Media, Mary Trump Free To Promote Her Tell-All Book After Judge Lifts Temporary Restraining Order - Cnn

Media, Mary Trump Free To Promote Her Tell-All Book After Judge Lifts Temporary Restraining Order - Cnn

Mary Trump free to promote her tell-all book after judge lifts temporary restraining order

Get ready to see Mary Trump on television.

7/14/2020 2:41:00 AM

A New York court has lifted a temporary restraining order on President Trump's niece, Mary Trump, clearing the way for her to promote her tell-all book in the news media

Get ready to see Mary Trump on television.

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I think Mary T should have put the book out for free so all will appreciate that she is out there for the truth and no money making attached 😷 Ohhh okay. Now i see.I See an Angry Lady- Gossiping petty stuff about Her Family. Any Family can do this, to their Own. Shes an OPPORTUNIST To make Large Money. If we are looking we can find DIRT on anyones Upbringing. Is she a Professional.? Childish. Its about the $$$$$

Can’t wait to buy the book. Well at least you know her sales numbers when its released! When the Trumps 'write' books, the numbers are high because the books are gobbled up in high volune by Trumps dogs. This President is an idiot. I can’t wait to read it. She doesn't want to be the daughter of the 'failed Trump'. She wants to share the Trump notoriety and wealth. Cha ching!

The power of Money 💰 Set her up with Anthony Scaramucci book end screw balls Who. Cares about a black sheep niece with made up stores a typical Democratic game Look at her eyes a screw ball This should be on everyone's bookshelf and then vote BLUE all the way down the ballot this November. When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me Speaking words of wisdom, let it be And in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me Speaking words of wisdom, let it be Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be Whisper words of wisdom, let it be

She must have a lot of hate in her heart. this guy has done more for America then last 4 presidents doing his best to fix what they messed up as they have sold America out I would imagine his nice just trying to make money We've never seen such an endless all out assault on a president, from every possible angle, starting before he was even nominated. But, thanks for the blueprint, we'll be returning the favor.

Every family has that 1 member that will lie for money! who is it that is always stabbing men in the back and acting without morals, without integrity and without brains? SpeakerPelosi CNN NewYorkTimesUSA TheDemocrats SenateGOP HouseGOP HouseDemocrats CNN has many times practiced racism by calling whites people 'white supremacist' - boycott CNN advertisers and CNN for CNN's said racist hate crimes or CNN apologize to white Americans & fire your CEO! TheDemocrats POTUS HouseDemocrats HouseGOP NewYorkTimesUSA

Yeah, because how well does anyone really know their uncle. Everyone has that hateful nefew or niece. I'm sure she is trying to get rich with this book. I'll never read it. Lol HOW is he dangerous?! Hes done nothing but try to better the US. Liberals are out of their minds lol She not close with him, untrue story

🤔 standby for major distraction attempts this week by realDonaldTrump Anything for a dollar. This is GREAT news. No sorrow for Trump. Sometimes truth hurts. Hope so this time. Anybody remember when Adam Shifty said he had proof ? 🤣🤣🤣no neither do I because he never did Yipppeeeeeee. realDonaldTrump must be fuming. Love it.

Two bestseller books. Reserved !! Sing LOUD about your sociopath Uncle Donald!! Political stunt with no impact. No long now Hillary and Co.. Start talking lift a temporary restraining order on Trump's niece Who cares.. maybe you should change your name to the enquirer new channel 🤷🏻‍♀️ Mary 55, is the oldest Trump grandchild. She sued the Trump estate and lost to “the Donald”, now attempting revenge with a book. Mary’s father, Fred Trump Jr. died a self-destructive alcoholic at the age of 43. She’s hoping she can cash in on the Trump empire. MaryTrump

4-0 Pulisic 2, Oliver 1, William 1 Blue blood for life. Thrive for victory. Now is not the time to lay blames. Let's put our collective effort. Qualifying for Ucl is the ultimate goals. Let's achieve it 3 wins in 3 game Like & follow if u re true blue For a massive follow back This woman has a big problem bit like my first wife had

Its all about the money, the all mighty dollar. Its all about money, the all mighty dollar. Should be a great read. How convenient the coincidence that this book is released just before the election. Must be some grudge there as Trump could surely have trippled whatever she make for that book? 👏👏👏👏👏👏👍

I blame the father Fred trump he’s the reason why Donald is the way he is Sooo....when do you think you will be covering this story? Good! But it will change nothing. All sane folks know he is mad and deranged, and his base will still love him. Shit never sticks on teflon boy! More lies I am sure....they are all least someone is...over 20,000 times in four years....think how many Hail Marys that would be in confession...he knows what a Bible is...reads it upside down...

Yahhhh atleast one person in that family has morals and courage unlike 95% of the Senate so sad BUSTaTRUMP Bend over, Donald. Here comes Mary with the receipts. Mary Mary 💩💩🤡🤡 what a DISGRACEFUL Diary! Hope she feel the burn of Backlash realDonaldTrump The truth hurts, don't it? MaryTrumpAnAmericanHero

Oh goody. I’ll buy 2! Down with tRump the Russian stooge. Nobody cares No one cares except the crazies you see on the amd street corners. Aren’t you just so excited? OPPORTUNISTS UNITE! You all love to hate people, spew lies and false narratives and mock human beings while screaming ACCEPTANCE & POLITICAL CORRECTNESS’s called HYPOCRITES! That’s all of U! So sad’

Wow I can’t wait to read this! realDonaldTrump if this book is all bs why is tiny hands so shaken? Rage tweets from Donald in 3....2.... 1... Traitor niece Can't wait to read it LOL 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 I’ll decide who I vote for after reading this book with an open mind Key words: “New York Court” Yay 😀 realDonaldTrump

Trump presidency is a Hoax it will be proven that he was never qualified to manage the United States. History will prove every senator that supported his administration was corrupt one way or another This hero scientist is taking a life-threatening risk to speak the truth and save the entire world from this possibly the most dangerous challenge we face in human history. Stay the course.

Just another sore loser It won't damage Humpty Trumpty in his core supporters eyes They are all wishing they could Grope women like Donald brags Or wishing they could sell themselves to him $$$ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Cnn does this familiar? It's what their customer service is given. realDonaldTrump realDonaldTrump CorreaMita Frauds!

Whats the point? Another account of how rotten this man is, another excuse for right/left to attack/defend each other, those who see no wrong in the man will cry lies, those looking for more reasons to hate will salivate over it. Who cares? QUE PASÓ CON EL LIBRO DE BOLTON NADIE LO COMPRÓ, AHORA ESTE DE LA SOBRINA NADIE LO COMPRARÁ. TRUMP PRESIDENT

Making $ in an election year. Reminds us of Lady Di’s butler Truth coming from a real insider, 45 must be nervous and embarrassed MaryLTrump Trump has no first hand knowledge of virtually anything in her book ... Mary Trump is just the disgruntled lower level black sheep bemoaning that she never amounted to anything significant in a family of genetically gifted over-achievers ...

Excellent Which has already been debunked. Another BS book with no facts. We need to have a game plan with numbers and science before we open schools it should be up to the cdc and doctors not political leaders who are all about them self or just to show there power no matter if there right just to be a bully real numbers

Widow of Trump's friend pushes back against Mary Trump SAT allegation, calls it false - ABC News - via ABC Yassss Audible? I already know he’s an idiot. But I can’t wait for a family member to tell me that.😂 We as Americans are going down a road of no return if we do not stop this bull shit in the White House he does not care about us just him self if we all do not stop this together we will not have this great country we are going into a dictator ship . This country was about people

🍿 Let the tv tour begin! Well this going to be fun....😁 I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump paid someone to do it! At work today I caught a coworker ordering this book from Amazon on her computer (and she's allegedly a Trump supporter). 😆 That woman sure looks good for her 55 yrs. is she the Patty Davis of the Reagan years? Big profits ahead I'm sure....hmmmmmm

BLAB!!! Let's start with the juicy stuff she witnessed before she was born Imagine having a restraining order on your own family. Holidays must be nice ” sign this NDA Im gonna eat the rest of the cookies” all she wants is $ there's plenty of books already about his corruption, crime and treason; but if celebrity gossip is what it takes, so be it

It’s all about getting rich for her. CNN、纽时、英国卫报等左媒持续攻击川普给罗杰.斯通缓刑。且不说宪法规定总统有这种权力,民主党的卡特、克林顿、奥巴马特赦的数量远超过川普;尤其是奥巴马竟赦免了炸过100座政府大楼、酒店、银行的恐怖分子Oscar Rivera,仅在纽约就炸死4人60人受伤。左派就不批骨子里是祸害美国的恐怖分子奥巴马。 Wow, she looks bitter. Guess those WH invites were list on the mail. Butt hurt relatives. lol Didn't write book in 2016. Why?

Nothing but a mental patient! WE won't buy nor read it! Especially family, should know better than to tout a 'tell-all' book about family, shame, shame! Maybe now the truth may come out!!! 👏🏾🤞🏾 Money 💰 money 💰 Book ships tomorrow, received on 7/16. I have no interest in CNN's dissection. Every family has one. The one that lies, to start crap in the family.

We know. Old news. Updated photo of the author. I already ordered my copy. Can't wait to hear her. Lol, more fake news King of fake news CNN is so OBSESSED with our great president, they‘ll cover every book, statement, quote, against him. How about mentioning the massive surge in violence nationwide? Pretty quiet on that one... 🤫

Go Mary go!!! Most Americans already know he’s a BIGLY LOSER, but hearing first hand accounts from a family member (with a Ph.D in clinical psychology) . . . PRICELESS!!! Anything to make a buck Ok answers the twitter rage. Yawn Awesome, fantastic, celebrate good times come on, it's a celebration.... One more nail in the coffin!?

Wow, so he always looked like a total wanker.... Probably a good work of fiction. Who would tell all the family secrets? Not to be trusted. That's for sure. LOL, you guy's would do anything! Do you honestly think a 'thinking' person would believe anything this woman would write! Well the futures WERE green...

No one cares. “Demand Law Enforcement that gives and deserves Respect!” I wonder what her bitch is? She finally found a way to make some $$$ off her Uncle! Unfortunately this won't change anyone's mind at this point. We already know the truth. This is just another money maker just like any other book. Looking forward to Mary Trump helping detonate the decades of lies Trump has told. VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020

Go, Mary, go! Fare thee well, voyager! Spill it Mary Oh please, was she not invited to Mara Largo? So he’s a good President we don’t care Are you getting all the info you need from CNN? If not, make sure to subscribe to CNN via Overlooked_Inc KTLA CNN loves promoting grifters. It's their entire platform.

ZZZZzzzz Tell-all opinions you mean. I'm sure CNN will relay it all as gospel to the drunken masses looking for their next govt savior to make their lives whole and prosperous NEUROLINK Trump Musk and Boch. Dangerous for all of Humanity using Spaceforce to do there dirty work along with altering the next election. Never mind Russia or the Chinese. It's these 3 America should fear

This woman is screaming scorned! She cries because she says she wasn't equally compensated her fair share of her grandfather's Will. The Donald was favored over her father by his father. She was fired by the Donald over a book he wanted her to write. Baseless! MaryTrumpBook His niece, Bolton, Ghislaine Maxwell... Keep it coming please

Shame on her, you don't turn your back on family! 🍿🍿🍿 Can you imagine the network race to get her first? I’d bet on MaddowBlog Just like the Omarosa thing.. fizzled right away and no where to be seen or heard from again. You go, girl. Oh it’s about to be on...! realDonaldTrump POTUS I just pre ordered it. Can't wait to read it.❤️

Civil War in America's First Family Uncle harassed niece, niece wrote a book to crit uncle When can this book be made into a TV series? This will definitely be a pandemic! Trumplicans should care. You’re letting 45 to destroy your country. You are pitied, mocked & laughed at globally. But you don’t care. You support a mentally ill thing who despises all of you. He looks down on you and mocks you. He is killing Americans but you don’t care. 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

Pre-ordered it an hour ago. Let people know how he was, is and predict to be. Dues anyone care about this? No need to tell-all bullshit. Trump is openly himself. she probably can't frequent the lib hot spots without criticism so she felt she had to vilify her uncle to be accepted. oh how intellectual of her.

Everyone has a Mary Trump in their family. No one cares but the fake news!! She wants some cash.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I think he just shit himself! So glad she can speak openly. DumpTrumpNotFauci Anothe John B I’m stocking up on 🍿. Let’s go! Preordered my copy 😉 Good get bunker boy Before realDonaldTrump became president, most of the Americans and the world knew what kind of person he was. He was and still is a liar, bully, cheater and racist. He wanted to be president because he knew the presidency will boost his own personal financial gains.

Can’t wait to hear her!! Drug induced ramblings. Sounds fun. This is another book I sooo want to read. Whoopy another “tell all” garbage book When does she join the payroll? Congratulations and the world is awaiting your tell-all. Key words - 'promote' 'her' 'book' Good for her! Glorious. The cheeto in chief is going to have an apoplectic fit of Twitter rage over this. Hope Melania hides the fine china before he starts throwing things.

See how the coverage compares against other news outlets on Ground News MaryTrump DonaldTrump Politics NewYork NorthAmerica via ground_app Nobody cares what she has to say except maybe CNN NYT WP Ect ect ect KTLA I'll take a pervert over someone that supports communists. Sorry. She is a wack job mad bc she was shut out of will ... nobody cares ( excapt TDS types of course) Trump2020Landslide

realDonaldTrump Let her defend herself! Now, this is the real witch-hunt. Where were you in 2016? Can't wait! This is what is important right now. No matter who you support. BOTH sides are riddled with corruption. It’s Tom and Jerry. We ALL have to be on THIER side. savethechildren realDonaldTrump KTLA Tells me everything I need to know about her as a credible, impartial source..

Think it’s great that she’s telling her story. Problem is with trump there’s so much dirt that we forget what he did two days later no matter how disgusting. Anybody remember those bounties on US soldiers? How about a rigged impeachment trial. Outrage is not enough. ACTION!! Who cares Of course they did.....

Any how you want it after Donald lost his brother, he swore off liquor and drugs. Mary on the other hand took up drugs and alcohol as her hobby. (especially meth) I hope she makes enough money off of the book deal to buy cheap vodka for the rest of her short life. Opportunist...gassing this book up for a major letdown.

Is this not the same relative that was cut out of the will and has been bitter about that for years and years? I see profit opportunity for her for her work of fiction. Nothing more. Content about as believable as Omarosa's fairy tales. Least we will have more toilet paper.

Judge Lifts Restraining Order On Mary Trump, Freeing Her To Promote Tell-All Book About FamilyA New York Supreme Court judge has lifted a restraining order that prevented Mary Trump from publicizing her new tell-all book about her uncle, President Donald Trump, and his family. Robert Trump,… Creeps, and bitter envious liars is all that’s left of the Democrat party. Hmmm...looks like shes been grinding her axe....again. We didnt invite her to the hamptons this year. Good!

Don't stop the presses: Judge gives green light to Mary Trump bookNEW: A New York judge has dismissed a legal challenge to the publication of Mary Trump's tell-all book about her family — one day before its scheduled release. Good, as a conservative, I'm against prior constraint. Trump is probably scared to death about this book “The walls are caving in!” Part 57

The Note: Trump vs. Fauci eclipses Trump vs. BidenWhich showdown matters more for the presidential campaign at the moment -- President Donald Trump vs. former Vice President Joe Biden, or Trump vs. Dr. Anthony Fauci? Trump lost to Biden already. So he needs a new foe, moving forward. Trump dominates both of them. Fauci and Biden are both liberal puppets. CovidiotInChief

8 of the Craziest Moments From Mary Trump's New Book'Too Much and Never Enough' is a tell-all about Donald Trump and his family, written by none other than his own niece.

As Mary Trump’s book comes out, president appears to flounderDonald Trump’s divisive messaging is apparently faltering as America struggles with racism, and as his niece Mary Trump’s book threatens to cast a reportedly harsh, revealing spotlight on the president. Joy Reid and her panel discuss. Yup...he has no chance... TrumpIsUnwell TraitorTrump TrumpIsANationalDisgrace TrumpIsLosing TrumpVirus TrumpVirusCatastrophe TrumpVirusCoverup TrumpIsRacist RepublicansAgainstTrump RepublicansforBiden FlushTheTurdNov3rd FlushTheTurdNovember3rd Biden2020 What are any of those accusations based on?

8 of the Craziest Moments From Mary Trump's New Book'Too Much and Never Enough' is a tell-all about Donald Trump and his family, written by none other than his own niece. FAKE BOOKS FOR CRACKPOTS (sold by ELLE Magazine): Comey's “tell-all” fake book McCabe's “tell-all” fake book Omarosa's “tell-all” fake book Cohen's “tell-all” fake book Bolton's “tell-all” fake book Mary's “tell-all” fake book.