Megyn Kelly, Bbc Newsnight, Objectivity

Megyn Kelly, Bbc Newsnight

Megyn Kelly Blames Capitol Riot Partly on US Media That ‘Checked Their Objectivity’ Covering Trump

Ex-Fox News host Megyn Kelly blames Capitol riot partly on US media that ‘checked their objectivity’ covering Trump

1/24/2021 4:46:00 PM

Ex-Fox News host Megyn Kelly blames Capitol riot partly on US media that ‘checked their objectivity’ covering Trump

Megyn Kelly believes that media outlets were partially to blame for the riot at the Capitol earlier this month because they “checked their objectivity” when covering Donald Trump. “They hated him so much, they checked their objectivity, and it wasn’t just CNN. All of them did. They just couldn’t check their own personal feelings about him,” Kelly said in a recent interview with BBC Newsnight. The former Fox News host then said “too many” journalists followed the “Jorge Ramos theory of covering Trump” by describing Trump and his behavior as racist, sexist and misogynistic. “He advocated, prior to Trump’s election, that we needed to cover him differently, that you needed to outwardly call him a racist, sexist, misogynist, all of it, and that that was important for history. And I think too many journalists agreed with that at their own peril,” Kelly said. “Part of the reason that we saw what happened on the Capitol here, two weeks ago, was because there’s been a complete lack of trust, destruction of trust in the media and people don’t know where to turn for true information. They don’t trust the media anymore, and it’s a major problem.” Also Read: Bill Maher: If You Can't Call Trump a Fascist, 'I Don't Know What Fascism Is' (Video) Her comments drew the ire of some viewers on social media. “ Megyn Kelly reminding you that when the President lies 100s of times and encourages rejection of certified democracy that it’s logical to blame the media for their bias against liars,” John Fugelsang, the host of SiriusXM’s “Tell Me Everything,” tweeted. “ Megyn Kelly lost her Fox News TV show and was forced to hire a security detail to protect her children after she asked Donald Trump one tough question at a presidential debate. She better than anybody should know that objective coverage of Trump would of course be very negative,” writer David Frum said in response to Kelly’s comments. Watch the clip below or by clicking here. 'They hated him so much, they checked their objectivity

Yahoo Life"God has brought me a long way," wrote the pop star in a throw-back post.16h agoWalter Bernstein, Blacklisted Screenwriter of ‘The Front,’ Dies at 101Walter Bernstein, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter of “The Front” who had spent years on the blacklist in Hollywood, has died. He was 101. Bernstein died on Friday night, according to former WGA West President Howard Rodman. In the 1950s, Bernstein was blacklisted from Hollywood after he was suspected to be a communist working in the entertainment industry. “There was a little booklet called ‘Red Channels,’ which was a collection of about 150 names of people in the entertainment business, with a listing of their so-called ‘communist’ or ‘communist front’ associations, and if you were named you were automatically blacklisted,” Bernstein told the San Francisco Chronicle in 2005. “There were about eight designations for me — all true, all things I’d done. I’d written for communist magazines, I’d supported Russian war relief, I’d supported the loyalists in Spain.” Also Read: Larry King, Legendary TV Host, Dies at 87 As a result, Bernstein said he needed to rely on multiple “fronts” to get work in Hollywood — an experience that would later inspire Bernstein to write “The Front,” which starred Woody Allen as the friend of a blacklisted TV screenwriter who becomes a “front” for the screenwriter, signing his name onto scripts in exchange for money. Still, Bernstein would spend nearly a decade on the blacklist before he wrote “The Front.” His comeback, so to speak, wouldn’t happen until 1959, when he was credited as a screenwriter on “That Kind of Woman,” a film starring Sophia Loren and directed by Sidney Lumet. Bernstein would then go on to write — and be credited for writing — films like “Paris Blues,” “Fail-Safe” and “The Molly Maguires.” In his tribute to Bernstein, Rodman described the screenwriter as a “fighter for social justice.” “Without exaggeration: we shall not know his like again,” Rodman wrote. “Walter, at his core, was a fighter for social justice. From the time he was young, until his very last weeks. May his life be an example for all of us.” Bernstein is survived by his wife Gloria and his four children. Read original story Walter Bernstein, Blacklisted Screenwriter of ‘The Front,’ Dies at 101 At TheWrap

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Says the least objective. Megan needs to.... Brava! She is absolutely right and the same apply for European media. “They hated him so much, they checked their objectivity, and it wasn’t just CNN.” The leftist media are the main fabricator of biased or fake news. Remember NYT apologies in 2016? Girl, shut up, go away.

Sống nội tâm, lạc quan, thích chơi game, đọc sách truyện. Ms.Kelly has had a stint of 8 years at the Fox News where she mastered her fake news and conspiracy theories to indulge the right wing viewership. She also made the Obamas her daily target of unfounded attacks before Trump. Shameful journalism.

Bye blackface. STFO I like her more on her movie bombshell She’s right. The media refuses to see their culpability in any of the discord that exists when they are the main reason it there. A: What happened to personal accountability? B: what happened to F your feelings? and C: What happened to “Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord?”

Is Megyn Kelly still relevent? Does she not understand how close we were to the collapse of our government? If Trump's 35,000+ lies don't show his inept and corrupt leadership, nothing will. megynkelly oh the irony 🙄 Funny, because we have Trump on video telling the mob to go fight at the Capitol, and a few hours later saying how much he loves the rioters.... Not to mention the rioters saying they were there because Trump told them to...

Because media had a camera on Trump during his speech to move on the capital and its the media’s fault?Wow. Sure, it's the media's fault, not people like Trump, Cruz & Hawley who fomented an insurrection. Or Fox News who started with birtherism how many years ago that led to the election hoax and an invasion of the Capitol. Apologize, Megyn.

Trump’s not a bystander or a victim. He was the one who stood to benefit the most. The one who orchestrated the whole thing. The leader of free world. The most powerful man on the planet. And he used his power to attack the Capitol and the core of our country. Convict the traitor megynkelly is still auditioning for trump.

The US media spent 2016 promoting Trump. Some actually groomed him Morning_Joe MSNBC So Meghan still looking for a job at Newsmax and Oann. Maybe another career path would be best. She had blood coming out of her whatever... Irrelevant birther says what? FoxNews is to be blamed didn’t she work for nbc for a hot minute and they smartly got rid of her

She's not a serious journalist or remotely relevant. Her claim to fame is insisting that Santa Claus is white. megynkelly is an idiot. 👎🏻 'Unemployed political analyst fails to accurately attribute Trump, Republicans for solely inciting insurrection' FYH True, if you gush hate for 4 straight years against a group of people, at some point they will respond

I agree with Megyn. The media is so shitty in America, so one sided. We already see the media clowns sucking up to Biden as he signs bills that destroy jobs that hurt the poor and middle class. Four years of you and four years of Trump were cruel and unusual. Pack your bags and go. Get away from me. Don’t remember her being too objective when she was on the Murdoch payroll

I completely agree with her. Charlize Theron had to ugly herself up to play two roles. One was in Monster, the other was when she played Megyn Kelly. Then Trump spent the next four years proving 'the media' right. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... 😪😪😪 That's the tweet. Meh. She’s only a public figure because she put out.

Megyn who? She is looking to get back in Untruthful girl. She isn’t wrong, “that’s all I have to say about that” — FG megynkelly are you SO desperate to get your face back on TV you’re resorting to utter’s the truth. Trump LOST by 7 MILLION votes. The GOP is scared of him and backed his LIE that he won. Violence in our Capitol resulted. He’s a criminal. Watch NY and GA. prison

I hope NBC is still embarrassed for hiring her. Why can't this bitch just go away I see she’s doing her own hair and makeup now... If Megyn Kelly, the a-charismatic, angry Eva Braun wannabe was still hosting her extreme-right wing opinion show on FauxNews, her shrill, a-tonal voice would have been among the loudest in the chorus of White Supremacists spreading TheBigLie

Wow Megyn Kelly has just the take one would expect...yawn She needs to do that in-depth report on how Santa is definitely white Well we always knew she was a vile white supremacist Somebody is auditioning to get their old job back on Faux. sum it up. Murdoch Big scary Media did it 🙄 Idiocy from a reliable source 😎

How are things on parler megynkelly? Ha ha! She looks terrible.... Calling out lies does not cause riots. The liars and the 2.7 million in sponsorship money ... Let me guess.... Blood coming out from her where ever.....Still.? remember.. Trump said those words to her at the 2016 debate... her memory went south?

Who GAF what Megyn Kelly thinks? Seriously. I thought I saw her storming the capitol with a tiki torch and a confederate flag. She was there right? Crazy how obvious, programmatic bias leads people to paranoia and people grasping for alternate answers. Is she still relevant? I like this title for her, much better than 'journalist'