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Oh my gosh, it's-a Mario! Thanks to:

10/1/2020 4:45:00 PM

Oh my gosh, it's-a Mario! Thanks to:

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Hear the spooky sound of a lightning storm on Jupiter - CNN Video

From sun vibrations, to Saturn's sound waves, NASA has put together a playlist of some of the spookiest sounds space makes. Take a listen.

Nice work 👏👌👍...how long did this take? Nice work 👍👍...how long did it take you? Achei seu serviço de pandemia, beatrizktn IUAHIAHIAHUA mjh_84 mquack29 GaddisMedia

Mike Santoli's market notes: Key S&P level, concern not panic, tension release coming?New for subscribers: Mike Santoli's market notes: Key S&P level, concern not panic, tension release coming? Check out CNBCPro today.

Mike Pompeo Denied Audience With Pope FrancisThe Holy See said Pope Francis does not meet with political figures in election periods. Good. Pompeo shoulda known that in Rome, only the Pope can issue bulls. Is that a real person in the lower left of the picture? Looks like a mannequin with drawn on hair.

Your Guide to the VP Debate Between Kamala Harris and Mike PenceAfter tonight's debate, you're going to want to tune in. I’m sure this debate will be way more civil! God Marieclaire , you’re becoming political too. Go back to women’s need

Trump Stokes Crime Fears By Having Mike Pompeo Disguise As Cat Burglar, Rob Him On Debate StageCLEVELAND—Letting out a forced gasp at the phony mugging, President Donald Trump stoked fears surrounding crime Tuesday by having Secretary of State Mike Pompeo disguise himself as a cat burglar and rob him on the debate stage. “Oh no, look, it’s a violent Antifa thug sent here by Joe Biden to rob me!” said Trump, exclaiming that these types of thefts would happen more and more if liberals raise taxes while a black-clad Pompeo stuffed the president’s wallet into a sack emblazoned with a dollar sign. “Yikes! I want to call the cops on this very, very bad guy, but there aren’t any police around because Black Lives Matter got rid of them! I should never have come to this Democrat-run city!” At press time, William Barr came out disguised as a doctor to treat Trump’s injuries and then charged him $50,000, explaining that the high price tag was due to the exorbitant insurance premiums caused by the ACA. jwilson4real MiskyBusiness TeejayIRL Lmao Chris Wallace is apparently now DR. Evil

CLANADRISA (@clanadrisa) • Instagram photos and videos2,079 Followers, 1 Following, 229 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from CLANADRISA (clanadrisa) OMG! TeoFelipe3 Very soothing to watch😌

Lempi (@viral.bulldog) • Instagram photos and videos2,084 Followers, 17 Following, 47 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Lempi (viral.bulldog) I have a bulldog, same exact issue!! 😭😭 fioriparty la Kibita 😆 Just_Jenn3 remind you of anyone?