McConnell resumes focus on federal judges amid pandemic

Senate Majority Leader McConnell seems to be aiming to confirm as many conservative judges as possible in midst of the pandemic.

5/23/2020 10:06:00 PM

Senate Majority Leader McConnell seems to be aiming to confirm as many conservative judges as possible in midst of the pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic will not delay Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in his quest to confirm as many federal judges as possible, according to his own statements. Meanwhile, the recently-passed House HEROES Act which would help the nation cope with the pandemic has yet to make it to the Senate floor. Joy Reid and her panel discuss.

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senatemajldr is more concerned with jerrymandering the judicial system giving him and those like him get out of jail free cards whenever they like. Such a little little man. Please defeat him and send him home. SenateGOP No disrespect, senator, we know you’re a caring guy. But why haven’t you all just told the fat guy to shut up and sit down? heraldleader courierjournal 700club SenateGOP nytdavidbrooks DouthatNYT BillKristol GeorgeWill WSJopinion bbc ft ap USATODAY NPR

This man is more dangerous than Trump, we'll know trump is just creepy and crazy man suffering from Paranoia and all he cares about is himself, but mitch is a long term risk to the foundations of democracy in the US 🤷‍♂️ I would love to see someone take him out, but wait...all of those types of people are conservative republicans!

MCCONNELL = THE FACE OF THE ENDEMIC AND SYSTEMIC CORRUPTION PERSONIFIED BY THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION. The 'old' GOP no longer exists. It has been replaced by a 'mob' of corrupt hand picked sycophants led by the most corrupt President ever in USA history Evil! Evil! And this one too ... Well can orange 🍊 dude ( at least) wear a MASK or a covering for his WHOLE FACE? ...Forget CORONA...can he HELP and SPARE US from all that unsightly UGLINESS of his face ....seriously!

Way to got Mitch!!! Do nothing Mitch. A walking pandemic. he’s the most effective right wing legislator in the congress, damn democracy He needs to be stopped Amen Amen! You catch on quick! Corrupt Crooked Yuk Trying to make it as bad for the Constitution and people as possible. OLE MOSCOW MITCH....RACIST RUSSIAN LOVING DEVIL

He knows they will lose the election McConnell is a threat to both Democracy and Justice Ridiculous. So they can do what? Subvert the law? Who is he mad at? At least make sure they have adequate creds. No more bozos. Clown shows are not funny anymore. Being ignorant of the law is no badge of courage. We need strong, knowledgeable and fair humans in the courts. Not Lego robots.

realDonaldTrump DisbarBarr h_durham SecPompeo EsperDoD senatemajldr Trump, Obama&Biden teamed up with former British PM David Cameron to bring your presidency down by spying out of country&then they involved FBI with criminal activities to destroy you. Mitch McConnell seems to be rushing the confirmations because he’s sure Trump will lose in November. Otherwise there is no need for the panic.

He knows the GOP are out after this election ... so he wants these drudes as his legacy He can, so he will, senatemajldr does give a damn about the American people, only his agenda and his donors. Instead of working thru another stimulus he's playing games. Sad and disgusting Good So? He's as ass Sorry Cancer.

Awesome! You go, boy! Maybe Moscow Mitch senses that time could be running out for the Republicans having a majority in the US Senate. We need to stall Moscow Mitch the same way that he stalled on President Obama in the closing months of his presidency. It's the only thing he is doing. Cunning scheming old fox.

Stop this SenSchumer DNC SenateDems SenWarren SenKamalaHarris SenFeinstein Shocker That’s all he cares about judges and trump. Don’t cares about the American people. VOTE HIM OUT in November ☹😬😕😕 This 'man' Is Trying to Stack the Federal Court System with those who may be against Protecting Hard Earned Civil Liberties and Rights! This Must Not Happen!

McConnell isn’t doing his job, he can care less about people needs. It is time for McConnell to go folks. Please stand up and vote McConnell out of office.🆘 Carnegie Mellon 1 of my Favs, study saying 50% of all Covid19 Info on social media is wrong w/some by BOTS Why doesn't every college study/ Fox & Trump for Bad its a lot more than 50%..I am sorry but GOP must stop fueling its idiots w/bad info..Americans are dying !!

Better be quick, times almost up senatemajldr senatemajldr don’t care about the people not getting money. The economy tanking. 96000 deaths soon to be 100000 and millions of deaths. We need more dishonest judges. You mean he's doing his job. Now do Pelosi. May God have mercy on senatemajldr and forgive him his sins

Special place in hell for MoscowMitch Kentucky can do so much better than Mitch McConnell. AmyMcgrath2020 Octogenarian Scum ! that is his job and getting more conservative judges that honors the constitution is needed in this country, The virus is just an excuse that media and democrats use to control people in there state

Kathatestrump The American People - the only sovereign institution - needs to carefully and strategically think and rethink how to nullify all those judges being promoted without knowledge and experience once another democratic administration is in place!!!! All you clowns are going to feel the Trump administration for 50 to 60 years lol

He is corrupt Miserable wretch senatemajldr is the most evil man in US politics ever! We must remove every unqualified judge McConnell shoved down our throats & reestablish the rule of law with Constititional Amendments that prevent a lawless Mafia from ever crippling US Democracy again. GOP proved that existing system doesn’t work when an entire party is corrupt.

Republicans know this is their last hurrah. They're history after November. This will lead to something worst to undo this injustice. I think it is very foolish to pretend that they got away with anything. Most of the new judges have questionable histories. They will have to step down to protect their reputation.

The Devil lock him up Of course the GOP knew a long time ago that Trump would fuck everything up for them they going to ride the wave out but they going to have judges in place for the next 30 to 50 years senatemajldr His priorities are in his and his friends pockets not at all with the health and welfare of the American People.

Because he knows he's getting the boot come November. They are over playing their hands .in the future if the judiciary is not compatible with thinking of the majority it will lose its credibility and create social turbulence. Omg, he knows it's the end of him in November! I hope these false Patriots eventually learn their lesson!

I find it hard to believe that Dems have no recourse. Believe me, if the tables were turned the turtle would find a way to stop it. STOPTHISMAN! Oh my God, look at his neck. Open season on this turkey will his 6 chins be confirmed as well? And the Democrats would do the same... REAL HEADLINE: senatemajldr Continues To Do His Job While Minority Leader PastHerPrimePelosi Sits On Her Hands. Fixed it for ya. EnemyOfThePeople

You know you're a criminal when you need to stack the courts in your favour. He knows he's going to lose the Senate so screw helping the people, protect his ideology. 'Step on it, I'm in a hurry!' He can chew & whistle at the same time.....any problem with that? Good! We don't need anymore Activist Judges like Sullivan who is about to be removed for his bias!

He’s never stopped. He needs to go more than anyone in DC besides Trump. Moscow's bitch Seems?! NotMyPresident TrumpHasNoPlan TrumpLiesAmericansDie TrumpIsALaughingStock Biden2020 Resist Trump unmasked! Listen and find out for yourself! ThinkMirror VoteForYourLife FlipTheSenateBlue That is because he knows that sooner or later he will end up in front of them!

Most if not all of them totally unqualified or suited to their positions. Confirm as many judges before the GOP loses bigly! Moscow Mitch's priorities include appointing activist judges but does not include Americans suffering from a pandemic. Judge who adhere strictly to the Constitution aren't conservative or liberal they merely do what judges are pledged to do interpret the law as it was written. Judicial advocacy whether from right or left is wrong.

Good, it’s an uphill battle saving our Republic. good Go golfing with your lover. You make more sense there than were you are! This is criminal, pure and simple. They want to have judges to side with replicas when the break the law. I call crime organized. See, THAT is what you should invest 10000.... times more time and energy in covering than Biden's 'gaffe' and fake allegation.

How dare he continue doing his job during the “pandemic” Mitch the BITCH... It won't happen! He is the f**king old fart! He's whaa? Well he knows his time is coming to an end. McConnell will always be known as Moscow Mitch and the unqualified judges he appointed. Even during an election year? Good. Like both sides aren’t attempting to obtain political gain from this situation. Have you seen the house proposed stimulus bills? Ok 👌🏾

republicans are leaving us with unimaginable death, debt and decades of damage- GOPCorruptionOverCountry RepublicansAreDestroyingAmerica PutinsGOP When he goes to gut Social Security and it ends up in court he'll need some help, besides JoeManchinWV and other fake Dems. Doing his job, unlike Pelosi and the democrats

Perhaps the good news is that MoscowMitch sees that his days as majority leader are numbered? Yes yes yes .... rid of all the judge Sullivan’s from our judiciary

Sen. Shaheen: ‘I’m outraged’ that McConnell won’t allow Senate to address relief billsThe Senate is taking a break without fixing some serious issues with PPP, leaving small business in limbo. Senator Jeanne Shaheen joins Stephanie Ruhle on why the senate needs to act now. Na, McConnell is correct.... Quid Pro Quo Joe is caught in Ukraine for TREASON/ESPIONAGE. Coming to a theater near you. ok now tell us why he did not allow it.....tell us what else was in it.......time to be honest here Trump comes along, and through his criminal justice reform, corrects the absolute mistakes made by Joe Biden; 1.3 million African-Americans voted for Trump. Biden is saying to 1.3 million African-Americans that you are not black if vote Trump? Who in the heck does he think he is?

Will there be a second stimulus for Americans? Everything Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has saidSenate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said it was likely fewer unemployment benefits would be included in a second economic relief package. I never thought I’d see the day when I looked to Mitch McConnell to stimulate me. As the saying goes, don't listen to what they say, watch what they do Gravedigger of democracy, senatemajldr

McConnell says Senate 'not quite ready' to craft new stimulus: 'It won't be a $3 trillion left-wing wish list'Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., told 'The Story with Martha MacCallum' Thursday that the Senate is 'not quite ready to intelligently' lay out the next coronavirus stimulus package, but added 'it's not too far off.' You could pass the bill that's in front of you right now. Don't start making excuses, you unreliable pricks! Haven't even got the first one yet... Thank God I am employed right now and have savings! I feel sorry for those that are counting on this and haven't received it yet.

Senate confirms Trump loyalist John Ratcliffe as Director of National IntelligenceSenate confirms Trump loyalist John Ratcliffe as Director of National Intelligence after a long process that began last summer. Great hire!!! Thank you realDonaldTrump!!! Cleaning out the swamp is going to hit high gear now. There will not be all the internal turmoil the next 4 yrs. Obama hacks have been destructive for 3 yrs now, it over. Trump will have his people in place and America will be fine the next 4 yrs. Enablers all

Senate Republicans aim to boost Trump by investigating Joe Biden - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. Dirty tricks expected. Politicsinsider Dems need to sow their own now and every day otherwise RussiaGOP will in fact pull a 2016 once again. damn you, I can't read it

U.S. Senate Republican leader threatens 'reexamining' U.S.-China relationshipU.S. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday threatened to reexamine the U.S.-Chinese relationship if Beijing pursues a 'further crackdown' on Hong Kong, after China was set to impose new national security legislation on the former British colony. who care McConnell face is literally melting off in real time. 知道你们会这么做的,我们做好准备了。 既然美国如此,那我们做什么也与你们无关了。