New York ER doctor gives a glimpse of what it looks like inside a Bronx hospital

ER doctor Ernie Patti gives a glimpse of what it looks like and sounds like inside a hospital fighting coronavirus.

4/7/2020 2:44:00 AM

New York ER doctor gives a glimpse of what it looks like and sounds like on the frontline. 'The humanity is just horrible, horrible. Some people didn't make it today and I guess that's — we did our best. That's all I can say. It's not been a good day.'

ER doctor Ernie Patti gives a glimpse of what it looks like and sounds like inside a hospital fighting coronavirus.

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We're supposed to buy this is the apocalypse narrative? Not saying there's no deaths but liberal fakenews journalists have been doing their chicken little reporting non stop blaming Trump to score brownie points What hospital? Are they trying hydoxychloroquine? Im telling you, its not responsive to medical treatment Honduras

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Why do you never show Asian American doctors on your show? Asians make up 20% of doctors in USA. Of course you don’t show that numbers in New York have drastically dropped Name the hospital What does the Coronavirus do to you? ❓❓❓❓ CoronavirusOutbreak... I am so sorry for you and so very thankful 😥😢😭

You are the face of humanity (!) for all of us - every act is noted by all of us, no matter the outcome which can’t always be controlled. Global Pandemic. Which one of those two words is tripping you up people? That's Against the Law !!! And Patients !!! RealCandaceO Here's that hospital footage you were looking for. Enough of this dancing around these catastrophic numbers. The of people that got COVID and then died from their underlying health issues and NOT COVID are a FRACTION of the COVID deaths.

You’re a goddamn hero! Thank you! FearPorn FakeNews It still has not sunk in what is happening. Too many burying their heads in the sand, pretending it’s someplace else. This is what unselfish professionalism look like! RemoveTrumpNow Good Doctors always take time from their patients to make videos....Fuck You

My heart aches for them. Everyday thousands of Doctors and Nurses are putting their lives on the lines for us. Thank you to all of you. My son lives in New York City.... 73rd W... he says he doesn’t see these scenes and wonder where they come from Real doctors don't run to the media saying 'Poor me.'

New York, New Jersey see early signs of coronavirus 'flattening'The governors of New York and New Jersey said on Monday their states were showing tentative signs of a 'flattening' of the coronavirus outbreak, but they warned against complacency as the nationwide death toll topped 10,000 and the number of cases reached 350,000. MAGA rubish Since they don't think they need to work, why not give the the job of making all these items themselves? They obviously aren’t busy

Coronavirus spread may be leveling off in New York, New Jersey; vigilance urgedThe governors of New York and New Jersey pointed to tentative signs on Monday that the coronavirus outbreak was starting to plateau but warned against complacency as the nationwide death toll topped 10,000 and the number of known U.S. infections surpassed 350,000. Way, way too early... Numbers schnumbers, it’s all inflated and baloney to push fear! They already gifted the top trillions of dollars! Regular folks are still broke, unemployed and uninsured!

Tiger at New York's Bronx Zoo tests positive for coronavirusA tiger at the Bronx Zoo in New York City has tested positive for the respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus, in the first known case of COVID-19 in an animal in the United States or a tiger globally, a zoo spokesman said on Sunday. Love big cats but we’re really fucking testing tigers when many humans can’t get tested? Carol fucking Baskin!! 😡😡 How come he gets a test?

New York Utility Workers Live at Job Site During Coronavirus CrisisWhile the novel coronavirus outbreak has forced many New Yorkers to do their jobs from home, a small number of essential employees are doing the opposite: living at their worksite. This coronavirus was purified in the world during the period of Lent ... after Easter there will be a gradual reversion to normality This is exactly what I suggested to BWP BurbankCA over 1 month ago. Did they heed my warning ⚠️ we’ll see? myBurbankNEWS Which makes infinite more sense (if you are immune already)

In New York, Overflow Hospitals At Javits And On Navy Ship Have Been Largely EmptyMore than 14,000 people have now been hospitalized in New York City for COVID-19. But two large overflow facilities have been operating far below their capacity. Is it because they're both considered out of network by the insurance companies? You told us three days ago the ship was infected How about the tents in Central Park, the org associated with Franklin Graham?

New York City Considers Mass Grave in Park for Virus VictimsNew York City is considering plans to temporarily bury coronavirus victims in a public park, a high-ranking city official said, as the outbreak may soon strain the capacity of morgues. But no final decision on the contingency plan has been made. Cremation Cuomo said bs 😢