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10/18/2020 12:18:00 AM

A “New York Post” story about Hunter Biden was marked more by red flags than investigative rigor.

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Final 2020 presidential debate fact check and news coverage

President Trump and former vice president Joe Biden face off in their second and final 2020 presidential debate. Follow here for the latest updates and fact checks.

Refund NPR. I don’t think yall want the people to make their own decisions scooter dork. The most wanted Trump family! If you vote for realDonaldTrump, that means you’re ok with: 1. Racism KKK 2. Proud Boys 3. Police Brutality 4. Corruption 5. Uncontrollable Pandemic & Massive Deaths 6. Declining Womens Rights 7. Voter Suppression 8. Inequality ETC What does that say about you? SERIOUSLY!!!

It has been confirmed by Fox News It appears Trump and his cronies just don't get it. It's like been there and done that. Might just as well call it a day. No one interested in playing your ridiculous game. Can’t these liars do a little better than this? But her emails is now but his emails. Fool us once....

What’s really lacking credibility, as usual, is YOUR reporting!! This Hunter story may or may not prove to be true, but you chose to use the most anti-Trump source in the an authority. Giuliani has issues with waiting for confirmation, but so does the MSM. 2 traitors Well the emails and laptop HAVE been verified and it’s time to clean house at FBI for holding and hiding this information

Sure.... just like “Russia Russia Russia” was real! Blablabla Release the files we all want to know You mean people actually believed that a small town repair shop found the emails and turned them into their personal friend, who happened to be guliani? NPR has no investigative rigor unless it’s retweeting lies about Trump. Which one of you 4 twenty somethings has the twitter trigger today?

Why is anyone behind these two drunk criminals? When does the investigation into the trump kids start? But he does want his laptop back 🤣. BidenCrimeFamily That's trumps reality. No facts just red maga flags... But... but it’s the post 🤷🏼‍♀️ NPR has become fabricated click bait. They are trying to replicate the 2016 attack on Clinton. Don't let them suck you in, media.

That's incredibly coincidental. I have said from the beginning that JacobWohl could have done a better job with this fraud 🤣🤣🤣 But if it was an story about the Trump family, they would All be investigated and in Tons of trouble now. Media would be talking about it 24 hours!. Right? GeorgeServed Fake news

NY Post is the new National Enquirer LOL. Shut up, Pravda. The computer has been verified as belonging to Hunter Biden and his jailed business partner has verified the that the emails are Hunter's. Here we go again: Comrade Putin is trying to help comrade Trump! It does not take a genius to understand why Putin is trying to help Trump and why Trump is so approving of Putin's interference in our election!

Hmmm red flags you say? Too bad it doesn't have the iron clad substantiation of the NY Times report on Trump's tax returns. I mean evidence only matters when a story disagrees with the mainstream narrative. Am I right? As flight records, photos from the elleged computer, emails from the computer, news reels collaborating the time line, I fear that Biden will be charged before the election as Hillary was. The courts should prove Joe Biden innocent!!! Justice will prevail.

The NY Post is trash, but here's the rest of the media defending a crackhead that sold and profited from his last name No wonder why people tune out the 'news' They just keep on going even though it’s all completely false that’s all they have is bullshit bullshit up on top of bullshit on top of bullshit on top of bullshit...infinity.

The government should have acted a long time ago (when FBI came into possession of Hunter’s computer). Now it is probably too late as millions have already voted. Thanks to the FBI’s inaction we are likely to have a traitor elected President. And where do you suppose this “investigative rigor” should come from? Do your job our taxes pay you for.

Hunters' lawyer asked for Hunters laptop're a joke NPR Really? You can’t say that Joe Biden did not withhold $1B form Ukraine to stop investigating Burisma! Its’s recorded. The emails back that up. Several Ukrainians have come forward to confirm per FoxNews stop supporting LyingBiden Omg, defund NPR.

Think those Hunter crack pipe pics are fake too do ya? You won’t believe this but you’ll believer a pee tape? You know if y’all were honest you’d investigate both. But naw go ahead and keep being yourself. As I read the story it occurred to me that even if it were true, I would still vote for Joe Biden, because Trump is just that bad.

That’s it folks. Nothing to see here - no need to ask any more questions or find out if the emails are authentic. You can safely ignore this story because we don’t like that it’s being pushed by people we don’t like. JournalismIn2020 Story should probably be in quotes. It is disinformation. When the video and pictures start dropping you’re gonna look like trash media CNN 2.0. Do better NPR.

Giuliani is nothing more than a little Hecheman for Trump and bate for Russia when ever they can give him erroneous information on people that's not true! Bullshit. Good luck Rude claims to be so well connected and yet also claims he didn’t know the man was a spy. At one time I admired Rudi, but since he jumped in the Trump gravy train, I don’t recognize him. This is so sad.

Who cares! He’s not running his Father is. Look at all of Trump’s associates who have gone to jail. Common NPR, at least try to seem unbiased. This definitely proves that you are propaganda. The hard drive has been verified and you know that! That’s because the MSM is bias. Not trustworthy at all. Another liberal democratic mouth piece NPR..! If it’s garbage, then do your own investigation. Stop protecting clueless Joe.

Your wishful thinking does not make it so, it’s very clear the Biden’s are a corrupt family that is run like the mob and corrupt media morons want to put them in power to grift more. No red flags, only thing red is their hands, maybe hunters crack stem, glowing red. Or all the red money they are embezzling, where's Obama fit IN?

Good for them! About time someone gets the people to really see the Biden’s for who they REALLY are! Amen to that!!! Is that why no firm denial has come from the Biden camp? Is that why Hunter hasn’t surfaced to deny their his? Do you suppose they no that if they deny it, thing will get worse? They’re caught.

Whistle past the graveyard all you want, this story isn’t going away Defund this national embarrassment npr When has NPR ever been concerned about journalistic integrity? it’s officially backfired! trump is doomed Also, the Biden camp has yet to deny that these are real instead calling it a 'smear campaign'. Hunters lawyer tried to get the laptop back hours before the story broke. That sound real innocent to you? Lmao.

NPR out here shilling as per usual. Lmao. The only people that care what NPR says are 65+ year old lesbians in clogs and self important millennials that think listening to world music makes them intellectual. Interesting slant. Care to use this same approach and re-edit all your Russian collusion stories for the past 4 years?

Paul manafort went to jail for this ,so should the bidens Love how yall are trying to say its fake NPR Defending a Democrat, what are the odds. Lock them up The storm is coming. It sounds people from the Trump camp want to recreate the last minute surprise like in 2016. But, remember, Comey was fired by Trump.

Keep know it's true. Y'all are funny. So, the opposite coverage that you gave the Steele dossier? Rudy and Bannon are knowingly colluding with Russians & the should be arrested for treason immediately. NPR is asking you to believe that this whole affair is nothing more than a cheap smear campaign perpetrated by the Republicans.. Don’t believe your eyes and ears citizens, believe the narrative created by this unbiased, fair and highly professional news organization.. Pffft.

The Steele Dossier was evidently unassailable since you ran with that unverified, hack! 1) Why did Hunter Biden's Lawyer seek the laptop back? 2) Why did the FBI subpoena the laptop if it were bogus? 3) Why has Joe Biden not said the laptop emails are fake? 4)Why are 'so-called Reporters' not asking any questions to confirm the truth?

I tuned out when I saw Hunter lives in California and supposedly traveled by plane to Delaware and then drunkenly by car to drunkenly hand off his computer to a BLIND man who in turn READ his e-mails ect.... Didn’t even have this much dirt on Trump and he was impeached 🙄 DefundNPR Where is the 'questionable Steele Dossier' headline you ran 4 years ago? Very telling about your journalistic 'impartiality'.

And yet no one has denied any elements of the story, and several sources have since confirmed authenticity on the record! But of course, NPR wants to make the story about the reporting rather than whether the story is true. So says the Liberal press that assured us that Trump colluded with the Russians for 2 1/2 years, every day.

Has voiced similar objections over any of the probably false, single-anonymous-source stories published about POTUS over the last four years? Any of them? ANY? DefundNPR Biden is totally corrupt. There's that position for Hunter after the US staged the coup in Ukraine. Next, the mayor of Moscow sending money. Then, there's the company in China. Illegal drugs? Underage prostitutes? When will it end?

Damn don’t stop you all on Trump. Should we replay the last 4 years of hoaxes on The President? Cmon man. Is that a bad thing? NPR is fake news WelllDoYou yeah maybe Donald trump is a domestic terrorist. Donald trump is a pedophile. BwahahahahahA, BwahahahahahA, BwahahahahahA, omg, BwahahahahahA Not as many flags as I the Russia hoax but y'all still trying to run with that

BLEXIT EndDemocraticSlavery This same shit happened in 2016 Right before the Election with Clinton then say it was wrong 2 days before the election. Don’t let this shit happen again!! Maybe you need to investigate it BEFORE you throw the red flag? Get back to us after you do. If you don’t, You’re Fired!! KAG2020LandslideVictory

A lot of snowflakes in here. We’ll still need a 3 year investigation, even if Joe’s not elected. Try to connect every imaginary dot, cross every politicized T, and toss in a little alphabet agency corruption just to top it off. Who could possibly argue with that. Fox News reports the emails have been verified it is hunter Biden's laptop. They would not have gone on the record with out proof. Don't be a sheep.


“Journalism” It’s going to get worse But an “unnamed source” can report on Trump’s taxes and that’s ok MarkSZaidEsq THIS is how you speak about it. This all tracks what the Russians does to stop professional from tracking it back to them. Just wait, I think you will see the computer guy being arrested. It also very funny, he can see good enough to read documents, and work on computers, but can’t see faces. And don’t know who

Bannon is singing like one of the Three Tenors. The only ones denying authenticity are the media, not the Bidens. call Biden to return the Laptop, but there absolutely no records of any calls really don’t look good for the computer guy. Then what happened to all the information that normally used to track where the data came from, like lot of the metadata was removed.

And the reported that wrote the whole story came from Fox News, and good Friend with Hannity. Then you got to look at, why was the information given to Rudy. The whole blind computer store owner story made absolutely no sense from the start, and then to say that he try to It was so obvious it was all disinformation from the Russians, as someone that does computer forensic for the government, non of this made no sense from the start.

The one that’s been authenticated by a participant in the email chain? Where are the denials from hard questioning of the Bidens NPR? Talk to the shop owner ? Qui Bono, NPRisaJoke? Did you follow the money DefundNPR? Damn, I remember when I used to believe you guys. TDS absolutely RUINED NPR. NPR is working overtime to protect the Biden Crime Family

NPR is a disgrace.. Two words peetape you hacks So, was it wrong? Nikita Khrushchev said U.S. would fall from the inside of the country without a shot fired!! Well, ORANGE CRIMINAL TRAITOR is doing the job, himself! Rudy Giuliani went to the Ukraine to look for dirt on Hunter Biden and met with KGB agents who said they would help him. Giuliani is known as a U.I. Useful I!! diot in Russian circles. The also gave him disinformation to take back to the Useful IDIOT!!

Yet no one in the biden camp has dis proved a thing. Go back to the swamp npr what would you know about investigative rigor? You still employ Yamiche. Deja vu anyone? NPR, The simple truth is Hunter abandoned his computers at a repair shop. His lawyers have recently asked Giuliani for them back. The articles in the NY Post stories are 100% true.

The only red flag that mattered to you is that it reflected poorly on a DemoKKKrat. jack. Where's Twitter to block this account that spews lies? Type crackhead in your search and Hunter comes up. SPRINTED to the tape with MUCH less than what you're pitifully trying to deflect here, 4 years ago. What changed? A corrupt, 47-year 'swamp creature?' More evidence we should DefundNPR? I think so.

So what did your own team of journalists find when they investigated the matter? Or did you skip that and just carry water for the Democrats? FYI .davidfolkenflik Smearing a source is not the same as 'analysis'. Just look at these 2 future inmates! Here's a link to the Senate Finance Committee report on that corroborates much of the scheme exposed by NY Post story.

And this is why NPR needs to be disbanded. Or at least shorn of Marxists. They’re real. No red flags in the Russia Russia Russia narrative we got for 3 years before it fell apart And NPR and the rest of the Washington advocate media was very willing to believe less evidence in order to blame DJT of colluding with Russia, but they see no problem with Mr Biden in league with Ukraine and China. Good to know.

This is a dumb hill to die on, but, you do you. But Biden camp hasn’t denied them... that’s fucking odd wouldn’t you agree ? .davidfolkenflik glances over the massive flaw in the Biden campaign denial of a meeting. The denial is only that it's not on his official calendar. The 'wiggle room' is that there is plenty of unscheduled time that day to meet.

Another false assertion within this amateur 'analysis' is that any of the allegations against the Bidens have been discredited. Also omitted from this shoddy analysis is that Biden has been lying about his knowledge of his son's employment by the 'odious oligarch' as Amos Hoctstein testified he did inform Biden directly.

Red flags don't mean anything anymore. As Russiagate and the Kavanaugh saga have taught us, mere allegations with or without evidence are more than enough reason to write 100s of stories. In this case, there is at least some evidence, so news rooms should be working overtime There's also no mention in the .davidfolkenflik 'analysis' that George Kent testified he contacted Biden's office with his concerns about Hunter being employed by an 'odious oligarch'

Politico, in association with the Poynter Institute and the Tampa Bay Times, has already had to 'clarify' a schedule conflict. You know, when at least two people meet 'off the books'. N.Y. Post aka 'Gutter Press'. Oh look, the National Propaganda of Russia tweets. Right & the NPR gave NO red flags—for 4+ years—to the Russian HOAX against President Trump, which was perpetrated by Hillary Clinton. As it turns out the Clintons—you get one & you get both—were the Russian stooges! Then, why should anyone, ever, believe your station, again?

More omissions from this terrible 'analysis'. There's no mention that .joebiden met with Hunter Biden's business partner 5 days before his visit to Ukraine and the partner joined Burisma the day after Biden's return and Hunter joined 2 weeks after. As per the Senate report. Ok, tell us about YOUR rigorous investigation... ops: you did NOTHING! 🤡😬🤡😬🤡

New York Post=TABLOID SHIT STORIES Defund NPR. Disgraceful Assume Trump's son was getting 50K-83K/mo from Burisma and Trump withheld 1 billion until the Ukraine gov stopped investigating Burisma. Nothing to see here, move along lol, NPR and the MSM would be all over it. Boy, the NPR argument seems to be they don't like Bannon and Giuliani.

The same can be said for the Russian collusion hoax, but since you showed far less concern then, it's very difficult to take you seriously now. Well analysis by NPR is a red flag to start NPR didn't even ask if Hunter Biden owned the laptop. We’re supposed to believe NPR after the debate debacle. No thanks.

Are you committed to some nominal “investigative rigor”? It seems easy: Ask Hunter, his lawyers or others on the chain it it’s legit. Pretty sure Steve and Rudi drink unicorn blood. Even if the texts and emails are real, since when did doxing become legal in journalism? Bizarre that NPR is saying this when the Biden campaign hasn’t denied the authenticity of it whatsoever. Oh wait NPR is part of the PR arm of the Biden campaign.

Only cause it hurts your grandpa Really? What specifically has Joe Biden disputed in the story? Instead of claiming the article is wrong without proof, investigate. Also the NYT just two weeks ago came up with a fake article on Trump’s taxes. What did you do then? Has anyone, including JoeBiden ever denied that the laptop was Hunters? Have they denied that any of the emails are fake? Nope, and that speaks volumes. FoxNews DonaldJTrumpJr realDonaldTrump CNN

The FBI knew about this 10 months ago and covered it up. They are in the tank for Biden. The MSM is showing their bankrupt true colors. Can you point out to your 'investigative rigor' apropos the hundreds of attacks on Trump? Or about Bill Clinton trips to Epstein's island? or about Keith Ellison violence on women? You are full of red flags; there's the video of Biden about Ukraine: care to investigate, please!

Did the pee pee tape hookers plant the red flags too in addition to Hunter's crack pipe? Now do 'Russian Collusion'. Nonsense. This is propaganda. Shall I start posting FSCT after FACT? Shall I post the evidence? So you think the photo of Hunter snorting coke off the ass of a naked underage girl is fake?

Stop the BS and tell us if anyone, anywhere, can disprove the emails. If not, then they are real. If you don't have the guts to ask Hunter, then you are a fake news organization. 'red flags' Had did they get the photos? We’re talking about Hunters emails because they’re authentic and you guys talked about the hoax Russia collusion for years! So sit back and enjoy.

NPR = Dems. Leftist propaganda ministry. Covering up criminality. We want Obama on the campaign trail for Biden/Harris.. bring him out..put him in every major city...put him in the heartland... bring Obama out... he helped Hillary.....Trump2020 'A heavy dose of assumptions and red flags' can lead to an impeachment and 3 years of Russia, Russia, Russia, but it's apparently not good enough for NPR this time. You have every right to be as biased as you are, but why public? Can't you go completely private? DefundNPR

So all the made up crap about Trump and Russian collusion was fair game for 3.5 years, but the Bidens are off limits? DEFUNDNPR NPR, if you didn’t have double standards you’d have no standards at all. Epic level Hypocrisy. EnemyOfThePeople FakeNews That’s right, circle those wagons! 😂 Now do the Trump/Russia hoax.

Now do the Steele dossier. You are a joke. Even the Biden’s haven’t denied that these emails are real and Hunters own lawyer has emailed the shop owner to get his laptop back. This isn’t going away. Do your damn job and report on it Bitcoin price is going to go to the 🌙! Grayscale, Micro-strategies, Square, and StoneRidge bought more than is being mined. So if this continues, all new bitcoin bought will have to be by people willing to sell. But as price 🚀 goes up, less are going to want to sell. Demand=$🙃

Your willingness to throw what's left of your reputation against the rocks is astounding! The republicans just don’t understand that as liberals, and since we have the moral and intellectual high ground, we can do things that other ppl would call “corrupt” because all means are justified for us and we’re doing it for disadvantaged indigionous trans ppl of color

I hear the box breathing method can help with hyperventilation. Good luck, lovelies 😘 I thought Bannon was on his way to jail. (and Rudy shouldn't be far behind) Remember when some unknown broke the news of Clinton's cigar shoving antics in the Oval Office? Just because the story makes your guy look bad (very bad in this case) doesn't mean it isn't true! Doesn't matter where the story comes from as long as the Truth comes out!

Giuliani was a very good prosecutor. Went after the Mafia. I think he knows when evidence points to a crime.Biden has sold out our country to foreign powers for his own gain. That’s corruption at its highest. NPR is... DefundNPR I notice you've done zero journalism here which is par for your course. 1. It's been days and no one is disputing that it's Hunters laptop. 2. The campaign hasn't denied that the emails are real. 3. You idiot shills haven't spoken to Bevan Cooney, have you? You're trash.

Who’s in charge there? HarmonyAquarian 👍👏👏😎 I bless thee in the name of the father........ When you have no credibility left and just say fuck it. defund If it was about Trump, you'd investigate Trump. Since it's about Biden, you drop all journalism standards and yammer about the nypost lol 😂 Reported the Steele Dossier as gospel and red flag an authenticated laptop belonging to Hunter Biden who has a documented history of abandoning property. Did it in 2016, left a cell phone, wallet, meth pipe in his rental car. Police report on file

Must be nice to be able to write a 'blockbuster' story w/o having to leave your chair, do any research, pick up a phone, or anything actual 'journalists' do. Pretty sweet gig. Lazy intellect now rules the media. Yet they can’t dispute one item in the story. lyinjoebiden The evidence being brought forward in the NY Post article seems pretty easy to show false if the journalists did some real investigating instead of dismissing the source.

Last chance desperation ‘Hail Mary’. Will go nowhere because the N.Y. Post is unfit to line a bird cage or wrap fish. It's actually marked by a hard drive that nobody has disputed is legit. defundnpr Like the same red flags around the Steele dossier that you all ignored? That’s rich. The emails and texts are real. BIDEN CORRUPTION IS REAL

- put up or shut up. Use your journalism training to ask Hunter Biden if it is his laptop. Interview his business partner who says the emails are real. C'mon, man. A Special Council will solve that. The same investigative rigor the liberal media used for the Trump-Russian conspiracy theory should be applied here.

How DARE people say the Biden Campaign isn't denying this?! NPR, who is a wholly employed PR wing of the Biden campaign, does so RIGHT HERE! 🤦‍♂️ What? No? You're still taking Govt. money and pretending you're NOT DNC assets? That's so cute. 🤣 But you're DNC staffers... Be honest. Nice White-Knighting, there.

And the fake Russia story you talked about for years? What are “things NPR never bother to question when it came to ‘anonymous’ Trump accusations” for 1000, Alex? Emails were verified. Latptop was Hunters otherwise FBI subpoena would have never been approved by grand jury. Needs to at minimum be properly investigated.

Defund NPR The fact that it was in the Post tells you all you need to know; it’s the National Enquirer of dailys, after all. Believe NOTHING published in the Post. Ever. Sorry. This article was already debunked by independent fact checkers. You are marked as Russian disinformation NPR. It’s the actual documents you clowns. And infinitely more evidence than anything you smeared potus with.

NPR damage control 😂 DefundNPR Defund Yeah, red flags trying to stop the Biden-family criminal activity. Why don't you report on the actual story like you did with the hit piece on Trump from The Atlantic. Bias!!! BS. NPR is comprised of Nazis. prove them wrong. freedom of press btw NPR playing coverup Disinformation Racketeers

So, is Putin to blame (again)? BrianLehrer wow, that's a lot of words for 'well, conservatives are sharing this information, not democrats, therefore should be suspect' Didn’t need the New York post to tell us Hunter is a meth-tooth. “red flags” mean bad for Biden. It's a crime that the American taxpayer is compelled to pay for this npr garbage.

There's a lot of questions for Christopher Wray and I get the sense NPR doesn't want to hear the answers. Buyer’s remorse. Can I get my contributions to NPR back? You guys should watch this on Rudy's history on Ukraine from the. Some information that I have not heard of, it is about 30 Min long. Defund NPR.

Looked legit to me It was confirmed by someone participating on the email chain and you ccp slaves failed to report that. It's not being denied, but NPR is not believing it. What the hell is that? What matters is whether the e-mails are real. The Biden team has not denied their authenticity. plbrocks And I guess NPR would also claim the Russian Collusion BS was full of investigative rigour, right you shameless frauds?!

Another important omission by .davidfolkenflik is whether the .washingtonpost sources were breaking the law by divulging 'sensitive' information. If so, the sources have discredited themselves. The .washingtonpost already has an extensive history of publishing misinformation. DefundNPR Nothing you can do with your bias and lies to keep the truth from coming out. DefundNPR

Author davidfolkenflik has Biden confirmed or denied? Are you investigating? yesnicksearcy Protecting the senile Biden. Is one of the red flags the fact that the Biden campaign still has not denied the legitimacy of the story? You are like a Chinese propaganda outlet. So sad to see how your news reporting has gone to propaganda.

WHO MARKED IT. Lowlife crime infested Democrats that's who. Protect the crime family at all cost. It didn't bother them when they knew that the Russian story was made up and unverifiable unlike Hunter's laptop and contents which have been verified. Defund NPR I wonder why Joe Biden doesn't just go on the record and say the emails are fake. 🤔

Ironic you are funded by the gov yet create propaganda on the daily.😂 Name them What exactly are .davidfolkenflik qualifications to provide analysis? What type of education in analysis does he have? How many years has he spent doing analytical work? The answers are 'none' and 'none'. This article is deceptive and misleading.

Come on man it was Hunterbidenlaptop with emails photos he took he wrote there's nothing questionable about it.the only thing questionable is the guys judgment that he would bring that incriminating material to a computer repair shop and then not claim it The Loudest Voice in the Room — Roger Ailes — Rupert Murdoch — Fox News — The NY Post — Donald tRUMP. (ALL MISOGYNISTIC CON MEN)

Is it as questionable as the RussiaHoax that you ran with for 3 years? Americans cannot trust your judgement. You can’t contest the content so you try to label and discredit by attacking unrelated irrelevancies. To think you’re a government subsidized taxpayer funded propaganda network, all your content should be labeled as suspicious and misleading

'Journalism' EnemyOfThePeople defundNPR nypost your credibility, if there ever was any, is on the line. You should do some reporting. Ask Biden about it. You know, journalism. Try it, you might enjoy the change. The perfect storm: Giuliani, Sean Hannity and Steve Bannon. Love that the Biden campaign is silent. Silence is violence...or is it consent?

NPR willbe defunded in the 1st year of Trumps 2nd term. = 🤡 Why don’t you ask Biden about it, you know, like a journalist would? Defund NPR. Imagine believing any story these two were behind. Twitter is still engaged in TwitterCensorship TwitterElectionInterference TwitterGate The nypost is still locked out TwitterCensorship is still protecting the BidenCrimeFamily and deleting/blocking tweets that shine light on him.

All Hunter/Joe need to do is say the whole thing is fake. That's it. Takes so little time that Joe could do it any day before his campaign shuts him down. JoeBiden here is the deal, Man! I will broker an interview with one of the following dbongino GreggJarrett maddow JudicialWatch rushlimbaugh cbs FoxNews for a minimum of $1mil if you get Hunter do no a 15 min interview about his e mail. You name your % or fee

Classic false reporting. “Pounce on nypost reporting” peterschweizer separate access Hunter’s material 25k emails. Combine with ChanelRion + RudyGiuliani work easier check authenticity + accuracy: e.g. confirm receipt of third parties emails. corrupt. Biden’s US Security risk The American media is fucked and it’s obvious to everyone who doesn’t have shit for brains. If DJT did this you’d impeach him for it. And you did.

RED FLAGS right at BIDENS. NPR lies defund them ...and mainstream media outlets legitimize it instead of choosing to ignore it like all the other conspiracy theories. We already knew most of what was on there PressSec PressSec Here’s a little light reading for you. Enjoy. I’m looking forward to having a President WITH a time machine that he allegedly let his kid play with. Bye Don.

Revolting. Anyone who manipulates US Democracy. Spreading Propaganda/lies/discord/confusion is so...1930's-2000's we as a people should not be so gullible. How is it the same names are always behind the alleged shoe dropping of information.(Steve, Rudy Et al...)gimme a break Why can't NPR ask Hunter Biden!

(2 of 2) threatened Ukraine to fire investigator into his sons company or he’d withhold billion of their money anyone wonder why, big corrupt media). Biden’s guilty of peddling influence and criminal enterprise All the head in the sand people I know listen to NPR. Really, then why did Facebook, Twitter and corporate (or corrupt) media news try to cover it up? The laptop has hunters own identifying info on it, has 12 minute video of him doing blow and getting blow, has burisma letterhead emails corresponding to when joe threatened (1 of 2)

Poor Rudy and Bannon. America has had enough. Time to come back to earth from the Universe of the Gaslighters. Time to land back in reality, not Reality TV. Facts are facts. This train wreck is off the rails and America is exhausted. Their time to pay is near. Lawyers anyone? NPR supports DNC Corruption. Never Forget who NPR supported when prove of our banana republic was revealed.

🖕 There's no investigative rigor from any left wing media source when it comes to the Biden's. LoL. Everyone knows it’s true. Including npr. Joe Biden running a Criminal syndicate. He’ll never be President. MAGA the emails are verified, defundnpr Biden's campaign has yet to deny anything in the stories.

Defund and dismantle NPR. It's infested with Lefties. Perhaps you should do some investigative journalism This is the most unsurprising “October surprise”, we knew Giuliani was working with Russian spies a year ago. Give me a break. It’s been so tragic watching NPR go from a responsible news outlet to a propaganda arm of the DNC. DefundNPR

Why does it have red flags when the emails have been verified by other journalists and hunters lawyers have asked for the hard drive back? This doesn't make anyone suspicious at all?!? Lolol....NPR You realize that your 'analysis' of the red flags is much more about the sources than the material, right? The allegations dont 'rest on speculation & assumption,' but on actual written words. The only question should be 'are they real.' Real journalists would want to know.

I’m convinced there’s nothing a Democrat can get caught doing that would get more than a shrug from the media. quick! to the digital barricades! bidens are under attack! run interference! pretend to have principles! reverse course on the lack of rigor shown for stories about the 'enemy'! They should have used anonymous sources then it could be trusted

Funny how NOBODY in the Biden camp has actually denied any of it. You know if this pertained to Trump there’d be full blown army of “investigative journalists” working 24/7 to prove or disprove. That's bullshit NPR. Call balls and strikes So... repeating it? BadJournalism National Propaganda Radio, at it again.

Blablablabla, I was wondering if Eric Trump was done what Hunter Biden did, how would be your reaction:24/7 report on Trump family! Here is two men under a criminal investigation who really would like Trump to pardon them. So why is anyone surprise that they would lie for Trump. But the Pardon laws should change. A president ability to pardon should end 30 days before the election, not after the election.

“To start, the emails have not been verified as authentic. They were said to have been extracted from a computer assumed — but not proven” This isn’t that difficult ! ASK THEM ! It’s literally that simple? A “scoop” from NY Post would always be suspect Except it’s real and the emails have been verified.

Is Hunter on the ballot? Primary source materials are indisputable and that’s a problem for the DNC Yes of course. It points at Biden. If it were pointing at Trump it would be declared true and damning, and the media & Democrats would be hoisting another impeachment trial. There is no law & justice in the deep state.

The NY Post's article has more red flags than on the greens of Trump's beloved golf courses. Where was your concern about journalistic rigor the last three years? DefundNPR 哈哈哈哈,这地洗得如此艰难纠结 Joe is lying and everyone knows it. Social media thugs are trying to silence the legitimate free press, and the illegitimate NPR is right there to help. Note to both: WE KNOW WHAT YOU ARE.

NPR you will be implicit in the crimes that will be revealed. Nothing can stop what is coming. NPR is a shill for the Democrat thieves - how else would they get funds? Hunter Biden is not running for president. Mary Trump chronicles how Donald will try to degrade and destroy anyone he pleases. Trump lies at-will. This is straight out of his old playbook. Liar-in-chief. No moral compass.

What would NPR know about investigative rigor? defundNPR Yeah!! Bannon is a proponent of tearing down the Bastille & replacing it w Nationwide Private Penal Institutions 4 the unacceptable of all colors and persuasions His Lord is working on it w his death to protesters of a fictitious org opposed 2 Fascism How did we get here? HELP!

Now do the wall street journal and their follow up article verifying the emails. That's because it is made up. Their incompetence in this attempt at election interference is their best argument yet that they did not successfully interfere in 2016. The Russians must not have let them help that time. More Murdochean spittle than investigative mettle.

Funny, no one is disputing the information. When you're picking a side in an election, you're killing journalism. It was pretty obviously a Russian disinformation campaign from the get-go 'investigative rigor' LOL sadly a lost art Hey PaulaReidCBS and BoKnowsNews -- damn, the number of news orgs that are telling this false so-called story with accuracy. I guess Bo DOES NOT news!

Tabloid. Hey everybody. Why are we still talking about obvious bullshit? So who ia going to jail after Nov 3, the trumps or bidens? The entire Biden family is a red flag. Does NPR favor big tech censorship? If NY post was fair they would investigate Trump's children. This wut happened The nypost needs to be BANNED. They are a white supremacist tabloid!!

From the rag that is the Murdoch-owned NY Post? Shocking.

NPR Choice pageIt could be a Russian spy. I hoped they find out! See related 😉😍

NPR Choice pageIt's pretty easy these days to figure out who spreading horse shit and who's not. Just use your head.

NPR Choice pageMasks are great protection, even though the CDC itself says that most people who get the China-virus wear them. Oh, well, makes us feel 'safe'. Voted by mail in Michigan. Ballot was tracked the entire trip, text messages sent to my phone, including a final official email from the clerk reporting it has been received and will be counted on election day. No risk of death from Trumphole's Covid-19 mishandling. I’m bringing a chair and coffee and a book. I will also ask my socially distanced next in line to hold my spot if I have to pee

NPR Choice pageTake notes America this might be on the exam RT : Kyrgyzstan's president has resigned after 10 days of unrest sparked by disputed parliamentary elections. He's the third president to be overthrown in a popular uprising since the country gained independence in 1991. Good for them. Don’t fall into the trap we did where we can only choose between 2 people out of 2 parties decided by people who run those two parties.

NPR Choice pageWells Fargo Sucks How often is Wells Fargo going to pull this stuff and keep operating like nothing? Isn’t this like a monthly thing? WellsFargo doing something illegal and blaming low level associates?

NPR Choice pageHow about Hunter Biden’s emails? If you’re trustworthy, tell us about it. Are they legit? What are the facts? That’s what matters to , right? At least it did matter at some point. Be Prepared.