Free to speak is his mind, Boehner says some GOP reps were 'morons'

.@MaddowBlog: Free to speak is his mind, Boehner says some GOP reps were 'morons'

4/2/2021 10:17:00 PM

.MaddowBlog: Free to speak is his mind, Boehner says some GOP reps were 'morons'

Boehner had a front-row seat to a political avalanche that never really stopped. His problems before are our problems now.

David Paul Morris / Bloomberg via Getty Images fileApril 2, 2021, 5:01 PM UTCBySteve BenenDuring his tenure as Speaker of the House, John Boehner would occasionally express some frustrations with his own GOP conference. A year before his 2015 retirement, for example, the Ohioan lamented the number of Republican"

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" he had to deal with.Five months earlier, Boehnerpublicly mockedhis own members over their reluctance to work on immigration reform."Here's the attitude: 'Oh, don't make me do this. Oh, this is too hard,'" Boehner said, in a tone deriding House Republicans as if they were sniveling children. He added,"We get elected to make choices. We get elected to solve problems, and it's remarkable to me how many of my colleagues just don't want to."

Six years removed from his lengthy tenure on Capitol Hill, Boehner has written a book on his experiences, andPoliticoan essaytoday adapted from the text. The first paragraph helped capture the former Speaker's current feelings:In the 2010 midterm election, voters from all over the place gave President Obama what he himself called "a shellacking." And oh boy, was it ever. You could be a total moron and get elected just by having an R next to your name -- and that year, by the way, we did pick up a fair number in that category.

Remember, in case this isn't already obvious, this is the former Republican Speaker referring to some of his own Republican members.In the second paragraph, Boehner described the challenge of trying to lead a massive group of first-year GOP representatives:

Since I was presiding over a large group of people who'd never sat in Congress, I felt I owed them a little tutorial on governing. I had to explain how to actually get things done. A lot of that went straight through the ears of most of them, especially the ones who didn't have brains that got in the way.

Oh. Evidently, we've come a long way since the days in which"knuckleheads" was Boehner's preferred complaint about GOP lawmakers.Thankfully, the Ohio Republican was just getting started. Boehner's essay proceeded to call out GOP members of Congress who"didn't really want legislative victories," conservative"propaganda" outlets that churned out"crazy nonsense," and Fox News for making governing impossible -- and creating"a living hell" for him.

In the same vein, Boehner described an amazing story in which Michele Bachmann -- whom he described as a"lunatic" -- threatened to leverage her position as a prominent figure in conservative media unless the then-Speaker gave her a committee assignment she liked.

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As for Barack Obama, with whom Boehner clashed frequently, the Republican added,"He still wasn't making Republican outreach a priority. But on the other hand -- how do you find common cause with people who think you are a secret Kenyan Muslim traitor to America?"

That's a good question.Why would the former Speaker's perspective matter six years later? Part of Boehner's essay resonated because of the degree to which it debunks the idea that the Obama era would've been more productive if only the then-president had schmoozed, golfed, and rubbed elbows with Republicans who hated him.

This was an unnervingly popular theory with pundits for the better part of his tenure, and Boehner's perspective helps prove that it was wrong."Incrementalism? Compromise? That wasn't their thing," the former Speakerwrotein reference to many of his own members."A lot of them wanted to blow up Washington. That's why they thought they were elected. Some of them, well, you could tell they weren't paying attention because they were just thinking of how to fundraise off of outrage or how they could get on Hannity that night. Ronald Reagan used to say something to the effect that if I get 80 or 90 percent of what I want, that's a win. These guys wanted 100 percent every time.... They wanted wedge issues and conspiracies and crusades."

This was not a problem a cocktail party in the East Wing of the White House was going to help fix.But I also read this with interest because Boehner had a front-row seat to a political avalanche that never really stopped. The Ohioan wanted to legislate, and had ambitions of being a consequential House Speaker, but just as he rose to a position of real influence, he quickly discovered that he was leading a radicalized caucus, indifferent to governing, which had become preoccupied with the whims of propaganda outlets that had helped poison his party.

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MaddowBlog We know. We see the morons day in and day out MaddowBlog Hey Boner, takes one to know one! MaddowBlog You were one of them too. MaddowBlog Border crossings last month were the highest they’ve been in a decade & a half & Biden has been denying media access to migrant facilities. If Trump was still president this would be the biggest news in the world but we don’t have news, we have propaganda

MaddowBlog All MaddowBlog I agree! MaddowBlog As Speaker a horrible mean miserable creature only Paul Ryan could make Boehner look good. MaddowBlog The former Speaker is correct. But the question should be, 'how do we get rid of these elected officials that don't really give a damn about their constituents, or the American people?' And Fox News has destroyed the fabric of America, to a race 2 the bottom

MaddowBlog “Some?” Hmmm MaddowBlog Were? MaddowBlog 'were'? MaddowBlog He didn't have a passive 'front row seat'- he helped put bombs in place like helping elect people that hated government as opposed to folks that wanted to use govt to help people, then acts surprised that the new folks preferred hostile confrontation over compromise/resolution.🙄

MaddowBlog Aaaah!! Democracy as it’s BEST!! People can speak!! Better late than never!! MaddowBlog Our problems are MUCH worse than that. We have the illusion of a two party system where none of them care about US citizens who aren't named Raytheon, Goldman Sachs or Pfizer. And we have no more objective journalism. The media (yes you) don't hold them accountable. We're F'ed!

MaddowBlog Former Speaker Of The House I Agree With You 100 per cent, Sir. !! 🇺🇸💭ℹ️🙏🏻🇺🇸😧🤔 MaddowBlog He used the Tea Party to his advantage when he should’ve shut them down. MaddowBlog So they went from being assholes to morons to traitors in 11 years. MaddowBlog “were” MaddowBlog The GOP is the party of stopped clocks.

MaddowBlog He booked every tanning salon in the continental US? MaddowBlog Neh....stopped smoking decades ago MaddowBlog There was way too much tolerance and goodwill towards far right nutsies for too many years. We thought they were a joke and didn't oppose them forcefully enough MaddowBlog Isn't he the moron who couldn't stop crying?

MaddowBlog Where can you go for fun in your city? MaddowBlog This is the guy who stopped Obama's infrastructure proposal over 10 years ago. Imagine the possible economy now. MaddowBlog Remember who these Republicans were when you first met them. 🤡🤡👀😎 MaddowBlog If only he had been in a leadership position where he could’ve done something. It’s a shame he was absolutely powerless in the House. /s

MaddowBlog ted cruz & hawley are everyones problem the gop party is a drastic problem/.thats why voters must vote their sorry asses out of all legislation in 2022/.turn every state blue in 2022/.protect our democracy/. MaddowBlog Dr. Frankenstein be like.... MaddowBlog Oh, now he’s saying something! He knew when it was happening and didn’t care enough about the country to say and do something then. He only cared about keeping his power. I don’t want to hear from him now.

MaddowBlog Ousted by his own party because he’s sucked so bad. 🤣 MaddowBlog You'd have to be real simple to believe this is motivated by anything except self-preservation. Did you notice how quickly he abandoned his lifelong belief of 'marijuana bad' when he saw all the sweet, sweet green that could be made in that industry? He exists to serve himself.

MaddowBlog It’s a very shitty headline...but the story is good MaddowBlog It is PressSec running OR FRAMING the BorderCrisis she can't even run...... ..... A VOICE NARRATIVE but yet MLB REQUIRES ID to pick up will call tickets is A PLOY RCamposDuffy we ALL NEED TO STICK TO OUR PRINCIPAL'S - willcain it is a BOYCOTT CNN WhiteHouse WSJ FoxNews

MaddowBlog horrible MaddowBlog Yes. Not ‘ deplorable’. They are morons. MaddowBlog Were? MaddowBlog White supremacist boehner. This is fucking whitewashing MaddowBlog Boehner could've stopped the madness, but did nothing. MaddowBlog Some? MaddowBlog I cant believe this f*ck face was once 2nd in line for the presidency

MaddowBlog ALL GOP reps were morons. None of them are sane. MaddowBlog It’s okay John, have another scotch. MaddowBlog Doesnt mean much coming from him! 😡 MaddowBlog We remember this guy. We thought he was the worst. Then along comes a new guy, and he's worse than the old guy. Makes the old guy looks good by comparison. Now what happens when the current new guy becomes the old guy and a new guy comes along who is worse than any of them?

MaddowBlog If I had sown the seeds of this bitter harvest I would want to distance myself too, but it’s not gonna work. The GOP laid the groundwork for this disaster and every single one will be held accountable sooner or later MaddowBlog I got tired of going home smelling like shit so I left. MaddowBlog He was part of the problem while in office. To late now.

MaddowBlog Boehner's problems were all of his own making. MaddowBlog I don’t need boehner to tell me republicans are morons. They practically tattoo it on their foreheads. MaddowBlog They weren't morons they were secretly hoping that Trump would overthrow the government because everything they did emboldened him. It might appear that they were morons but they weren't.

MaddowBlog I’m fresh out of praise for once powerful men who had the power to change the course of history but instead chose to walk away! Cowardice MaddowBlog “Were Morons” Are still morons MaddowBlog And now they are morons AND seditionists with a little bit of pedo sprinkled throughout! Remember Ray Moore? And current group: laurenboebert mtgreenee RepMattGaetz Jim_Jordan SenTedCruz HawleyMO

MaddowBlog He was a terrible Speaker. I watched his interview with David Feherty and thought he was actually likeable. Why can’t politicians be more honest while in office MaddowBlog Boner happily led the charge against Obama. He’s just trying to change the narrative. MaddowBlog MaddowBlog He was part of the problem. He had spoken sooner.

MaddowBlog He has a role in the GOP’s demise. “Hell no you can’t!” I’m not interested in what he has to say now that he spends his days sitting on his porch, drinking alone. He has a lot to drink over. MaddowBlog Boehner is sending a warning to his former party that they’d be wise to heed, but most likely will not. I’m not saying republicans will lose. That’s not the worst. The worst would be them staying on this path and winning. The GOP has become the party of arrogant bullies.

MaddowBlog SpeakerBoehner Boehner was a moron too who went along with Moscow Mitch to not-cooperate with white house to solve any systemic issues or help economic recovery with bigger stimulus or have a comprehensive solution to healthcare...non-participant who made a living on our dime MaddowBlog Republican Party has always been a mess. They overspend on the military + special interests of the corporate world, which sends our budget way out of balance. Then 2 terms of a Democrat has to bring the budget back to normal. They strongarm + blackmail + bribe to get their way.

MaddowBlog Yep. He sure did. He paved the way for all of the psychos we have now. But go ahead and praise him cause he has a sound bite MaddowBlog Why do these MSNBC hosts continue to refer to TFG as President? Joseph R Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on January 20th 2021! Get used to it!

MaddowBlog So is he suppoed to be woke now. NO he was the problem back then. It's a book tease he is not woke its just $$$$$$. MaddowBlog His name is Boner MaddowBlog Boehner often helped empower the morons. MaddowBlog 95% only bad news( MaddowBlog Boehmer was a Obama ASS kisser! He was an effing sell out!

MaddowBlog Beware of the new brand of Republicans. 'Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.' Voltaire Assault on our nation's Capitol was Republicans. Irrefutable. Driven by Republicans on the hill. Carried out by misguided Republicans. MaddowBlog Morons? Ya think?

MaddowBlog Yes because conservative republican bad we gets it sheesh 🙄 ... MaddowBlog Don't buy his book. How dare these enablers make money off what they have caused MaddowBlog This is about as useful (in 2021) as an umbrella in a hurricane. MaddowBlog Both him and James Comey share much of the blame for the current state of our Union.

MaddowBlog These are the same people. They don’t want to compromise, just find an outrage to get money or press. Get rid of the filibuster! MaddowBlog He turned to cannabis and the truth just pours out. MaddowBlog The guy who was in charge of the barn door at the time. MaddowBlog He should know, he paved the way for all of these psychos

MaddowBlog He just wants to sell his book! He's a con artist- please don't fall for his spin... MaddowBlog Really? MaddowBlog Beware of the new brand of Republicans. 'Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.' Voltaire Assault on our nation's Capitol was Republicans. Irrefutable. Driven by Republicans on the hill. Carried out by misguided Republicans.

MaddowBlog Does Boehner have any ideas on how to fix this mess? This environment of hate? MaddowBlog “Free to think his mind” wasn’t or aren’t they all allowed do that but simply choose not to? 🤷🏻‍♀️ MaddowBlog Many still are ‘morons’! MaddowBlog The problems he enabled. People like him could have done so much more before the Tea Party got up & running. They didn't. They wanted to keep minority rule & power. So now we have this. Let's not bring him back & give him the limelight right now. He's no saint.

MaddowBlog Grandfather of the RINOs. Mentor to Mitt. Father to Flake. MaddowBlog Yes. Anyone with a functioning brain could see this coming a mile away. It has been decades in the making, it did not happen overnight. People on both sides have made it their mission to 'up end' Washington at all cost.

MaddowBlog MSNBC, john boner has NO business talking about political problems that he helped along for money, power,party. Never for the working class people. He is a huge reason why no healthcare for all. MaddowBlog Sorry but being a total dick while you were in office, obstructing a President just because...., doesn't make a drunken memoir good, even though your very explicit hate of Ted Cruz is hilarious and welcome.

MaddowBlog Thanks for nothing when you were up there. MaddowBlog Point to the Republican; Who are trying to flip the immigration situation on the biden administration; For the Record, It wasn't biden who started this, It was a man called; ' Jeff Session!' who started ripping kids from there mother's and father's and putting them in cages!Hello

MaddowBlog Coming from this loser, that's not saying much! MaddowBlog It7 Sq aa MaddowBlog He and Trump are members of the Just For Jerks Orange Skin Dye Club... MaddowBlog his complaint seemed to be about how the incoming freshmen didn't understand the value of incrementalism. But that just seems like an admission that he shared their eventual goal of a complete hellscape of far right misinformation - he simply wanted to approach that goal slower.

MaddowBlog Doesn’t hold back 😂 MaddowBlog “Were” what the... f... they still are. MaddowBlog Boehner is a weepy-eyed drunk who lobbies for pot legalization. Ignore. MaddowBlog MSDNC is SILENT, covering this sad story about the black militant that killed an officer near the Capitol. People that work at MSDNC are sad and pathetic hypocrites!

MaddowBlog He's in serious denial here...As a friend of mine used to say 'Denial is not just a river in Egypt brother!' 😄 MaddowBlog I am recently in your country, looking for new friends MaddowBlog TedCruzGoFuckYourself MaddowBlog HE WOULD CRY AT THE DROP OF A HAT. NOW MOST OF THE GOP ARE MORONS. JUST SAYING.

MaddowBlog Thank you ‘Captain OBVIOUS!’ MaddowBlog were? has he been paying attention to today's gop fools MaddowBlog Wonder if he is thinking about coming back to right the ship? MaddowBlog The bar for GOP is set too low. We already know some GOP are morons, we need only to view their posts. MaddowBlog He’s still hitting the ‘TANNING BEDS!!’ Dude.....that’s just pathetic....🤬

MaddowBlog Boehner was never worth his salt. Still Isn't. Just because he claims to have found a sliver of conscience AFTER supporting Bush AND sabotaging Obama while in cahoots with Moscowmitch doesn't make it so. I'll accept his apology and a tobacco lobby check from the House floor MaddowBlog Cry me a river. He always had the option to work with democrats that he agreed with. He chose not to.

MaddowBlog Where was your voice when it REALLY mattered? MaddowBlog I think he meant to say most, not some MaddowBlog Well......... we already knew that. We can all name them MaddowBlog This guy lmao