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Macomb County, Michigan

Michigan county GOP calls Biden election win 'culmination of 4-year coup' against Trump

The Macomb County Republicans described Trump as 'our legally elected President.'

10/25/2021 12:05:00 AM

The Macomb County Republicans described Trump as 'our legally elected President.'

The Macomb County Republicans described Trump as 'our legally elected President.'

's victory as the"culmination of a four-year coup."Trump and many of his GOP supporters continue to baselessly claim that Biden won the presidential election last November due to widespread voter fraud. Despite filing dozens of unsuccessful election lawsuits, Trump and his allies have not provided evidence substantiating the extraordinary allegation.

The Macomb County GOP made its assessment of the 2020 election as it endorsed two Trump-backed Michigan candidates. Via itsFacebookpage Saturday, the county Republican Party threw its weight behind Matthew DePerno to be Michigan's next attorney general and Kristina Karamo to be secretary of state.

In the endorsement, the Macomb Republicans falsely claimed that Trump"won the November 2020 general election by a wide margin." They argued that"the American people watched on election night and witnessed the culmination of a four-year coup" against Trump.

Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know."We are endorsing the candidates that our legally elected President endorsed," the county GOP asserted.Althoughby north of 150,000 votes, Trump carried Macomb County. The former president garnered the support of 53.4 percent of the county's voters compared to 45.3 percent that cast ballots for Biden.

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