Anti-İnflammatory Foods, Anti-İnflammatory Foods List, Natural Anti-İnflammatory Foods, Foods That Fight İnflammation, What İs İnflammation

Anti-İnflammatory Foods, Anti-İnflammatory Foods List

11 Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods You Can Add to Your Diet

Your body will thank you!

5/23/2020 10:00:00 PM

Another excuse to eat more avocados! 😍🥑

Your body will thank you!

in particular observed the inflammatory effects of eating white bread alone versus eating white bread with pistachios. In spite of the actual calories, adding pistachio to the bread prevented glucose levels from spiking as much as they normally would, says Li.

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Fight inflammation:One recent studyfound natural pistachios have double the concentration of antioxidants compared to roasted ones.If you want to get creative, sprinkle 1 cup of watermelon with crushed pistachios and top with torn basil, suggests, C.D.N., N.D.T.R., adjunct professor at the City University of New York.

9brebcaGetty ImagesIn a study that Li and her team are currently working on, they’ve found that natural pomegranate juice—as opposed to water with the same amount of sugar in it—has much less of an impact on your blood glucose. “Even though there’s the same amount of sugar, your body responds differently,” say Li.But this doesn’t mean you should glug all the fruity drinks in sight. In fact, sugar—next to saturated fats—is one of the primary causes of chronic inflammation. “Particularly those two in combination, we’re more likely to have a higher degree of inflammation,” says Li. The key is to have anything naturally sugary in moderation, including pomegranate juice.

Fight inflammation:Pomegranate seeds are actually more nutritious and have a higher bioavailability of antioxidants, meaning your body will have an easier time absorbing them, explains Kearney. Simply add the seeds to a Greek yogurt or toss them onto your salad, she says.

10Ekaterina SmirnovaGetty ImagesJust like your gut health influences most everything else in your body, it can also impact inflammation and your body’s response to it.Prebiotics(a fermentable fiber that we can’t digest in our stomach) are ultimately what feed the good bacteria in our bodies, says Li. They come in lots of different forms, but anti-inflammatory vegetables like asparagus or leeks are your best bet. Challenge yourself to get as much color on your plate as possible when it comes to vegetables, since those are ultimately what keep your inflammatory response and your gut microbiomes healthy, says Li.

Fight inflammation:Eat a combination of cooked and raw prebiotic vegetables. “Because a lot of nutrients are not available to humans if you just eat it raw,” says Li. “But meanwhile, as we cook, we miss some vitamins. So the best is combination.”11Prostock-Studio

Getty ImagesIf you’re looking for an anti-inflammatory food that’s more animal-based, try incorporating egg whites into your diet, which have plenty of immunity-protecting properties to aid in anti-inflammation, according to apublished inNutrients. Plus, they don’t cause much damage during digestion themselves. “Egg whites, in particular, are pretty neutral, so they will not cause a huge inflammation,” says Li.

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Fight inflammation:“Scramble egg whites with spinach and tomatoes and serve with 1 slice of wheat bread buttered with 1/4 avocado,” suggests Kearney.From:Brielle GregoryBrielle Gregory previously worked at Men’s Health magazine, where she reported, edited, and fact checked all things health, nutrition, and weight loss related; she currently spends her time digging into similar topics as a freelancer writer and editor.

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11 Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods You Can Add to Your DietThese natural foods are packed with disease-fighting nutrients. Excellent

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