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Michelle Obama Celebrates Class of 2020 in Virtual Prom: 'So Proud of What I've Seen from You All'

Michelle Obama Celebrates Class of 2020 in Virtual Prom: 'So Proud of What I've Seen from You All'

5/23/2020 6:50:00 PM

Michelle Obama Celebrates Class of 2020 in Virtual Prom: 'So Proud of What I've Seen from You All'

Michelle Obama joined the celebration to commemorate the class of 2020 and to remind them to register to vote

The event was put on by MTV andWhen We All Vote, a nonprofit co-chaired by Mrs. Obama aimed to raise voter participation, and featured special appearances and performances to give graduates a prom night they would always remember."Hey Class of 2020! Look, I know that none of you planned on missing out on so many senior year milestones, things like sports tournaments, or prom nights, but I am so proud of what I've seen from you all," the mother of two began her speech.

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"You're persevering through everything you're facing and look, there is no playbook for any of this, and yet you've shown creativity and resilience far beyond your years," Mrs. Obama continued."That’s why all of us at When We All Vote and MTV, wanted to celebrate you," she smiled, urging the graduating class to "breathe deep, dance your heart out and enjoy this Prom-athon."

The Becoming author went on to encourage viewers to register to vote and to reach out to others who might still need to register themselves. "You've earned it and, as always, if you know anyone who is not registered to vote, just tell them to text PROM to 56005. It might be the most important thing you do right now," she said.

"You’ve accomplished so much this year in the face of so much and I know it’s just the beginning," Mrs. Obama added. "So have a great time tonight everybody, love you all."Her message comes nearly a week after her husband Barack Obama

on how the future generation can rise above the world's current challenges.While giving a remote commencement speech duringGraduate Together: America Honors the High School Class of 2020special last weekend, Obama, 58, acknowledged that this wasn't the senior year many had "looked forward to" for years.

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finding that first job is going to be tougher."Although these challenging circumstances mean that graduates will “have to grow up faster than some generations,” with that responsibility will come the chance to start creating meaningful change, the former president said.

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I can't wait to vote for her in 2028.

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Michelle Obama Lifts Students' Spirits in 'MTV Prom-athon' SpeechThe former first lady participated in 'MTV Prom-athon,' a nationwide virtual prom experience for the entire class of 2020. Forever the First Lady 😎 Speak for yourself ... Everyone? She’s a nasty bully

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