State Department watchdog says Pompeo, wife violated ethics rule

Official asked staff to do personal tasks such as making restaurant reservations, shopping, caring for dog, but won't face disciplinary measures.

4/18/2021 11:03:00 AM

State Dept.’s internal watchdog concludes that fmr. Sec. Pompeo and his wife violated federal ethics rules by asking staffers to run personal errands and perform non-official work such as making restaurant reservations, shopping and caring for their dog.

Official asked staff to do personal tasks such as making restaurant reservations, shopping, caring for dog, but won't face disciplinary measures.

The Associated PressWASHINGTON (AP) — The State Department’s internal watchdog has concluded that former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his wife violated federal ethics rules by asking staffers to run personal errands and perform non-official work such as making restaurant reservations, shopping and caring for their dog.

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In a report released on Friday, the department’s inspector general concluded that those requests were “inconsistent” with the regulations. But, because Pompeo is no longer a federal employee and not subject to federal disciplinary or other measures, it did not call for any action against the former secretary who left office on Jan. 20 at the end of the Trump administration.

Instead, it recommended that the State Department clarify its policies to better define tasks that are inappropriate for staffers under the ethics rules and make it easier to report alleged violations. The department accepted all of the recommendations in its response to the report.

Pompeo and his attorney strongly denied the allegations contained in the inspector general's report, which said the former secretary and his wife, Susan, “made over 100 requests to employees in the office of the secretary to conduct work that appeared to be personal in nature.” Pompeo's lawyer noted that the report identifies only a handful of questionable requests and that those did not amount to violations of the rules.

The report identified inappropriate tasks as including “picking up personal items, planning events unrelated to the department’s mission, and conducting such personal business as pet care and mailing personal Christmas cards.” Many of those requests were directed to a long-time assistant of the Pompeos who was hired by the State Department as a senior adviser to the secretary.

It said it had found evidence that Susan Pompeo had “on several occasions” instructed the adviser to plan events for groups with which the Pompeos had nongovernmental relationships. It said it had identified at least 30 instances in which either the secretary or his wife told staffers to make restaurant reservations for personal lunches and dinners.

The inspector general “found that such requests were inconsistent with department ethics rules and the Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch,” the report said.In an interview with investigators in late December, Pompeo said he had not paid that staffer or others separately for work that he either considered to be related to government business or to be minimal favors that long-time acquaintances would routinely do for each other, according to the report.

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The inspector general, however, noted that there was no exception in the ethics rules for minimal personal favors. “Rather, the standards prohibit any use of a subordinate’s time to perform personal activities unless compensation is paid,” it said.In a response appended to the report, the lawyer, William Burck, alleged that the report was biased and unfit for publication. Pompeo had shaken up the inspector general's office by firing its former chief in a move that critics alleged was aimed at halting potentially embarrassing investigations into his tenure at the department.

“The poor quality of the report bespeaks not merely unprofessionalism in its drafting but also bias, which we are concerned may be politically motivated,” Burck said. He said the report was “not fit for publication” and demanded evidence to support the investigators’ claims that the Pompeos had made more than 100 inappropriate requests of staffers.

In its response to the report, the State Department made no judgment on the findings but did accept the recommendations.“The department appreciates the work of the Office of Inspector General, and, as the report notes, concurs with all the recommendations and will proceed to implement them," it said.

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LockHerUp LockHerUp LockHerUp LockHerUp LockHerUp fake news MSNBC PUT THEM IN JAIL. SERIOUSLY. How dare them! Soooooo mad right now! So mad 😡 😡 Tip of misuse iceberg in last administration? In case it wasn’t obvious, mikepompeo doesn’t believe such things applied to him. Who in the Trump administration did?

Oxford comma needed. These people need to held accountable. I don't care which party there from. What's right is right And the result/ramifications/punishment is .... Another Trumper associate, doing anything he or she wants and sliding down the path without consequences, laughing at the law because they are associated with '45'. When will Americans ppl see justice when it comes to sleazy Politicians.

His 2020 RNC speech from Israel was the most pompous from Pompous Pompeo. So yes, he's been breaking rules throughout his career 😏 Violation of ethics rules, not good, but, is this the only problem this country has?

State Department watchdog: Pompeo repeatedly violated ethics rules.MaddowBlog: According to an inspector general's probe, Mike Pompeo ignored the State Department's ethics rules. There's plenty for him to be embarrassed about. MaddowBlog Yale university skull and bones men put in a system to protect white people, and a system, that attack black Americans in 1975 {it Water and land, raw materials from the land to make things that create jobs, and the police protect this}policed and jobs are tie as one {like trees} MaddowBlog Perhaps he has no idea what ethics are. MaddowBlog Lock him up

sets a bad precedent that Trump started that if you can just last out the clock and leave your position suddenly no one holds you accountable for stuff you did. If you can put a sheriff in prison for having employees work on his property Pompey and his wife should receive similar charges. 🤨🤦🏽‍♀️ Grifters

They knew that before, but because he was up Trumps arse everyone was afraid to do anything. However, what rules did the Democrats break? This again is a personal attack on anyone who supported President Trump? So typical of all the GOP Showboaters!!! Amazingly inept! What about those 'secret' colonial style parties with engraved invites held on government property using government funds. Hundreds of doners, lobbyists, politicians, and anyone who could do him favors was rolled... investigate

But isn't Mr. Pompeo a devout Christian? 🤔

State Department Covid review blasts 'void of U.S. international leadership' under Trump and PompeoA draft of the State Department’s wide-ranging Covid-19 Interim Review notes deep frustrations that career officials harbored regarding the past administration’s pandemic response It was disgraceful and disgusting. Further proof that Trump is not qualified to be President of the United States of America. Trump isn't even qualified to be President of all the voices in his head let alone an actual country where his decisions can affect the entire population. 'fell short' How about, 'we failed completely' as a more accurate depiction of reality.

He told us USA lies is normally and should lie No! 😂 Pompeo was one of the most arrogant secretary of state America has ever had. Naturally. Pompeo also did a lot of gratuitous saber rattling. A Secretary of State needs to emphasize diplomacy, reaching out to maintain America's relations abroad. There's enough hawkishness in the other departments.

Isn't too late for the watchdog to come out? Guy says he is no more in office😯 Ridiculous. No accountability? I guess it's up to the voters to hold Pompous Pompeo accountable and make sure he isn't elected to any public office in the future. This is all well and good info, but is there a remedy? Asking for the American people.

Do we actually believe that he is the only one that does this shit? I mean come on And this schlub wants to be president?

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What is the point now if cannot be charged?

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