Algae-hit Keswick swimming pool will not reopen

Algae-hit Keswick swimming pool will not reopen

6/18/2021 6:57:00 PM

Algae-hit Keswick swimming pool will not reopen

Allerdale Borough Council says the pool is already more than 10 years past its anticipated lifespan.

Last summer passers-by compared Keswick swimming pool to a swampA swimming pool which closed during the pandemic when it turned green due to algae will not reopen.Council bosses said the cost of reopening Keswick pool in the Lake District would be too high, with estimates at about £200,000.

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They described it as being "already 10 years beyond its anticipated lifespan".Last summer agreen layer of algae formed on the surfaceduring the coronavirus lockdown, leading passers-by to compare it to a "swamp".A series of age-related problems concerning the pool's tiling, drainage and filters were discovered while it was closed and maintenance work also raised concerns about the pool plant systems.

It had been closed throughout the pandemic because its design as a leisure pool meant social-distancing and safe one-way systems were not possible.image copyrightGoogleimage captionEven before the pandemic Keswick Leisure Centre was operating at a loss of about £250,000 a year

Leader of Allerdale Borough Council, Mike Johnson, said: "Keswick Leisure Centre has served us well over the years."However, despite all the maintenance that has been carried out, the pool is increasingly showing its age and it isn't financially sustainable to run in the longer term - something the Covid pandemic has really brought into focus.

"Whilst I do apologise for any inconvenience caused to swimmers in the town, times and tastes have moved on, and we don't want to throw good money quite literally down the plughole."Gym to stay openBefore the pandemic Keswick Leisure Centre was operating at a loss of about £250k per year.

The council is promising a review of leisure services across the borough and says it is keen to consult with residents about future provision for Keswick.The gym will remain open and members will be able to use neighbouring pools in Cockermouth, Workington and Penrith.

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