World, Coronavirus Pandemic: The Latest Updates From Around The World

World, Coronavirus Pandemic: The Latest Updates From Around The World

WHO is sending a team to China to research 'how the virus started'

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. In many places, as countries reopen, Covid-19 cases are on the rise. Follow here for the latest.

6/30/2020 1:07:00 PM

“Knowing the source of the virus is very, very important.' The World Health Organization is sending a team to China to better understand how the novel coronavirus started, WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. In many places, as countries reopen, Covid-19 cases are on the rise. Follow here for the latest.

WHO director-general says the pandemic "is not even close to being over"From CNN Health's Jacqueline HowardWorld Health Organization director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus attends a press conference at the World Health Organization headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, on June 25. Salvatore Di Nolfi/Keystone via AP

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The coronavirus pandemic is far from coming to an end any time soon, according to World Health Organization director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus."This is not even close to being over," Tedros said during a media briefing in Geneva on Monday.

"Although many countries have made some progress globally, the pandemic is actually speeding up. We're all in this together and we're all in this for the long haul," Tedros said."We have already lost so much but we cannot lose hope."

Tedros also said that Tuesday marks six months since WHO first received reports of cases of pneumonia in China from an unknown cause -- which would later be identified as caused by novel coronavirus infection."The six-month anniversary of the outbreak coincides with reaching 10 million cases and 500,000 deaths," Tedros said on Monday.

"This is a moment for all of us to reflect on the progress we have made and the lessons we have learned, and to recommit ourselves to doing everything we can to save lives," Tedros said. "Six months ago, none of us could have imagined how our world -- and our lives -- would be thrown into turmoil by this new virus."

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China state firms' profits fall 52.7% year-on-year in Jan-May: finance ministryProfits at China's state-owned firms fell 52.7% y/y in Jan-May, according to a statement from the country's Finance Ministry on Monday, to 663.1 billion yuan ($93.67 billion). China has a disgraceful government

Mainland China reports 12 new COVID-19 cases vs 17 a day earlierMainland China reported 12 new confirmed COVID-19 cases as of end of June 28, down from 17 reported a day earlier, the country's National Health Commission (NHC) said on Monday. If you believe this I want whatever you’re on

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China reviews heavily criticized Hong Kong security billChina's legislature is reviewing a controversial national security bill for Hong Kong that critics worldwide say will severely compromise human rights in the semi-autonomous Chinese region. Lol semi-autonomous ABC doesn’t really believe that do they? never trust the chi-coms.. never.. That was a stupid deal to begin with. Giving Hong Kong back to China was the same as if they had agreed to allow North Korea to take over control of South Korea after a few decades of capitalism and prosperity. WhatABunchOfDumbFucks

China plans to grant investment banking licenses to lenders - CaixinChina's securities regulator plans to grant investment banking licences to commercial lenders as part of efforts to breed industry behemoths in the face of fiercer foreign competition, business magazine Caixin reported. CKMKB China dominance Allie hsi CCP propaganda

China central bank says economy faces risks from global pandemic, efforts against domestic resurgenceChina's central bank said on Sunday that the country's economic growth faces challenges from the global coronavirus pandemic, despite signs of improvement amid business re-openings. Preoblems are that they haven’t save small businesses enough. They spent 40million yuan on saving people in this pandemic at march. Average on each one is 2yuan which equals 0.3usd. On the contrary, Japan gives their people for 100 thousand 💴. It’s not Hugh but it will save life