Don't stop the presses: Judge gives green light to Mary Trump book

Mary Trump's tell-all book goes on sale on Tuesday.

7/14/2020 3:28:00 AM

NEW: A New York judge has dismissed a legal challenge to the publication of Mary Trump's tell-all book about her family — one day before its scheduled release.

Mary Trump's tell-all book goes on sale on Tuesday.

07:15The book's publisher, Simon & Schuster, said in its own statement that"The unfettered right to publish is a sacred American freedom and a founding principle of our republic, and we applaud the Court for affirming well-established precedents against prior restraint and pre-publication injunctions."

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Robert Trump, the president's younger brother, filed suit last monthseeking to block the book's publication, arguing it violated a confidentiality agreement Mary Trump had signed ending a court fight with the president and his siblings. That court battle involved a fight over the estate of the president's late father, Fred Trump. Mary Trump and her brother had charged that the president and his siblings deprived them of their fair share of the estate.

Greenwald noted that"at the time the Agreement was agreed upon, the Trump family were New York based real estate developers and not much else. They were not elected officials or TV personalities."The judge said Robert Trump's contention that the agreement barred Mary Trump from ever writing about her family was overly broad, and also noted that he didn't explain how the book's publication would harm him, as his court filing claimed.

"His allegations are unsupported and conclusory," the judge wrote.Greenwald had initially signed a temporary restraining order in the case against Simon & Schuster, but the order wasstruck downby an appeals court judge. In his Monday ruling, Greenwald lifted a similar order against Mary Trump.

In his ruling, the judge noted that thousands of copies of the book had already been sent to stores, and references another court's ruling about the president's unsuccessful bid to block publication of a book byJohn Bolton, his former national security adviser.

"Comparing the potential enormous cost and logistical nightmare of stopping the publication, recalling and removing hundreds of thousands of books from all types of booksellers, brick and mortar and virtual, libraries and private citizens, is an insurmountable task at this time. To quote United States v. Bolton, ... 'By the looks of it the horse is not just out of the barn, it is out of the country,’” Greenwald wrote.

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There will be Public Readings from her book at Each Rally. My copy ships tomorrow delivered on 7/16. Why would we care what you post or think? We knew this was a go. Factual reporting MIA. It doesn’t matter. Americans love President Trump. Democrats hate America and sold us out. God bless our President WalkAwayFromDemocrats PelosiMustGo

She looks shell shocked, can you imagine how screwed up that whole family must be living under that twisted thumb Oh boy! I bet some juicy sh*t is about to hit the political fan! Nothing like a good book about the 45th best American president. You got a love how the media will hype of any book that talks shit about Trump lol Meanwhile they’ll ignore Joe Biden is corrupt as son working with China and Ukraine. Being kicked out of the military for drugs

Trumpies are about to lose their voices hollering 'fake news' Hey Don maybe you can get a loan from her because her “Book” is going to be a “HUGE” success! Can’t wait should be as you like to say, “A Good Read!” TheRyanParker Is she on maddow tonight then?! Of course why would a New York judge not CantWait

Another crybaby who wants a payday Great to hear. I want to read the juicy history of America's worst Things just keep getting worse for Trump but he really did bring it all on himself. It's on now! She has eyes of steel. She is all business. Just what we need. Another Bolton Flashing the pan book...NOTHING BURGER

Yay team. Banning books is bad!! But then rumpy isn’t a reader so.... The more we know about the moron with a knack for snake oil sales..the better. This is great for business. RecallGavin2020 VictimhoodIsProfitable Good. I want to hear more from her. When oh when is she scheduled to be on ? I ordered it a few days ago.

1 on Amazon. Mary Trump. “The walls are caving in!” Part 57 Trump is probably scared to death about this book Good, as a conservative, I'm against prior constraint.

Judge Lifts Restraining Order On Mary Trump, Freeing Her To Promote Tell-All Book About FamilyA New York Supreme Court judge has lifted a restraining order that prevented Mary Trump from publicizing her new tell-all book about her uncle, President Donald Trump, and his family. Robert Trump,… Creeps, and bitter envious liars is all that’s left of the Democrat party. Hmmm...looks like shes been grinding her axe....again. We didnt invite her to the hamptons this year. Good!

Judge Denies Trump Family's Attempt To Block Niece From Promoting Tell-All BookThe ruling will allow Mary Trump to publicize her book about the president when it hits stores on Tuesday. realDonaldTrump it's called Free speech. It's in the Constitution, read it sometime FreeSpeech TrumpIsAFailure I can't wait to read this book. I hope it's on audio and someone plays it over the white house speaker system. Another court loss for Bunker Dumpster Donny! He's going to e tweeting about it with those fat little orange thumbs all day tomorrow. Licoln Project should have a field day with this!

Judge Blocks Federal Executions Pushed By Trump AdministrationA U.S. district judge on Monday delayed what was to be the first federal execution in nearly two decades. The Trump administration will likely appeal the... IMO it needs to be done away with. Who are we to judge and take a person's life? Its ancient and time to relook at things the way they currently are Been like 140,000 federal executions what're you talking about? Not surprising how trump tries to play God wit/ our justice system from Roger Stone to this.

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8 of the Craziest Moments From Mary Trump's New Book'Too Much and Never Enough' is a tell-all about Donald Trump and his family, written by none other than his own niece.

As Mary Trump’s book comes out, president appears to flounderDonald Trump’s divisive messaging is apparently faltering as America struggles with racism, and as his niece Mary Trump’s book threatens to cast a reportedly harsh, revealing spotlight on the president. Joy Reid and her panel discuss. Yup...he has no chance... TrumpIsUnwell TraitorTrump TrumpIsANationalDisgrace TrumpIsLosing TrumpVirus TrumpVirusCatastrophe TrumpVirusCoverup TrumpIsRacist RepublicansAgainstTrump RepublicansforBiden FlushTheTurdNov3rd FlushTheTurdNovember3rd Biden2020 What are any of those accusations based on?