Moderate House Republican warns McCarthy over embracing far-right members

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Moderate House Republican Warns Kevin Mccarthy For Embracing Far-Right Members - Cnnpolitics

11/28/2021 2:02:00 AM

A GOP lawmaker said a number of moderates are upset with how House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has embraced some fringe members in the GOP conference and warned it could hurt the party

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Nebulous. A GOP, of, some fringe. Be real. They have been OK with the racism and fake economics, but the idea of the gravy train ending scares them. He’s embraced the crackpots obviously it’s a problem GOP in disarray That sound so nice and rode Mainstream not fringe..stop with your militant gay agenda you people and cnn are so funny. The modern Republican Party is just a reflection of the Democratic Party. So the way you say they act and how extreme they are, you democrats are the same way but you will never admit it to yourselves

Nothing can hurt the Republican party as long as Joe Biden is president. Joe Biden is worse than Carter was as long as biden's in office Republicans look like geniuses. The moderates ARE the fringe now I’m so sick of reading “number of moderates are upset w/how Carthy embraced fringe members in the gop. If your that upset for Christ sake. Stand up and be AN ADULT!

Wake GOPLeader from his coma before talking to him, not that it’ll help as even when he’s conscious he’s comatose

Marjorie Taylor Greene lays out demands for GOP House speaker vote if Republicans retake majority in 2022Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, one of Donald Trump's staunchest allies in Congress, on Thursday laid out demands for a GOP leader to earn her vote for House Speaker if Republicans are able to retake the majority after the 2022 elections and cast doubt on House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy being elected to the position. I don't think there's a big difference between Green Greene and the rest of the district. She is the current speaker of the house and needs to be elected. It's not like she has a lot of other power. When republicans turn against each other 😂 GQP hahaha GQPDomesticTerrorists GQP MAGAmorons

Shit or get off the pot That train... It’s already hurt the GOP Let's hope it does! More votes for Blue! McCrunchy only cares about what will put him in the center seat. He has no morals, no backbone, and no real values.

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He must not like his job anymore. 82% of Republicans actually believe the election was stolen despite zero evidence. This is no longer a party in the control of moderates. He'll almost certainly lose his job the moment trump says something about this. Far right= Loony tunes. It already has Finally there see it

So nothing how the racist administration banning flights from Africa? Republicans in the HouseGOP don't have a leg to stand on here. Not 1, except for RepKinzinger, has had the decency to publicly speak against any 'fringe' member of the party. Of course GOPLeader has embraced them. He thinks it's his ticket to the speakership. Traitors

Lying You think? McCarthy has sold out to Trump Party for personal gaming! Sure it will. Stop deceiving the public

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