Missing Auburn student's car, human remains found in creek after 45 years

A missing college student's car and suspected human remains were found in an Alabama creek after more than 45 years

Missing Auburn Student's Car, Human Remains Found - Cnn

12/9/2021 12:49:00 AM

A missing college student's car and suspected human remains were found in an Alabama creek after more than 45 years

Authorities in Georgia say they finally know what happened to an Auburn University student missing for more than 45 years after his car was found on Tuesday in an Alabama creek - along with human remains and his wallet.

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Wft, what were the pd, fbi doing since then? thevanishedpod 👀 Murder a Hero of the Civil Rights Movement. Now his remains are found 45 years later. I hope he gets the Recognition and Respect he deserves. R.I.H.. The can Kill the Dreamer. But you cannot kill the Dream. Dream Keepers are everywhere. And the Dream Lives!

nessiejudge An only child, how sad. At least they’re together now.

Earthquake, Magnitude 1.9 - SLOVENIA - 2021 December 07, 02:45:16 UTCMagnitude: ML 1.9, Region: SLOVENIA, Date time: 2021-12-07 02:45:16.9 UTC, Location: 45.49 N ; 14.39 E, Depth: 10 km. This is the 2nd minor earthquake felt in Slovenia in the last 50 minutes and less than 10 km away

Earthquake, Magnitude 4.3 - KANSAS - 2021 December 08, 13:45:28 UTCMagnitude: Mw 4.3, Region: KANSAS, Date time: 2021-12-08 13:45:28.5 UTC, Location: 38.66 N ; 97.45 W, Depth: 3 km. I’ve been there. The epicenter was near strong city. Seems no one around has the app... Or no one felt it.

University of New Hampshire student reported missing after night out drinking is found deadA University of New Hampshire student who was reported missing Saturday after a night out drinking with friends was found dead, authorities said.

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