MLB pulls All-Star Game from Atlanta in protest of Georgia's restrictive voting law

The 'Midsummer Classic' was going to be played July 13 at Truist Park, home of the Atlanta Braves. A new site was not announced.

4/2/2021 10:24:00 PM

JUST IN: MLB announces it will move 2021 All-Star Game out of Atlanta in response to Georgia's new voting restrictions. 'Major League Baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all Americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box.'

The 'Midsummer Classic' was going to be played July 13 at Truist Park, home of the Atlanta Braves. A new site was not announced.

MLB pulls All-Star Game from Atlanta in protest of restrictive new voting lawThe "Midsummer Classic" was going to be played July 13 at Truist Park, home of the Atlanta Braves. A new site was not announced.April 2, 2021, 7:15 PM UTC/April 2, 2021, 7:22 PM UTC

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ByDavid K. LiMajor League Baseball on Friday pulled this year's All-Star Game out of Atlanta in protest of Georgia's new restrictive voting law.The"Midsummer Classic" wasset for July 13 at Truist Park, home of the Atlanta Braves. A new site for the game was not announced.

"I have decided that the best way to demonstrate our values as a sport is by relocating this year's All-Star Game and MLB Draft," Commissioner Robert D. Manfred Jr. said in a statement."Major League Baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all Americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box."

Georgia Republicans passed restrictive changes to the state election process last month. The new law adds a host of restrictions, like requiring identification for mail voting and making it illegal to take food or water to voters in line.Republican Gov. Brian Kemp signed the bill into law immediately, calling it"common sense" legislation while aligning himself with former President Donald Trump in remarks promoting the bill.

This week, President Joe Bidenmoving the All-Star Game out of Georgia to protest the new law. Read more: MSNBC »

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💯% 👍👍👍 Go Pres. JOE👍👍👍 Go MLB 👍👍👍 He's saying the state that are changing voter rules are wrong. And they are. So if the MLB decides to make a stand, it's a good thing. It may teach Government isn't always running things as much as they think do. Moving the MLB is a big 1 finger wave to GA Governor.

He expanded early voting. There's literally no issue with this bill other than requiring ID for absentee ballots. It was already required for in-person voting. Of course he does Gotta love how the same people who lauded Georgia voters for delivering the state for dems are now so vociferously cheering on a politically motivated, coordinated corporate effort that would result in many of these same voters losing their livelihoods!

He didn’t say it his spokesman said it he still thinks Babe Ruth is playing 😂🤣😂🤣😂 🗣yasssssss more progress!! This is so childish. No business or association with anyone who is not democrat. Hitler did it with the Jews. Time to boycott MLB all star game where ever it is played. Move it to Yankee Stadium and really piss off the Trumplicans.

It’s a good start, now we must put pressure on PGATOUR TheMasters to pull The Masters tournament out of Georgia! Hope Atlanta sued him, interfering a contract is a tort! The President of the USA agrees with penalizing one of the states. And people complained that Trump was mean? Trump helped New York during pandemic despite outright lies told about his unwillingness to do so.

now we hear some in Ga., 'MLB was too quick' ..but these hypocrites never told Kemp & crew, that it's too quick to act on a LIE, ..a LIE told by an orange crook ..they sat back and not a effing thing said. They never do when it hurting others.. only when ARROW points at them. I’m with the league and President Biden! Follow me if you Agree!

MLB DOING RIGHT TO PULL THE GAME!!!! YEAH MLB!!!! Of course he does, he has no idea what’s going on. hey PGATOUR how's it feeling to be in Georgia next week and supporting taking voting rights away from people? how brave are you? or maybe you just don't care because nothing is more important than the masters. not even racism

Boycott all things Georgia. PASS FEDERAL VOTING ACCESS LAWS. Don’t keep the majority silent. It didn’t work out well for Louis and Marie. Off with their heads MLB, BLM...Hmmm.... Sad days for America..... and it will get worse... What about the Masters? 🦗 Of crs he does! w his UN-American ass🙅🏽‍♀️ Yeah in '55 Montgomery City Hall and Bus Companies pushed back and complained.. saying the boycott would hurt 'the blacks'. ..then tried to make it illegal to give rides to 'the blacks'.. are 'the blacks' still mandatory to the back 'the bus'?

Legitimate presidents DO NOT support Boycotts and Protests against ANY state in these United States. TreasonHasConsequences 👍🏟⚾️ Good luck and goodbye 👋👋👋👋👋 all star game we boycott all Game Of course... less cheating less wins. Why wouldn’t baseball follow suit. We sanction Venezuela and no one is up in arms abt the number of people dying there because of it. So think if it as Georgia being sanctioned but no one dies not seeing a Game

Bad move. This hurts the blue Atlanta area more than it hurts Georgia republicans. The president is actively encouraging a boycott of a state that voted for him, based on a STATE law he has repeatedly lied about in order to cast those citizens in a negative light. The MLB, Delta & Coca Cola can go to hell! Georgia changed the voting process to make it 'easier' for people to vote. It has NOTHING to do with race. You are insulting Black people by suggesting they cannot read their driver's license or produce photo ID.

Can anybody tell what's wrong with the new election law? Which organization has generated more racial division than any other in U.S. history?... A.The Ku Klux Klan B.Major League Baseball C.The Biden Administration Here's a clue: It isn't B. or C. Hmmm...doesn’t Delta Airlines require ID to get on their planes?

Blacks complain about everything. It's ridiculous Boycotting MLB starting now. RIGHT ON! I’m going to the all start game with a Kaepernick Jersey, a bubba Wallace hat, nba shoes, and a BLM face mask so I can kneel during the national anthem. We The People Support The Move. Most Important The Player's Support The Move. The Player's Rule The Game. Not The Commissioner or The Owners. I Hope All of You Understand That. Baseball ⚾ is Good. Baseball Makes The Third Rock From The Sun a Better Place To Live. Play Ball. ⚾

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Long osst time to take away MLB’s antitrust exemption Fact: Voters Will Still Have Access To Water & Are Not Forbidden From Bringing Their Own Food Items Biden doesn’t support local businesses then, the fans nor the people. The people disgrace with you. Go back to finger painting. UGA/AJC POLL: Nearly 75% of Georgia voters support requiring photo ID to vote AP POLL: 72% of Americans support requiring photo ID to vote.

He's an embarrasment to the American people. I call the balls and strikes. This a great opportunity to find out exactly who and what corporations are using race as a weapon. The only reasons racism persist in America is primarily due to the stance of the white male. Política..vrs Deporte😠😠 Why not it’s not helping them get their votes from other states. Illegal votes etc...

Alzeimer Joe ! You know what is so ironic? The leftwing cancel culture is only harming the city that votes with them politically! Atlanta is a Democratic Party hotbed that is solely responsible for electing Biden and the 2 new Senators. Cancel culture has began to cannibalize their own!😆 All Georgians should move out of Georgia.

With sincerity and gratitude in my heart I’m doing this testimony so other people will know that this platform is real and legit, I’m grateful AMELIMARKDON Of course he does, it's plays right into his liberal bs. 81M of Americans agree with Team Biden and MLB decision MLB is against voter integrity and for voter fraud. Maybe they can close a deal with Colin Kaerprinick to be their spokesman also.

I can’t see how hurting small businesses in Atlanta solves the problem... I absolutely disagree with the new law but not sure this really helps. All film productions that plan on using GA in the future should look for an alternate location. Very happy to hear about this move . Now who's next Take a stand....I’m so proud of the MLB! ✊

Come to the Midwest David K. Li, Jane C. Timm janestreet and Adrianne Morales AdrianneMarieM of spin the story using DNC talking points - all while IGNORING the facts that there are no “restrictions” but actually EXTENDED voting. enemyofthepeople Guess I won’t be watching the game. Cancel culture. Why does the MLB think black people can't get IDs? Fucking racists.

The power of the people can create change we all can do our part to end racism in America rather than shut it up in Pandora's box for people like Trump Governor/others to let out. The NFL and other major businesses should remove support from these States I have a question: Can we just get rid of both political parties and ACTUALLY do what our founding fucking man asked us to do when he made this country? No dam political parties. No foreign interference (if neccessary) In short, can we stop being a bunch of retards?

Yesssss! I used to love baseball 'the American pastime' well, that was a time past. I will not be watching or spending a dime on MLB. God help our country. This is a reason I hate mainstream news, and wish politics for both dam sides would just die and rot in hell. I've always been curious as to why the fuck we have two sides arguing 24/7 on bullshit in the middle of a pandemic and getting jack shit done. I don't get it.

Ah yes. Typical reaction of the left when they don't get their way. MLB MLBPAA Hopefully the Braves decide to boycott and forfeit every game. Mets can use all the help we can get on our March to the Worldseries. Yay CancelCulture 🙄 Hey Kemp. MLB has every right to hold the All-Star game wherever they want. It's called FREE ENTERPRISE. Suck it up, whiner.

So now mlb is punishing an organization for what state they play in? Because the Braves can control what the state does. What a joke. Will the MLB stop giving $$ to GA & GOP politicians also? This is what they care about-$$ for re-election. staceyabrams SenatorWarnock POTUS VP BurnettCynthia DCStatehood and the AllStarGame.. MLB

Three month's ago the POTUS would have been raging at MLB for doing this. So glad that circus has left town. It shall not be the place of corporations & sports to play in politics. MLB is wrong for this move. Folks calling for boycotts of Georgia based companies are wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with requiring ID for voting.

How glad I am to not live in the shithole state named Georgia Pro baseball needs to keep its nose out of politics! Cleveland got screwed out of a full season game. So put it there. Good decision. Racists pay in dollars this time. Bring it back to LA! MLB Screw MLB. Allowing themselves to be bullied. Then spreading propaganda. The law is designed to help the integrity of the election. No one should argue one vote per legal voter. Of course you should show ID.

This took some balls ... Yes Good All of the promos increase your trading volume and the only thing you need to do is to trade in a regular mode and enjoy it. Read More AMTrading BTC altcoin feesman5 Outriders giveaway COVID19 What's next, Trumps casino closing?!! Can we stop saying this is about being allowed to give water to people in line? This law allows the Legislature to CHANGE the PEOPLES DECISION!!!!

Who isn't allowed to vote? If you’re a citizen you have an ID. One vote per citizen, everyone knows the rules. Good job DrLearnALot The legislation in Georgia is sh*t but these corporate responses are just performative promos to distract us from what's actually happening to defend the duopoly and fortify the barriers to independents and other parties. 1/2

👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 Hell disgraceful is the MLB Sad day to be a fan I was living in Arizona when the NFL yanked the Super Bowl due to MLK Day not being a holiday in the state. 'Fun times?' Showing a Photo ID ? The irony of this whole thing is that the all star game was going to employ thousands of African Americans in the greater ATL area which is where most of the crying is coming from. This is a crazy idea. Bring a water bottle and snack yourself when you go vote

The new law doesn’t restrict people from casting their vote, it seeks to reduce voter FRAUD which was obviously an issue in the last election! MLB can suck it! to be fair, this is the will of a slight majority of activist board members, not the entire league, players, & fans who could care less Mixing politics and sports is poison. Caving to misinformation spread by Biden is narrow minded.

HospitalityTek Cuomo looting public treasury enriching his pals and donors Biden billions cuomo buying state senators and assembly with stimulus money. Good! BoycottGeorgiaGOP NBC In honor of Hank, Do u mind retweeting this? Thank you so much 😊 This will be the biggest boycott in US History! We will not tolerate this tyranny because we believe in secure elections! We will all now boycott MLB! BoycottMLB

Cool, less money for Atlanta, and less money for the MLB. Thanks staceyabrams for moving Georgians further away from the American dream, truly a display for Democrats platform for the future to come. CancelCulture All Georgia is saying is have a valid ID, be a resident, and be registered to vote. What the hell is the problem?

Why is it bad to ask for an ID? You need it for cigarettes, alcohol, medications, to get on a bus or plane, to go on a cruise, to drive a car.... Good Job MLB. I like it. You're showing a lot of Courage and Integrity. I am not a MLB fan, but I support their decisions to pull out of GA. Way to go MLB !!!

If Delta and Hollywood boycott they will remove the law. Good - now let’s get all those studio films 🎥 out of Georgia and perhaps it will sink in that voter suppression is undemocratic. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Marvel ParamountPics 20thcentury DisneyStudios Patrick_Reusse mlb Amerikas game throws in with the communists, remove their antitrust protections, let the marketplace do its thing.

Yes let’s hurt their minority population economically while not reading the bill. This will backfire just wait. If you can’t appeal to their head or their heart, hit ‘em in the pocketbook. 👍🏻 MLB MLB is like . . . where can we hold the All-Star game? 🚫 Georgia 🚫 Texas Anybody else? Just means we’re over the target. Fitting too since Atlanta was the epicenter for election night fuckery. RIP MLB.

Dont you have to show I'd and your vaccination papers or negative test to even watch a baseball game? Congratulations, Georgia! Actions have consequences. Please remember this next time you vote. Any professional sport league who puts blm banners up . This is what there representing .they may as well have been in the crowd spitting on this man & tormenting him because he preaches god and wouldn't support there cause

Wow, you need to show ID to get on a plane or get a driver’s license but not to vote... MLB you can suckit!! This is just another taken a deal. So now you want us to boycott baseball because that's what this will do. The conservative population is tired of being pushed around and manipulated and we're ready to push back and we do it with our money

I see a lot of unhappy racists on Twitter today good job MLB Thanks for standing up for democracy and the right to vote! MLB Good riddance 🖐️ People who never watched baseball before this. “That’s it!! I’m never watching baseball again!!” The same MLB that makes it nearly impossible to watch your teams games unless you are have a cable TV subscription.... I’m all for voter rights but what about blatantly taking advantage of fans.

Won't be watching. Another step in the slow death of professional sports. Oh so basically, if you don't like something that's happening we will boycott you? Is that what it's come down to in America now? I LOVE THE MLB!!! 💗💗💘 For the first time, i will not watch the all star game... Bye MLB, count me has to be certified

Dodger Stadium should get to host it. TheMasters... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 MLB calling for an ID to be shown in order to vote as. “Restriction to the ballot box”. Hillarious coming from an organization that rigs its own hall ballets 🤣 MLB estimates the 2021 All-Star Game will generate anywhere from $37 million to $190 million in economic impact. The 2019 All-Star Game in Cleveland brought roughly $65 million to the region's economy. Good job good old georgia boys.

We don’t need you anyhow. Move on. This is a start GA legislators are hoping the white people in GA will agree with them to take the voting rights of African Americans. I hope they are wrong and they get devastated at the ballot box. Purge the GOP!! Sad. 😢 Rip mlb, just lost half the nations support by getting political. Sports need to stay out or lose money, their choice

Tell me more how racist it is to request ID as I just showed mine for my COVID vaccine and think vaccine passports will be great. Stop letting the far right or far left control this country when 80% of people support voter ID laws AND vaccine passports. Good move by MLB. Those complaining should have thought about that when they allowed GovKemp to order voter suppression law. We're not done yet. Coke, Delta and others will be boycotted. BoycottCocaCola BoycottDelta KempIsACriminal

Fuck mlb Come to Milwaukee. Done with the MLB! Come to San Francisco 🥖 Manfred needs to go! He’s the worst thing to ever happen to MLB! I don’t even think he likes baseball! MLB this is so stupid. WoW! You at as a petulant child. I'm ashamed of you. Thank You MLB ! From a life long Cubs fan Goodbye MLB Just like I did with the NBA I hope their TV ratings fall through the floor

This is GREAT NEWS.Thank you MLB! I hope baseball rating suck This is fucking brilliant! Way to go MLB !!!! I guess we won't need an ID to pick up our tickets at will call anymore at stadiums? BLANK THE MLB!! They need to play baseball and shut up. Letting the YANKEES load up on talent year after year after year is corrupt... WHY NOT WORK ON THAT MLB?

Great. Another tool to bring awareness to the tactics of the Georgia gop. Voter suppression at it’s lowest. Guess they gotta try something to win. Here’s some news. It’s not gonna work. It will make patriots even more resolute! Hello woke mlb. You are sick to the core. Yes yes yes! Kudos👏👏👏👏 Baseball politics.

Need an ID to buy alcohol or cigarettes, but don't want to require one to vote. Makes sense. Prove them wrong GovKemp by show how the voters restriction law you signed doesn't depress voting. You can't, so you resort to name calling and blaming Democrats. Here comes the complainers of cancel culture threatening to cancel something. Self-awareness is not their strong point. Your politics don’t exempt you from consequences, best to get use to that.

Hey! MBL ask the NFL about ratings when you go against the American people. If MLB wants to get into politics let’s discuss local TV blackouts and the minor league pay structure Why is it racist to ask for ID? Leave politics out of it. WOW. That's a big deal for Atlanta. Wow, wow, wow! Money talks. While I’m watching mlb now 🤬😎tanks for standing up

MLB is a demonic organization. They support cheaters that play baseball and they support voters that cheat. Voter ID is necessary to make the system legitimate. Depriving Atlanta and Georgia's economy of $$ because of pettiness. Guess MLB doesn't want voters to prove they are who they say they are. Eff them.

What a crock. The bill expanded voting rights. Thank You! That’s pretty awesome MLB! 👏👏👏 adallos I wonder when the GOP will realize (if ever) that the cost to follow the former guy is more than they want to pay? They country has had enough of their cheating, money grubbing, anti-Democratic tactics. Call it 'Cancel Culture' if you want but this is your notice; Your done!

They likely used it as an excuse to get the hell out of that nightmare city StopVoterSuppression that’s huge! GOP ruins everything. they prolly just didn't want to play in that ugly ass stadium that racism and White Flight built That's BULLSHIT, and everyone knows that. Way to go Manfred. What a whistle dick.

I hate this for Georgia vendors and business. I love this for Georgia VOTERS We almost lost our votes in 2020 presidential election and this new bill will give GA GOP Legislation power to nullify our votes in future elections. This can not be allowed! 💪🏼 MLB 👏🏼 Restriction= Showing your ID 🤦🏼‍♂️

🥶😱🤬terrible move. The game of politics, has really begun. Day after day, the White House, has shown, how unamerican, the gang is. The players are slowly showing their face.. the deep swamp will not survive. What’s wrong with the law? Wow! Yea! Boycott everything Georgia till they make voting fair for all.

Racism cost money ;) I love baseball but I don’t support the mlb. In fact I don’t k is anyone that still watches. So who really cares? Yet no one can define these restrictions. What if they held it in Atlanta, but told them they couldn’t serve food or water. Boycott the trash mlb there raitings are already down. Terrible

Just read this, awesome job MLB in standing up for what is right. GOODJOBMLB looks like the Diamondbacks stadium on any given game day in September of any given year Morning_Joe Thanks MLB for protecting our voting rights. Baseball truly is AMERICA’S GAME!🇺🇸 WRALLena Nice move! But, where will the ALL STAR game(s) be played, now? Or, does this mean it's just been postponed?

Nobody watched anyway. Didn’t even know it was in Atlanta. With so many states passing similar laws to Georgia’s racist voter suppression what ball park is ok? Several in California. Um. So does everyone. Didn't they hear what happened there? They are really wanting to kiss liberal political ass considering how quickly they jumped on this.

I guess ignorance is bliss. Has anyone actually read it? I'm waiting. Good! Voter suppression is fascism. kellydudzikWGRZ Keep being stupid Georgia! Morning_Joe What would really hurt is if we got the NCAA to somehow prevent College Football from being sanctioned. The hicks in Georgia don't care about baseball.

I hope this is just the first of many organizations and entities to move events and money-making ventures out of Georgia as long as these voter suppression laws are on the books. Where are restrictions!! NBC needs to do their job for once and lay out new rules beside old rules and you will see most things have been changed and extended for the better stop believing Biden he is a lier!!!

Just ask for citizens for a soon to be vaccinated ID. MsCappy1015 Move into Virginia or NJ, both just expanded voting rights/made it easier for people to vote. Morning_Joe 👍👏👏👏 Morning_Joe Looking for wording that excludes anyone from voting in the bill. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 another sport going woke to end up broke

How long until Q/Fox News points out that MLB is just BLM backwards ?!?!🇺🇸🇺🇸🤔🤔🤔 Move it back to Cleveland! Cleveland held one of the best All Star Weeks & really made it a great experience for those attending the game & those not. All of which can be done with masks & spacing. The Convention Center is enormous & there are several outdoor green areas.

GovKemp can't win for losing. Trump hates him, 3 federal lawsuits, and MLB calls him out on strikes. When they canceled Dr Seuss everyone stopped reading. ADIOS BASEBALL. ENJOY YOUR WORST YEAR . What a horrible decision by the MLB. Haven’t they learned from NBA that politics should not be mixed with sports. I will not watch a game

Morning_Joe Morning_Joe Rumours have it going to Toronto, 🇨🇦 It is absolutely ridiculous to politicize sports. Shame on JoeBiden and KamalaHarris to do this. 29 months to D-Day. you can thank Brian Kemp for that one Great. Hopefully first of many corporations to push back against voter suppression Too bad MLB doesnt fundamentally support reading the bill.

Awesome. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I’ll bet those Altlanta business owners are happy they voted for republicans now. Morning_Joe Good - finally someone putting their money where their mouth is. All of sudden I'm a HUGE MLB fan now! Thank you 😊 Suck it Georgia. It’s y’alls fault we’re in this mess anyway.