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Linda Lusardi says her kids had therapy after her near-fatal Covid battle

Linda Lusardi says her kids had therapy after her near-fatal Covid battle

5/10/2021 9:30:00 AM

Linda Lusardi says her kids had therapy after her near-fatal Covid battle

Former Page 3 model Linda Lusardi contracted coronavirus in March 2020 and is still suffering with long-term side effects

The former Page 3 model and her husband Sam Kane both contracted the virus in March 2020.Linda says their children Lucy, 25, and Jack, 22, feared they would lose both their parents after seeing them fall ill at the same time.Promoting her new YouTube channel Beauty Angels, Linda told The Sun : "My kids have had therapy (due to) the trauma of nearly losing both of us. Then we lost our dog. It’s a year you want to zip up in a suitcase and throw over the hill."

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The former model, 62, made the decision not to have treatment herself, "I did think about therapy but I didn’t in the end. I got to talk about it a lot in interviews and I think it was actually worse for people around me because I didn’t realise how bad I was.

"I think my husband Sam should have some because he still gets flashbacks about me not coming home and the fear and trauma he went through thinking I wouldn’t make it."Last year, Linda described her condition as at 'death's door' as she was hospitalised and put on oxygen while her body fought off the deadly virus. headtopics.com

The mum said a year later and she is still suffering from the long term side effects; including tiredness to hair loss and not being able to drink alcohol.Linda said she put her thinning hair down to age unti she spoke to This Morning's Dr Zoe Williams - after appearing on The Real Full Monty on Ice together - and realised she was suffering with post-viral trauma.

"Since Covid I can’t drink. I can’t drink alcohol so it makes me wonder if I have slight liver damage," she added.In March last year, Linda's husband Sam urged fans to take the virus seriously as he spoke of how he'd watched his wife's health detiorate after she contracted Covid.

He said at the time: "I can’t stress enough that this is not ‘just a flu bug’. I’ve watched this take my girl to death’s door."I’ve felt it take me there. It’s a cruel, vile, remorseless, relentless, dark sickness. It was like three hands. One that’s strangling you.

"One pushing your face down as it does. The other one ripping your heart out of your chest and it just doesn’t stop... for days."You’re totally helpless and in its grasp. It’s nothing like flu."Please stop going out. Passing this around will mean it just takes longer till we’re back to normal. headtopics.com

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