Former Trump Plaza Casino In Atlantic City To Be Blown Up Next Month

At 9 a.m. on February 17, the former Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino will be wiped off the Atlantic City skyline, the city’s mayor announced

1/24/2021 4:28:00 PM

At 9 a.m. on February 17, the former Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino will be wiped off the Atlantic City skyline, the city’s mayor announced

A day after President Trump left the White House, the Mayor of Atlantic City announced that ten seats with unobstructed views of the former casino will be auctioned off for a viewing party.

.Back in December, Bodnar’s Auction was taking bids for the right to press the detonator button to blow up the shuttered casino. But on Monday, the company cancelled the auction after receiving a cease-and-desist letter from one of Icahn’s companies. Bodnar’s had solicited a high bid of $175,000.

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“We are 100% focused on safety and we have been clear from the get-go that we don’t want any distractions,” a spokesperson forIcahn Enterprises toldForbes. “From the beginning we thought the auction and any other related spectacle presented a safety risk, and we were always clear that we would not participate in any way.”

Mayor Small stressed several times during his press conference that Icahn and his company has nothing to do with the new viewing party auction, which will start taking bids on February 3. An organization affiliated with Icahn is said to be making a $175,000 donation to the Boys and Girls Club.

Icahn, who Forbes estimates is worth $14.6 billion, has previously supported President Trump. During the 2016 campaign, Carl and his wife, Gail, gave committees supporting Trump$250,000, according to public filings. Gail donated a much smaller sum to the Trump campaign in the summer of 2020 for his reelection bid.

During the early days of Trump’s presidency, Icahn accepted a role in his administration as a special economic advisor. However, Icahn left the post within a year amid conflicts-of-interest concerns.As for the soon-to-be-vacant space on the Atlantic City boardwalk, Icahn for has not released plans for what will replace the former Trump property.

The Trump Plaza closed in 2014, after years of losses.AFP via Getty ImagesSmall said the city hopes Icahn doesn’t build another casino. He’s concerned about the gambling market being oversaturated in the oceanside resort city and said he’d rather see a development that offers amenities that Atlantic City currently doesn’t have, like family entertainment or new industry.

“The City of Atlantic City has one shot with that land. Not often do you have center city ocean front available,” Small said. “It’s his land, he can put anything he wants there, but hopefully we’re part of the conversation.”For people who cannot afford to bid on the viewing party, Mayor Small said the city will open Bader Field, which spans 141 acres and has clear view of Trump Plaza, to spectators. “You have to pay for parking, but you can pull up and watch,” said Small.

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Trump opened the Trump Plaza in 1984, and it closed in 2014. The Trump Plaza was one ofwith the Trump name, including the Trump Taj Mahal, which is now the Hard Rock Café, and Trump Marina, now the Golden Nugget.In an interview withForbeson Tuesday, Mayor Small said his office has been getting calls from around the world. “It’ll be a worldwide event,” he says. “Everyone is fascinated.”

He denies that the city’s involvement with the event is a political act, nor is it a repudiation of Trump. “This has nothing to do with politics,” says Small. “The building closed in 2014, Trump wasn’t the president. Every year it deteriorated to the point where you couldn’t take it anymore.”

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson won many battles at the Trump Plaza Hotel. In 1987, Tyson defeated Jose Ribalta in a technical knockout.The Ring Magazine via Getty ImagesAll that said, Trump Plaza was the entertainment hub of Atlantic City during its heyday. “It hosted all the Mike Tyson fights, WrestleMania IV and V. A lot of people will be emotional [when it comes down],” says Small.

As for Trump’s legacy in Atlantic City?“I think it flamed out, similar to what you saw with his presidency,” says Small. “He’s done some great things here, obviously the jobs, the development, but he stopped paying attention to the properties and at the end it was a disaster, similar to what happened on the eve of Biden being inaugurated.”

As for what the act of blowing up the Trump Plaza means to Atlantic City, Small says it’s a prayer for the future.“Listen, it symbolizes hope and opportunity,” says Small. Read more: Forbes »

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Small playing politics of hate with average ignorant voters. The building was damaged after Hurricane Sandy. Trump properties was not the owner then. DonaldJTrumpJr EricTrump Small's AC struggles in debt. Is one vulgar desperate show. Be careful who blows along! They should invite T**** to watch the event from inside the building. If he doesn't want to come, tell him that he will find the stolen T**** ballots from Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia in there

Communists Well, that will be one of many failed projects in NJ due to terrible taxation policies and awful local government policies. Have worked on many CRE projects in NJ, truly one of the most awful places to transact in. Trump is happy this is not in his portfolio. Mot nguoi dan ong chinh chan, yeu thuong khong quan trong tuoi tac, chi can mot deu la lo lang va khong bao gio luong gat hay noi doi bat ky dieu gi.

mathers_georgia Now what can he do about Donald Trump? The hate for Trump is overboard That's too much. Trump is still in your head I see...🤣😂🤣 All those buildings need to go !! Cancel Trump. CancelTrump It was a dump when it was open & operating. Bravo! Persecution. This is not right. thank you very much for your work