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Netflix's Drive to Survive audience tops 50 million, McLaren CEO says

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9/28/2021 3:59:00 AM

Netflix 's 'Drive to Survive' has an audience of more than 50 million, helping to grow F1 viewers and fans, McLaren CEO Zak Brown says

Insider tells the global tech, finance, markets, media, healthcare, and strategy stories you want to know.

"The audience for F1 is growing all over the world because of the show,", co-CEO and chief content officer of Netflix, said at the Code Conference on Monday in Los Angeles. Current McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo made his F1 debut in 2011.

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Lars Baron/Getty ImagesESPN saidthe average US audience for an F1 race reached almost 1 million people, from less than 600,000 in 2018. Brown said this year alone, McLaren has gained millions of Instagram followers, going from around 6 million to 8 million so far, making it the most followed team in F1. These gains often translate into more sponsorship and advertising dollars for teams like McLaren.

Ever competitive, Brown attributed McLaren's social media growth to it being"more authentic" than other team accounts. "We see some competitors manufacturing social content and we're just having fun, doing our thing," he said.

Brown also noted he's the only team boss on Twitter (where he has more than 230,000 followers) and one of two on Instagram (almost 330,000 followers) and that he personally posts all content on these services."For some of the other teams, social is 'This thing I have to do and I'll just hire someone to take care of it,'" he said."But I enjoy it. It's how you get a real sense of what's going on on the ground floor."

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I legit have tuned in every race Sunday for the last 3 years because of netflix ‘Drive to Survive’ horrible

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