Human remains found at Costco site in California, police investigating

Police do not believe the remains are historical and are treating the site as a crime scene.

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12/8/2021 5:11:00 PM

Police do not believe the remains are historical and are treating the site as a crime scene.

Police do not believe the remains are historical and are treating the site as a crime scene.

store is to be built, sparking a police investigation.Human remains were discovered at a site in Redding on December 3. They were found by Native American archeological monitors at around 5.30 p.m.The monitors were searching the site to ensure the land was free of any tribal artifacts before significant building of the Costco site commenced.

'Gotta Love Costco': Woman Claims She Earns $29.50 to Draw Smiley FacesRead more'Gotta Love Costco': Woman Claims She Earns $29.50 to Draw Smiley FacesOn Monday the police also confirmed that the human remains do not appear to be historical, meaning they do not believe the remains are more than 100 years old.

Officials from Chico State Anthropology Department have been invited to help with the investigation and police are currently working with the Shasta County Coroner's Office to identify the remains.Sgt. Jon Sheldon of Reddingexplained the scene was being treated like a crime scene as they attempt to uncover more information.

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He told theRedding Record Searchlight:"Out of an abundance of caution, police personal cordoned off the area and are restricting public access similar to a crime scene."It was obvious human skeletal remains. We don't know the story and are taking extra precautions to keep the public out."

Public Works Director Chuck Aukland said the plan is to still move forward with the project.The project has been facing other issues recently.They are now only focussing on two of the challenges. One challenge was from the California Environmental Quality Act and the other was an initiative presented to the City Council for adoption.

Redding City Attorney, Barry DeWalt said:"If a city council acts on an initiative, it simply has no time to comply with the California Environmental Quality Act."It was never intended for the California Environmental Quality Act to be a roadblock to direct democracy through the process of initiative.

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"So the courts say, 'if the project is adopted by initiative, the California Environmental Quality Ac will simply not apply' and that is where we are at."He added that he plans to go to a meeting in court on December 20 to address these issues and challenges of litigation.

Newsweekhas contacted the Redding Police for comment.There are no additional details yet available about the decedent, police say. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Redding Police Department Detective Division at (530) 225-4200.

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