London kids to be offered polio vaccine boosters amid fears of virus comeback

8/11/2022 11:12:00 PM

London kids to be offered polio vaccine boosters amid fears of virus comeback

London kids to be offered polio vaccine boosters amid fears of virus comeback

“What’s worrying is that it has been transmitting in the community,” said an epidemiologist.

The Tower of London is lit up with the slogan "End Polio Now" to mark World Polio Day on Oct./ AP A health worker gives a polio vaccine to a child in Karachi, Pakistan, on May 23.Denise Roland Updated Aug.The vaccine, which was detected in 19 sewer samples between February and July, will be offered to children between the ages of 1 and 9 as a precautionary measure, authorities said.

24.Aaron Chown / PA Images via Getty Images file Link copied Aug.LONDON — Children ages 1-9 in London were made eligible for booster doses of a polio vaccine Wednesday after British health authorities reported finding evidence the virus has spread in multiple areas of the city but found no cases of the paralytic disease in people.11, 2022, 7:21 PM UTC By Hyder Abbasi LONDON — Every child in London ages 1 to 9 should be offered a booster shot of the polio vaccine , agency's analysis of the virus samples suggested"transmission has gone beyond a close network of a few authorities have said, as doctors warn that polio threatens to make a comeback."No cases of polio have been reported and for the majority of the population, who are fully vaccinated, the risk is low.

The British Health Security Agency said Tuesday it had detected polio viruses from sewage water in eight of the U.The decision to offer young children boosters was a precaution, it said., which has long been free of the serious illness that affects mostly’s 32 boroughs.The agency said it is also expanding surveillance of sewage water to at least another 25 sites in London and nationally.Although the agency has not found anyone infected with the virus, the news came as a shock in Britain , which was declared polio-free in 2003 and had its last confirmed case in 1984.To prevent a potential outbreak, the government introduced a public health campaign this week that said booster shots should be offered to children ages 1 to 9.According to the World Health Organization, only one in 200 polio infections leads to paralysis; most people don't show any symptoms.The virus is considered highly contagious and is transmitted if a person comes in contact with the droplets from sneezes or coughs or the fecal matter of an infected person.

The rate of vaccination for polio is lower in the capital than in the rest of the country.The World Health Organization target for polio vaccination is 95%.Kathleen O'Reilly, a polio expert at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said the polio virus circulating in London was"genetically related" to recent cases identified in the U.London is at 86.7%.and Israel.“What’s worrying is that it has been transmitting in the community,” Dr.Pakistan, Afghanistan, and parts of Africa have also reported cases, according to the Associated Press.

Deepti Gurdasani, an epidemiologist at Queen Mary University of London, said Wednesday.Polio is a disease often spread in water that mostly affects children under 5.She said that “gives the virus opportunities to mutate.” Gurdasani said it was “really concerning” that the Health Security Agency had “found cases of what it calls a vaccine-derived virus,” a virus that can be traced back to the oral polio vaccine.Initial symptoms include fever, fatigue, headache, vomiting, and muscle stiffness.That vaccine relies on a live but weakened form of the virus to spur an immune response.The U.In rare cases, the live virus contained in the oral polio vaccine used in the global effort to eradicate the disease can mutate into new forms potent enough to trigger new outbreaks.. longer uses that type of vaccine, but other countries do."We know the areas in London where the polio virus is being transmitted have some of the lowest vaccination rates," Dr.People who take the oral polio vaccine can briefly excrete the virus, and if a community has a low vaccination rate, the virus could spread.If it circulates widely enough for long enough among unvaccinated people, it can mutate, and it “may develop properties of the original virus,” Gurdasani said.Copyright 2022 NPR.She added that vaccination rates in Britain for polio and other viruses had been falling behind those of other developed countries and that if the virus is not suppressed, it could spread nationally.

As in the U.npr.S., all children in the U.Sign up for our newsletters! Keep up with all the latest news, arts and culture, and TV highlights from KPBS.K.are supposed to get vaccinated against polio.

The new boosters will supplement that protection.Gurdasani said it felt like there was “a level of complacency” in the U.K.But Kathleen O’Reilly, a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said there are likely to be many reasons the polio vaccination rate is lower in London.Like many other large cities, she said, London “has a diverse and mobile population, which means that childhood vaccinations are sometimes challenging for parents to arrange.

” “For this reason, cities often have lower vaccination rates than other settings, and more resources are required to deliver vaccination,” she said.Polio, or poliomyelitis, is a highly infectious viral disease that largely affects children under age 5 that is mainly spread through contact with human fecal matter.Symptoms include fever, fatigue, vomiting and muscle stiffness.Around 1 in 200 polio infections lead to paralysis.Although polio has largely been eradicated from developed countries, the WHO says the virus is still endemic in places such as.

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Polio vaccine boosters are offered to London children as the virus spreadsChildren were made eligible for booster doses after health authorities reported finding evidence the virus has spread in multiple areas of London but found no cases of the paralytic disease in people.

Polio Vaccine Booster to Be Offered to Children in London as Virus CirculatesBritish health officials are launching a polio booster campaign for children in London as poliovirus levels detected in wastewater suggest it is spreading

London offering polio boosters to approximately 1 million childrenRoughly 1 million children in the greater London area will be offered a polio booster after the virus was detected in multiple samples in the city's sewer system, health officials said Wednesday.

Children 1-9 in London to be Offered Polio Vaccine, Due to Worries Over SpreadAn increasing number of polio samples in London's sewage sampling has led the JCVI to recommend vaccinating all London-based children aged 1-9.

Urgent polio boosters for London childrenNearly a million children, aged one to nine, will be offered a jab in the next month after virus found in sewage.

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