Man Arrested Outside Ariana Grande's Home for Pulling Knife

A man was arrested outside of Ariana Grande's home for allegedly pulling a knife on her security.

9/15/2021 2:28:00 AM

A man was arrested outside of Ariana Grande's home for allegedly pulling a knife on her security.

A man was arrested outside of Ariana Grande's home for allegedly pulling a knife on her security.

23-year-oldAaron Brown's facing a felony brandishing charge for the incident, which our law enforcement sources tell us went down around 2 AM Friday on Ariana's property. Read more: TMZ »

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Bro wtf people are f crazy. I feel so bad for her :( tf Smh they needa leave her alone. omg what the heck ?!? i hope everyone’s safe ugh humans Why that photo tho - omg i hope the security guard and she are ok omg wtf so who's coming to camp and guard outside ariana's house Hope she ok 1st what the actual fuck, thank god he’s arrested and my baby is safe 2nd who picked the pictures for this article?

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what the.. :( :( :( Vote! Um why did y'all use this unflattering ass image of her Thank goodness shes ok now why y’all use this picture 😒 people are sick. oh no! hoping everyone is fine Thank God they caught him!!! Thank you Security! Could have been so much worse!! ❤️ WHY THAT PICTURE

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I hope the security gonna be okay... oh no It’s fun to be famous they said!! A huge mansion they said! Tons of money, the best food, and expensive cars they said! You may be loved by millions but there are a few assassins with large sharp knives in that haystack. WHY PUT THIS OLD ASS PHOTOOOIOOOOOO I thought this news were from 2013

Does he know he can buy a broom and a wig and have the same chick lol no need to go to jail 😂 Deus, cuida da minha princesinha why this picture… This is so scary omg :((((

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nasttyidea fakenews Tf ... I hope she's ok If someones life is about to get taken from them…! Don’t put a picture first before a human being….! wth? OMFG i hope they are doing okay :( Loco la gente está muy mal. hope all are good there. but not posting 'Cat's ' picture🥴🥴 why this photo ? wtf she deserve better

Capitol Police arrest man with knives in swastika-painted truck outside DNCAccording to police, the man said he was “on patrol” and talked about white supremacist ideology. Why is this news “On patrol”? More like, ON FOOL!

You got Security reaction for Ariana ProtectAriana Omg . Hope she is ok the photo.. Omg, I really hope that everyone is okay and safe, including Ari and Dalton!!!😭 tlqkf uhm tf- 😳 ppl srsly need to respect privacy more ugh tf is this 2012/13 image shit 💀

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😰😨😱😱😱😱😱 Wtf?!?!?! I hope they are ok omg 😞 i hope everyone is okay wtff Oh noo :( Wtf is wrong with people. I hope everyone is safe NBA AND THOSE OLYMPIC PLAYER AND THOSE REAL GREAT THAT CAN'T GO TO NBA ! ONLY IKAW NA BAHALA HARRY ! CALL HIGHNESS Henry Charles Albert David WINDSOR MOUNTBETTEN This is if you lost you out on the game ! Pot is ? Entrance is ? BET-TING is every 500$ is 600$ loser paid

Ik yall have better pictures stop playing we hope our bb and her husband is ok 🥺 and of course her security Hope she is okay...

Capitol Police arrest man with knives outside of DNC headquartersCapitol Police arrested a man who had a bayonet and machete outside of DNC headquarters. His truck also had white supremacist symbols including Nazi swastikas and the word “confederate” on the dashboard. Fencing around the U.S. Capitol will go up around Thursday or Friday ahead of this Saturday's pro-Capitol insurrectionist “Justice for J6” rally, officials said. Amy Coney Barrett lies just as well as Trump! Corruption is to easy and for Supreme Court judges to have a life time positions opens the door for disaster because they know they can’t be removed! If they want to change laws then removing life time positions from judges! He said he was on patrol.

The hell PROTECT AT ALL COST wtf? omg i hope she's okay!! wtf is this pic though? 😭😭 wtf she’s too pure for all this 🥺🤍 well wishes for her & dalton. WTF... Anjing emang wtf? NO WHAT THE FUCK WTF i hope she is okay It was a swiftie

the hell Omg wtfff I hope ari and dalton are okay WTF tf tf tf omg i hope she’s okay! omg i hope no one’s hurt omg:( NO ARI GET BEHIND ME GIRLY I GOT THIS 😱😡 Holy fck

oh my god, i really hope the security and her are okay wtf why would they use an old ass photo 😐 i hope ariana and dalton are safe omg oh my god Damn someone is trying to hurt my wife The photo i hope her n dalton are okay this is so disturbing WTF damn i hope everybody's safe. this world is such a mess...

This is scary Wtf omg This is so terrifying I really hope she’s ok33 please i hope everyone is safe. this is so fucked up wtf i hope she and everyone else is ok wtf… i hope everyone’s okay wtf wait omg what?! i hope she’s okay wtf

Oh fck why yall always using the worst pictures 💀 wtf is wrong with people like can they pls leave her alone? I hope she's okay Oh my god... this is not okay I hope ari and dalton are ok Wtf Tf oh my hope everyone is okay :(

people are so .. disgusting wut is this image wtf omg This old ass picture omffg. sending love and hugs to you ArianaGrande we love you and i hope ur okay 3 Meh tmz what the fucj is this picture Ghetto this is messed up I really hope she's doing ok WTF

pete that wasn’t funny 🤦🏻‍♀️ mrbenrover WTF what the fvck. Omg, I hope Ariana and Dalton are ok. WTF? bro :( i hope she and her family ok 🥺 This is scary, she needs to be careful. Hope she's ok wtf

Well you need to fire your security and your boyfriend hope ari is okay this mf WTF😭 this is so fucking scary. i hope everyone is alright. 😖 Wtf?!?! wtf i hope everyone’s okay :( what the fuck that's dangerous, woman

i hopes shes doing okay :( what the hell it was me sorry y’all i was just asking for some sugar and i forgot i had my knife in my hand 💔 the fuck wtf omg i hope she is ok :( What tf q ódio mano espero q todo mundo esteja bem :( WHAT TH FUCK what the fuck wtf.

Stay_Cruel dude was like: oh my god that’s so scary i hope she’s ok. i feel like this happens a lot :( meu deus? i hope she is doing okay, it sucks what has been going on for years with her Wth ArianaGrande I pray you’re ok. You’ve been through so much. I hope she’s okay Omg I hope she’s okay :( Omg no I hope they’re ok

Excuse me what? There was a man outside her house with a knife and y’all worried about a damn photo, wow.

I hope Ari is okay:( dear god, i hope her and dalton are okay. this must be terrifying Lol why’d y’all use a pic of her old face Why didn’t they shoot the would be assailant dead? oh wow, hope the security guard and everyone is safe i hope everyone is okay ilymoonligh Eduarda? WTF LEAVE HER ALONEE oh my god

Why would y’all use this pic Wtf Who's that mf? He only had one job nah who the FUCK is it. i need names and addresses. Wtf me fui por un par de horas de aquí 😭😭😭 Not again :\\ it's so scary to not feel safe in your own home :( Omg I hope Ariana's ok People are mean wtf

wth this is horrifying wtf can we just respect people’s privacy remdesire ohhh that's so scary What? iJaadee omg another one. You hit the nail on the head. 😭 why can’t this women have a break honestly…! First she was blamed for Mac miller’s death….then she got blamed for..the Manchester bombing…! Then she gets body shamed…) and now she almost got killed..) like leave this women alone please ❤️ ) I hope Dalton and Ariana are ok

wtf he tryna do smh Okay wtf is wrong with people hope everybody is okay 🥰🥰 DangerousJazzy OMFG….. hope she’s ok 😨😱🙏🏼

hope they're ok 😧 Wtfff ghostinlaura Oh my god! This is so scary, I hope ariana and dalton is okay! I'm so worried abt the two of them omfg thats awful, i hope theyre ok wtf this is so messed up Holy shit I hope shes ok. arianagrande be safe babes we love u. ummm wtf WHAAAAAAT omg!?

Wtfff hope everyone is safe why this photo from like 2013?! wtf? Wtf?! Omg hope she is ok poor baby , ArianaGrande we love u sm espero que todos estejam bem i hope she’s okay omg Omg…. Wtf kyndallcollinss why does this always happens to her?

that man deserve forever in jail smrfernandess I hope she’s okay, praying 🙏 OH MY GOD