Walmart, Target and big chains will rake in cash this holiday. Small stores may not be so lucky

Many Americans are shopping small Saturday to support mom-and-pop clothing, toy, furniture, sporting goods, hardware and electronics' stores.

Business, These Major Chains Boomed As Small Retailers Had To Close Up Shop - Cnn

11/28/2021 1:32:00 AM

Small retailers have been squeezed out throughout the pandemic and are at a significant disadvantage navigating the current supply chain crisis

Many Americans are shopping small Saturday to support mom-and-pop clothing, toy, furniture, sporting goods, hardware and electronics' stores.

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Sunshield Successfully Deploys on NASA’s Next Flagship Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope team has fully deployed the spacecraft’s 70-foot sunshield, a key milestone in preparing it for science operations.

Sadly I do not live in a town that has many small business other than Pizzerias

NASA Provides $45M Boost to US Small BusinessesDid you know we work with small businesses to help expand humanity’s presence in space and improve overall life on Earth? This year we granted funding to 365 small business proposals to help do just that: SmallBusinessSaturday Escapar de los juicios que están a las puertas de estas generaciones;es lo que en realidad quieren:Pero,no podrán porque la sentencia de parte de DIOS ya está dicho. Abdías.1:4. Sizlar hali ham mayda ishlar bilan bandsizlar. Bizlarda esa 3-renessans boshlangan This is wonderful but why isn't NASA doing more to help clean up the SSFL that has killed and sickened SO MANY CHILDREN and people in the communities below it. Why not put great minds and STEAM to work to clean up the mess we've made on Earth?

Small Business Saturday 2021: Support some of Etsy's most standout shopsSmall business Saturday is here. Scroll and shop standout businesses on Etsy.

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27 Perfectly Useful Things To Grab On Small Business SaturdayYou win big when you support small.

Great Things Can Come in Small Packages: 19 Smart Stocking StuffersDespite common thought, some of the best gifts throughout the holiday season are packed inside stockings rather than sitting under the tree. In a time where advanced devices like portable speakers …

Shop Small Business SaturdayShop small this holiday season with the help of early Small Business Saturday deals on Amazon.