Musicians sue 'The Voice' producer, claiming it did not fully pay wages

Musicians sue 'The Voice' producer for not paying wages

8/14/2020 1:48:00 PM

Musicians sue 'The Voice' producer for not paying wages

The American Federation of Musicians filed a federal lawsuit against the maker of 'The Voice,' alleging the popular program short changed its members.

WGA members strongly endorsed a three-year contract that increases residual payments for high-budget shows on streaming services, among other gains.Among the claims in its suit, the AFM said producers used incorrect wage scales to calculate compensation and failed to pay premium rates for work performed beyond an eight-hour span, or on holidays or Sundays.

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In addition, the AFM said the production had also not paid residuals or made the necessary benefit contributions required under a contract that was extended in 2016 until a new agreement was reached.The largest musicians union in the word is seeking a jury trial and damages for unpaid wages, fees, premiums, and residuals, plus pension contributions.

“The Voice,” which wrapped its 18th season this year, often competes with NFL games for some of the most watched programs on NBC’s network.Advertisement Read more: Los Angeles Times »

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