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Nearly all of Trump's House GOP impeachers set fundraising records since Capitol riot

Nearly all of Trump's House GOP impeachers set fundraising records since Capitol riot

4/18/2021 11:41:00 AM

Nearly all of Trump's House GOP impeachers set fundraising records since Capitol riot

All 10 of the House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump for his alleged role in the deadly January 6 Capitol riot have managed to out-fundraise their Trump-backed challengers.

Major GOP donors, conservative political action committees (PACs) and even someDemocratshave given the 10 House Republicans an influx of campaign cash since the January 6 U.S. Capitol riot. Despite an angry Trump vowing to"get rid of them all" at February's Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), seven of the 10 set personal first-quarter fundraising records, a

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Bloomberganalysis revealed Friday.The 10 House incumbents include some of the former president's most vocal GOP critics, including Illinois' Adam Kinzinger and Wyoming's Liz Cheney, who Trump has personallysingled outas"hacks" and"warmongers."

All 10 of the House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump for his alleged role in the deadly riot have managed to out-fundraise their Trump-backed challengers.According to the latest Federal Election Commission recordsfirst obtainedby Bloomberg, all 10 incumbents have collectively raised $6.4 million, with seven of them pulling in non-election year personal records. headtopics.com

So far, 15 primary challengers have formally announced their campaigns to take down the dissenting 10 Republicans in their districts. Despite having potential future access to Trump's high-profile super PAC donors, these 15 challengers' campaign finance reports show they're lagging far behind the 10 sitting congressional lawmakers.

Among all 15 pro-Trump challengers, they've raised $1.9 million in total through the first-quarter. One-quarter of the money placed in the 15 challengers' campaign coffers came from their own pockets, the latest campaign finance report shows.Trump has already offered personal endorsements for several of the challengers, including Max Miller, a former Trump campaign and White House aide, who is taking on Ohio GOP Representative Anthony Gonzalez. Miller, who has pulled in $508,639 in donations so far, received contributions from some of Trump's prolific mega-donors including Foster Friess and Boris Epshteyn.

Trump's $80 million-worth super PAC, Save America, has not yet donated any money to Miller or the other challengers' campaigns. Read more: Newsweek »

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And what a wonderful world. Turns out we are a nation firmly rooted in racism....

Arrested Florida Capitol rioter Kenneth Kelly thought he was breaking into White HouseIn an alleged text message sent to a relative, Kelly wrote: 'Inside White house [sic] via breaking in windows.' How stoned was this guy? Experts in the constitution but can’t seem to know which branch of government hangs out where. Well. A dumb ass is a dumb ass is a dumb ass.

Top House Republican Defends Trump's Response To Capitol Riot: 'He Put A Video Out'Fox News' Chris Wallace grilled House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy about his Jan. 6 conversations with the then-president. 95% only bad news( If this guy were any more of a tool they would sell him at Home Depot. China got PAY-TO-PLAY China Puppet BIDEN-OBAMA elected to remove China TARIFFS, make sure US companies do business in CHINA SLAVE SWEATSHOPS, everything to MAKE CHINA GREAT AGAIN! China-NIH'S COVID-19 accident got BIDEN elected.

A president flanked by two California women of power speaks before a nearly empty HousePresident Biden's first speech to a joint session of Congress is being delivered to a nearly empty room as COVID-19 restrictions quell the normal pomp around the occasion. California Grifting 慈禧太后垂帘听政 哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈 Garbage headline.

Trump told Facebook's oversight board that his supporters were 'law abiding' during Capitol riotThe remarks were submitted to Facebook's oversight board on the former president’s behalf through the American Center for Law and Justice, a conservative Christian group, and 'a page administrator,' according to the board's full decision. Why are all the Qs and MAGAs going on Twitter to say 'delete Facebook?' Why aren't they going on Facebook to tell Facebook people? Geezis. Why are they still all so bad at this stuff after 4 years? Trump

FBI nears 500 arrests stemming from pro-Trump riot at U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6The Federal Bureau of Investigation has arrested more than 440 people on a range of charges stemming from the Jan. 6 riot staged by supporters of former President Donald Trump at the U.S. Capitol. Using the term 'riot' lets the participants off easy. It was a violent insurrection. Will the Leftist news ever stop talking about this BS!?! BTW…Antifa is still rioting in Portland every night….where’s the outrage Yahoo!?! didn't I just read another article where all Portland charges, including assault on a police officer, are being dismisse? By the same Feds?