NASA Fully Stacked for Moon Mission, Readies for Artemis I

Our @NASAArtemis I mega-Moon rocket is targeted for liftoff in February 2022. Here are the small steps in store before the next giant leap:

10/23/2021 4:04:00 AM

Our NASAArtemis I mega-Moon rocket is targeted for liftoff in February 2022. Here are the small steps in store before the next giant leap:

NASA’s Orion spacecraft is secured atop the agency’s powerful Space Launch System rocket, and the integrated system is entering the final phase of preparations for an upcoming uncrewed flight test around the Moon.


Jury finds Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts

A Wisconsin jury found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts after the Illinois teenager shot and killed two men and wounded a third at a protest last year.

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NASA Completes Mega-Moon Rocket Stacking, Invites Media to Learn MoreStacking complete 🥞 The NASA_Orion spacecraft now sits atop the NASA_SLS rocket. Reporters: Save the date for a media telecon at 1pm ET on Oct. 22 to discuss our ongoing progress toward the NASAArtemis I mission: _Orion _SLS Artemis yay!! _Orion _SLS Artemis Congrats!🎉 _Orion _SLS Artemis Save the date? Isn't that today!

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S.Korea's Moon vows 'Korea space age' after rocket test faltersSouth Korea's first domestically built space rocket blasted off on Thursday, but failed to fully place a dummy satellite into orbit, delivering mixed results for a test launch that represents a major leap for the country's ambitious space plans.

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NASA Invites Media to Launch of IXPE Mission to Study X-rays in SpaceMedia accreditation is open for the upcoming launch of NASA’s Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) mission, which will measure polarized X-rays from exotic cosmic objects, such as black holes and neutron stars, to better understand these types of phenomena and extreme environments. Kennedy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this is not black hole Kennedy Wow!!Wow!!Wow Kennedy This is media jobs evry important happn media highlighting and fillows

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Moon Juice’s New Cookbook Is an Easy-to-Read Field Guide for Cooking With AdaptogensEleuthero Chocolate Chunk cookies and supershroom pancakes? Don’t mind if we do.

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With the federal eviction moratorium over, many call Las Vegas' Desert Moon Motel homeThe Desert Moon Motel in Las Vegas is home to people evicted during the COVID-19 pandemic. kurtisalee talked to some of them. Here are their stories:

Artemis I don't know what will be the response of flat earthers when NASA will stream live from Moon, let's forget that. Common let's return to the moon! Artemis ❤️ Artemis Lol Artemis So is there any advantage to the sls and the Saturn v? Artemis Your next mission to launch and entire city into space like age of Ultron.

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