Mom Kicked Down NY Subway Escalator Reveals What She Said to Prompt the Attack

'Say excuse me.'

9/15/2021 2:20:00 AM

“And boom, he automatically kicked me in the chest” (via toofab)

'Say excuse me.'

He turned around,"And boom, he automatically kicked me in the chest. Oh my God, it was from the top of the escalator at Barclay Center all the way to the bottom.""This was more than stairs. Escalators are spiky and moving. They're bigger and sharp," she added."All over my body. I'm covered like I was clawed by a tiger."

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Despite knowing she was badly hurt, she explained why she refused medical attention."I just didn't want to sit in an emergency room. I just wanted to go home to my 9-year-old, my family," she said."I've been limping for days."

As for her attacker, she said:"I've never seen him before, and I hope he's never seen me before. And I hope I never see him again.""I'm glad my 9-year-old son wasn’t there," she added."You could see he was an aggressive and abusive person. He was pushing other people on the escalator."

Police are still hunting for the suspect.update 9/13/2021 11:31 AMNYPD are on the hunt for a man who was filmed kicking a woman down an escalator in a brutal attack at the subway.The horrendous assault occurred on Thursday evening at Atlantic Ave-Barclays Center Station in Brooklyn. Security video shows the suspect making his way up the escalator past the woman, when he suddenly stops near the top, turns around, and appears to address her.

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