Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Are Fashion’s 'It' Couple

Aside from being sexy AF no matter where they go, they’re also extremely well-dressed.

6/18/2021 5:15:00 PM

Aside from being sexy AF no matter where they go, they’re also extremely well-dressed.

From dinner dates to red carpet events, no one can deny that they are Hollywood's favorite couple at the moment.

FashionMegan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s Best Couple Fashion MomentsHollywood’s hottest pair dresses *really* well.No matter how you feel about Megan Fox or Machine Gun Kelly individually, no one can deny that they are Hollywood’s favorite couple at the moment. Aside from being sexy AF no matter where they go, they’re also extremely well-dressed, whether they’re going on a dinner date or showing up to red carpet events. Up ahead, tap through to see the couple’s best outfits yet.

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Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly's Complete Relationship Timeline'My heart is yours.' I am Megan Baker I am Megan Baker

Machine Gun Kelly & Megan Fox Engagement Will Likely Happen 'Soon'A source tells ET that Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox 'are pretty inseparable.' let's make a list of every thing ice lost fighting to prove we were not only THEE Alpha Omega....but also supposed to be and were experimented on our whole lives 1. Place to love 2. Cars 3. 2 children 4. Friends 5. Family support 6. My self made family 7. Self worth

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Reportedly Plan to Get Engaged ‘Sooner’ Rather Than LaterMachine Gun Kelly and Megan getting married “has been a topic of conversation without question.” Just like they’ll break up sooner than later 🙃 She's literally the hottest woman on the planet he would be crazy not to marry her !!! Lucky man !

Local Hot Topic Employees Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox Are Getting Married?!Maybe, maybe not. But it's pretty obvious Hollywood's favorite emo teenagers are totally in love.

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