New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy Says He's No Longer Using His Desk That Once Belonged To Woodrow Wilson

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy Says He's No Longer Using His Desk That Once Belonged To Woodrow Wilson

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy says he's no longer using his desk that once belonged to Woodrow Wilson

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6/30/2020 1:18:00 PM

Former US president Woodrow Wilson, who was in office from 1913 to 1921, defended segregation and slavery

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Well then box it up and ship it my way, I will use it because IT'S A PIECE OF FURNITURE, not relevant in the current situation except for you to show how ignorant you can be, just like the Cancel Culture and the BLM statue smashers trying to erase history. Not Relevant! How about not using the Governor’s mansion if it belonged to someone you want to cancel. Cuomo is living in Théodore Roosevelt’s mansion. Let’s burn it down.

What an idoit! I’m so embarrassed for him. This is so freaking ridiculous. And What a dumb photo. “Look at how dramatic I am sitting at this desk”. 🙄 Woodrow Wilson - Democrat You’re welcome. KnowYourHistory Seriously, who wasn’t racist in white 🇺🇸 in 1913-1921? Anyone? This is sick! Senator Byrd Bullshit. Snaggletooth uses the desk for 2 years and now he just realizes it Woodrow Wilson's desk.

The Governor Murphy is really thinking of a new name for Princeton university because during its first two hundred years, Princeton University (then the College of New Jersey) was a segregated institution. And that's racist..... Because a desk is racist....don't jerk yourself off too hard while patting yourself on the back... Here's an idea, keep the desk and use it to sign legislation that lifts poor people in your state out of poverty, end redlining and make meaningful change. WoodrowWilson racism

Democrat Woodrow Wilson. Just put kamala harris under the desk and let her suck the racism out. This is Democrat propaganda to divide and cause chaos. CNN needs help The desk is another story cnn. Will you go after those that own furniture of Napoleon, Ivan, Vlad, hell too many to name. It’s mostly the elite that run you that own the belongings.

Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ the desk though ! Racist table GovMurphy and what of the rest area that bears Woodrow Wilson’s name? Are rest areas along N.J. Turnpike privately or publicly owned? Desks are racist? What about the oxygen he breathed? It’s still in the atmosphere. Democrat Woodrow Wilson. Who cares? People keep calling Donald stupid. He's not stupid, he's actively ignoring Covid and Russian Bounties on American heads. He is actively trying to distract by stoking racial tensions and many of his supporters are for it & for another civil war. But diminish his evil. Da fuq?

Why New Jersey wants to block civilian oversight of Newark’s troubled police forceIt underscores the challenges facing progressive leaders who cast themselves as reformers but stop short of brokering changes. Race & religion biasis. The statement by the former president of the FOP that “we know how to police our police” has got to be the biggest bullshit line in a year that has been constant bullshit. How come no Mosque have been looted or burnt, why?

New Jersey pausing restart of indoor dining: 'This isn't forever'New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy says the state is pausing the restart of indoor dining because the coronavirus is “a lot more lethal” indoors than it is outdoors. “We’re trying to do everything we can to not go through hell again.” Eat at Home guyz. Home food is best. Save money, save life. Open our country! 'The constitution is above my pay grade'

New Jersey governor hits ‘pause’ on indoor dining amid Covid spikes in other statesNew Jersey will not allow restaurants to reopen for indoor dining this week as originally planned, following spikes of coronavirus cases in other states that have reopened on a more aggressive timeline Does the governor know that? Pretty sure I saw a picture of him eating inside a restaurant. That's good! Stratergies to be laid down as fast as possible. Deal it Daily. He is absolutely right. The number of people dining outdoor in my neighborhood recently is nerve-racking. Few wear masks. Little social distancing. It's just a matter of time until the case number spikes again once they move indoor with AC and fans.

New Jersey delays resuming indoor dining at restaurants as coronavirus cases grow in other statesNew Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said Monday that under the revised plan, indoor dining will be allowed to resume at a later date that has yet to be determined. Insane. 216th Smart move. Make any blm protesters or rioters wear lasted gloves and masks. Make them sit in back room.

New Jersey Puts Indoor Dining On Pause Indefinitely Because Of CoronavirusNew Jersey is postponing indoor restaurant dining indefinitely, citing surges in COVID-19 cases in other states 'driven by, in part, the return of indoor dining,' Gov. Phil Murphy said. New Jersey and NY are both working hard to kill all small business. All part of the plan. Easier for the Democratic Party to broker deals with a few fortune 500 execs ... Support your local restaurant owners however you can!! We love them!! Good. Because while every other country has seen a mass decline, America is going back up in cases. It's horrible.

Brazil reports 30,476 new coronavirus cases, 552 new deathsBrazil recorded 30,476 new cases of the novel coronavirus in the past 24 hours and 552 additional deaths, the Health Ministry said on Sunday. Both the US and Brazil also have Presidents in power who acted the same way towards this virus. What a coincidence that both of our countries are having problems fighting it. Still much less than USA LS7789fbb