to , right? At least it did matter at some point. Be Prepared.