Liberty University pressing charges against journalists

Liberty University presses charges against journalists who covered campus being open during outbreak

4/10/2020 4:43:00 AM

Liberty University presses charges against journalists who covered campus being open during outbreak

The evangelical university in Virginia, which is led by Jerry Falwell Jr., is pursing trespassing charges against two journalists.

“Bringing an action on trespassing charges seems something beside the point,” Tofel said.The only reason that trespassing accusations weren’t made against Elizabeth Williamson, the Times reporter who wrote about Liberty on March 29, was because eyewitnesses could not be found, Falwell said. The Times story was headlined, “Liberty University Brings Back its Students, and Coronavirus Fears, Too.”

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Students at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, congregate while walking around on March 31, 2020.Amanda Andrade-Rhoades / AFP - Getty Images fileThe Times said its freelance photographer was doing the routine job of taking a picture of someone interviewed for the news story.

“We are disappointed that Liberty University would decide to make that into a criminal case and go after a freelance journalist because its officials were unhappy with press coverage of the university’s decision to convene classes in the midst of the pandemic,” spokeswoman Eileen Murphy said.

In the midst of reporting its own story about Liberty’s decision on March 24, an Associated Press photographer was approached by a campus security officer, asked to leave and to delete all of the images he had taken at Liberty.After consulting with a supervisor, the photographer deleted the images — a decision the news organization said was wrong in retrospect.

“We don’t delete photos or any other material at the request of an individual law enforcement officer,” said Sally Buzbee, the AP’s executive editor and senior vice president. “We try to fight such orders legally.”Liberty is particularly upset at the Times, disputing the newspaper’s contention that nearly a dozen Liberty students were sick with symptoms that suggested COVID-19. The university said only one student has tested positive — someone who did not live on campus and was last on campus two weeks before being tested.

Liberty has called for a retraction and threatened legal action.Murphy said the Times’ story described contradictory statements by university leadership and personal attacks against critics of Liberty’s policy.“We’re confident in the accuracy of our reporting,” she said.

Falwell has also questioned whether Liberty is being picked on for political reasons, noting that it’s not the only university in the country to have the same limited opening.To that end, the university is planning to run newspaper advertisements in some southern cities where many of its students are from that draws comparisons to some other universities, he said.

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GUESS HE DOES NOT BELIEVE IN FREEDOM OF THE PRESS gudizu sugo He can’t do that cause there’s a thing called the Constitution and free press. He’s going to be exposed for the fraud that he is and will end up regretting it. Maybe we could press charges against his posing as an educator and his “school” claiming to be an educational institute!

Please let us hide the fact that we are disobeying God's word at our Christian U. What happened to Thou Shall Not Kill? And Thou Shall Worship no other god before God? Sick sick sycophants. If campus was open, there isn’t anything he can say Liberty University should be ashamed opening during this pandemic.

How very “Christian” of him ! To JerryFalwellJr WHY WON’T YOU DIE? I’m sorry, but where do you get off trying to press charges against reporters , oh I don’t know, reporting the truth? He filed charges with his local campus police with as much power as the mall police. If they come back on campus I'm sure they will swiftly receive a $3.00 fine since it is NOT a closed campus.

Trespassing is against the law in Virginia, right? 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 why? trying to hide that you're putting lives in danger? You are going to hell for certain PMSNBCMOUSE has absolutely zero credibility as a news source. llmich How is he 'pressing charges?' That's up to a prosecutor. He can report a crime to the prosecutor, but what crime was committed?

Liberty University a national joke. Jesus is embarrassed. I thought you were educators. Litigation is choking our country and the world! What is the definition of insanity? God Bless! A hardheaded republican? Of course! Please proceed. I thought their campus was OPEN! Wasn't that the point? Umm did they have a 'no trespassing' sign?

Sue the University ! Embarrassing to him that’s y he lashes out at media . He got caught The same Liberty U which had 'candidate' Trump speak, and required students to attend? Too funny. This will be fun to watch as it plays out! They should change their name to Liberty or Death University!! Students and staff need to press charges

How dare you let the world know what assholes we are. We like the fact we have no souls to be a secret. All evil people are like this. He and Devin Nunes get the Yuck Yuck Award for the most frivolous lawsuits. Ogoosh I hope the supreme court's dnt get involved... 1st Amendment? He doesn’t know about the First Amendment.

Aren’t god loving crazy Christians the best ? Does anyone even care about the real story. I'm Democrat and I think this is ridiculous when other colleges do the same and the students with COVID wasn't on campus It's just a trespassing charge and means nothing basically. Farewell Falwell! Liberty needs freedom from your power and GREED!

ABC7Chicago The stench of Evangelism. Why are huxters like Falwell and Olstein allowed to perform their Religion for Cash scam? He has been so cranky.. I think the pool boy quitted. Not fair I bet Liberty U has 'Rank Stupidity' program, don't they?! Not clear on the first amendment concept. I’ll take “How to deflect from our own stupidity” for $500 Alex

Just when you thought he maxxed out on evil a**holery, he brings in another well to draw from. LOL How many parents, students, staff will be pressing charges Seriously fuck him How many students are suing Liberty University for reckless endangerment.🇺🇸 Charges should be pressed on LibertyU fir what they did.

Campus Police Warrants? GMAB That won't stick 'Liberty Biberty'! Those lawsuits that the liberty parents will hit Liberty University for getting their kids exposed to a deadly virus will be significantly damaging to the school. Good luck with that How much has Liberty received in tuition and fees vs how much spent on instruction, academic support and student services? Given that Liberty is 6th in federal aid, taxpayers should know where the money goes.

It's certainly what Jesus would have wanted him to do....right? Jerry L. Falwell Jr.’s Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia generated $215 million in net income in 2016 on nearly $1 billion in revenue What is Falwell hiding Lol, LibertyUniver putting the letters 'FU' into the word 'liberty'. Maybe Larry was right

As a nonprofit organization, Liberty is exempted from the requirement that a certain percentage of graduates attain “gainful employment”. Now come on whatever is more important, falwells new Caddy and clothing or that of your Grand parents health? HMMMMM Grandma & Grandpa don’t count period as 🤑🤑🤑is satan’s new moniker

Pool boy should be first witness He HAS to be a “REPUBLICAN”! Sounds like Hitler’s brown shirts The students and their families should sue his evangelical ass off! Pretty funny, should be consulting attorneys for upcoming wrongful death suits. That, isn't funny at all. Frankly, I believe God might have something to say about his idiocy...

For telling the truth? Yeah right. Good luck with that.😆 He read tRump's playbook on suing everything/everybody. Liberty University doesn’t believe in liberty. Perfect. idiots Idiots do what Liberty is trash. Shut it down. Hmm if his gay lovers get virus will they then sue him? Liberty University is a cult.

Frivolous ‼️ This man is about as much a Christian, as Donald Trump!!! If there is no money 💰 in it they will not have anything to do with it!!! Dud he figure out his Fake Police have no real power? Much like his Fake University can not give a real education. Dumb move. He will lose! For what? How do you press charges against reporting facts?

Sorry but I don’t think I like you and I’m a Christian. When you look at Falwell Jr. do you think Trump Jr. wants to look like him? They both act the same!! Desperation. Idt the headline does this story justice. You need to mention how ridiculous it is. 🤣🤣🤣 If you can’t stand up under free speech-what are you trying to hide?

The decision to have students return to Liberty University demonstrates how little Falwell cares about the students—only $$. If there is rampant COVID-19, he should pay the medical bills. If there are any deaths, he should be sued. I bet he is all isolated away in his home-safe. For telling the truth?

It's cute how they cling to part of the First Amendment and eschew another. For trespassing? Probably the most minor crime in America. Jerry so scawy. What a joke. Frivolous lawsuit. What's the charge? Wow! Can fraudulent universities/cults do this? Haha good luck with that. Fascists. Then Falwell should be charged for endangering the lives of his students. I know that his Daddy is probably rolling over in his grave right now.

Trespassing charges?! Yeah, the FBI's gonna get right on that! Trying to suppress some unflattering news? The Streisand Effect is going to bite you in the apse! Tweeters have ANY issue w/RadicalLefDemParty minions shutting down free speech at US universities, attacking physically/verbally? '-warrant alleges each committed misdemeanor trespassing on campus while gathering information for their respective stories'

WAAAAAAAAA We live in such a backwards world. Because, for a non-profit, business is business, separate from scripture. Why would you follow the Spirit or the Word, when you can take someone to law? Very Jesus like. I clearly remember the counter suit in front of Caesar when Jesus sued the governor and the Sanhedrin.

Diversion ! Typical move on people with no defense for his irresponsible actions He’ll lose. Now what is the reason for the lawsuit? Anyway I hope 'Liberty University' needs to understand the One they have to answer TO knows everything without a journalist - God. As I watch the absolute breakdown of Christian behavior with these guys I truly wonder what God is thinking!

What happened to the Falwell 'racy' pictures? That story had more merit than this one. Awesome 👏 Someone should report how Oregon State University is open and students are going to classes, and the governor isn't doing anything about it, you should see if there's other universities open and not being reported..

They are hateful. From the 'all publicity is good publicity' school of thought do something outlandish like sue journalist for reporting and gain some news cycles. How's that.pool boy, Jerry? Did the poolboy help write the complaint? Fake school What an ass They should not hold as many religious services. Or in other words, they should purge their masses.

These neo facists give Christians a bad name. Oh come on. Sounds like this guy should be Don’s new press person! _rachelestes thoughts? Journalists were well aware of what they were doing. sure, they were mentally prepared for the consequences. I think if I remember correctly there is still something in the Constitution about freedom of the press. Just saying...

Good to see that someone still believes in the constitutional right to freedom of association. Why does the media keep reporting this? It’s stupid. FFS Right. Reporting actual facts and truth gets charges pressed. So much for that land of the free and home of the brave. Am I right comrade? Ironic that they don’t teach the First Amendment at Liberty University.

Old: please give an update on this simpleton charge from a member of Trump cartel. Money hungry clown Campus police, not even real cops sent out the warrants!!!!😂😂😂😂 Oh great. So the decision whether or not to prosecute journalists will be made by another Evangelical Trump supporter, Bethany Harrison, Lynchburg's Commonwealth's Attorney.

Whatever Now he's a laughing stock even in Europe where no-one knew him two weeks ago. They weren't lying. Falwell is an awful person pretending to be a good Christian. Endangered all those students gullible enough to go to his university. They are in pursuit of liberty, justice and death for all I hope they sue these fools back

Sounds like the Liberty University security team didn’t do it’s job properly Falewell's pool boy could not be reached for comment. And liberty university should, in turn, be sued for a frivolous lawsuit. shouldn't the charges be pressed against JerryFalwellJr and the staff that opened LibertyUniversity? possibly opening a vector for the Covid19Virus? to family members, people encountered.

LOL they would have to press charges tomorrow also God will deal with him. We've done it. We're through the rabbit hole. What's up is down and what's down is up. googlefacej There's no such thing in the law as people 'pressing charges'. That's a media thing. The prosecutor can end this nonsense at any time, and should.

Welcome to the Third Reich. Another MAGA lunatic at Liberty Shouldn't that be the other way around. Them getting sued for opening Um...freedom of the press? Can somebody sue him and get to discovery stage - a lot of people like to know about the “pool boy” fiasco. Screw him. Wow! Really? He just didn’t want to getting out how many students and faculty has gotten it. Really did he think hen could keep it this quiet 🤨. See even the religious people hiding the truth, shame on you 🤨

What about the pool boy? go right ahead jerry jr. oh, by the way, you are under arrest for manslaughter Franklin_Graham Fake Christians!! Have fun in hell... 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Cocacolakid Of course they are. The hypocrites. Demanding their right to free speech in public universities with vile misinformation and propaganda and yet fighting journalists for printing the truth. Gross.

Pressed charges? No. Only a prosecutor can do that. And , the first amendment covers the press. Sue the truth. “Face palm”. Shame on and the AP for such a factually inaccurate headline! A private company (Liberty U) can’t press charges. This is clickbait. Ashamed almost all comments ignore that and show people didn’t even click past the headline. Disappointing.

Well this escalated. Another bible thumping idiot whose only concern is raking in money Ludicrous!!! Good luck with that Liberty. Just goes to show where your priorities are and it’s not with the welfare of your students. The 'university'should be sued until it doors close and it's people minds start to open up.

Free speech baby We need to rise up WTF, frivolous that's what that is. ZerlinaMaxwell Pressing charges? Where are they getting the authority to “press charges?” Virginia should quarantine the campus - no one comes out, deliveries need to be dropped off outside, no one goes in. Lock that place down. ZerlinaMaxwell This is hilarious

ZerlinaMaxwell Charges? For telling the truth? That’ll go far....Ha! Loonies just have to out-crazy each other. Falwell and Trump, whatta pair! Hilarious. Is this another scam university.? Sounds like TRUMP UNIVERSITY REINCARNATED!I 🙈 Good friggin luck with that! Get familiar with the 1st Amendment ya delusional windbag.

It was inevitable that FakeNews will fall on its own sword. You’re not always protected by the First Amendment. He’s not going to win that one! It’s there right too!!! Anyone can file a lawsuit. He won’t win it. He will be on the receiving end of a reckless endangerment class action suit soon. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Wow... I don’t think I’m going to attend there this fall.

Hahahaha any sane judge will laugh and toss that trash out. Fascists like JerryFalwellJr are obviously dumb as 💩. Someone should either remove him from his lofty perch where he’s endangered the lives of innocent students, or sue “Liberty” University out of existence. As people are dying throughout our country, I pray mr Farewell is one that is taken by the Democratic hoax that was blown way out of proportion.

Falwell is an anti-free-speech fascist. And looney as the day is long. I hope someone is pressing charges against him. msm at its best, LibertyUniversity was picked up because its leadership is a realDonaldTrump supporter coronavirus presses charges? huh? do you mean filed a law suit? (Might I suggest college for you?)

I’m sure they’re just dying to go to Lynchburg to face charges. 😂 He should be locked up for putting students and faculty at risk Where’s the pool boy? Suing... the new christian pasttime GTH Fallwell Also sick of the holy roller messages accompanying the CBS evening news. Heretic Jerry Falwell is fearful of the truth getting out and will use repressive tactics to suppress the truth. Just like Jesus - NOT!

Wait till the parents of those dead college students press charges against him. People who serve purple koolaid like things kept quiet Stop acting like this is serious - it just reflects what a fool JerryFalwellJr is ...... JerryFalwellJr you do this and I will unenroll my child!! Ridiculous Freedom of something... Anyone

Why, did the journalists speak the truth? Good luck with that idiot Freedom of the press is a Liberty. The parents and the state should press charges against the college for opening during this pandemic So Trumpian He gives me the creeps Good luck with that. 🙄 The values of a leader become so much more transparent during times of crisis. Jerry Falwell Jrs energy is being spent prosecuting journalists for reporting that this evangelical uni remained open - rather on trying to save lives. RNC= ProMoney & ProDeath

What are the charges? Yeah, good luck with that, Jackass. The United States should press charges against Liberty University for opening during a pandemic and endangering the lives of thousands of people. Yeah, but whats his dad say about all thi....whoops, nevermind. Charlatan. ⭐️ PARENTS OF LIBERTY HIGH: PLEASE sue the shit out of Jerry Falwell as soon as possible !!! Thank You

Nice pose, Jerry. JerryFalwellJr Students should sue him. The Trump way! I disagree with you so I’ll sue you tie you up in court and waste a bunch time and money!! Fucking disgraceful!!! Or 1000 different people in and out of grocery store everyday. Why cover an idiot and not question why the government forget their idiots too. Be safe🤔

🤦🏼‍♀️ Maybe it is the corona, maybe it is the whiskey. I can’t believe I am defending the farce FalwelI. Is it possible that some of those kids had no where else to go. Not every family has the means to bring a kid back home on a moments notice. 1/2 You'd think a university would understand how thin their case is

Charges should be pressed against Liberty for ignoring state directives, risking lives, potentially straining community health resources, and endangering lives of local residents not affiliated with Liberty Short sighted & selfish Complete disregard for the local community Is it still open? Or did the students all go home to spread it to their families to die?

This Ass-Sandwich is corrupt just like Daddy was. And, apparently he took the Trump University Course 'IF U Try and Stop Me from Fleecing People... I'm Gonna Sue U' Little Jerry is quite the chip off the old man's CRIMES! Someday a rain will come and wash away all this scum!! Junior you are Not making your dad Billy Graham proud he is probably not only rolling in his grave but doing backflips both front and back.

He’s one of the leaders of the American Taliban. So when Mr. Falwell goes to, or has his people go to, other Southern Universities to compare their “limited openings” to his school - are they going to get arrested to? And if not hiding anything then why so mad I already know your a joke 🤡 pool boy! They got caught doing something wrong so they’re going after the journalist. It was their fault for being there so they can tattle on me LOL maybe people should boycott that university.

look at the ReligiiousFascist .... he should be arrested for terrorism. It’s called the first amendment JerryFalwellJr! LOL good luck with that bible thumpers. What about forgiveness? Oh, that's right. They worship Plastic Jesus. Forgiveness is a dirty word. So is love, compassion, peace, comfort, hospitality, kindness... Liberty University is not a Christ-centered organization.

Charges? For reporting the truth? WTAF? The media seduced by Evil, eph 2:2, No truth in any of them, rev 21:8. CNN We no longer believe media. ABC CBS NBCNews AP CNBC JimCramer1 In most states, a misdemeanor must be witnessed by the charging officer. I rest my case. They should press chargers against that moron for putting lives at risk

Meeting must be held up to the light that 1 they parroting Chinese propaganda 2 parent company, comcast, is in a multibillion-dollar contract to put up the most expensive themepark in Beijing history & like good communists, doing the best to help Chinas Lies Ummm parent of kids who are getting Covid at Liberty? You may have a class action suit.

Those who commented, I do wonder if they ACTUALLY read the article? Am not familiar w/ the laws right now in VA, but are ALL unis closed, to include no online? What should he have done w/ those w/ no place to go? By the way, OTHER unis are doing the same. Yay discovery! Geebus just admit u was wrong Liberty and face the damn music

So they're suing because of something that happened? Can you say “violation of 1A rights”? JerryFalwellJr LibertyUniversity Good you covered them. Why not Biden rape allegations? IBelieveTaraReade IBelieveTara Instead of arresting the idiots (Falwell) who put student lives at risk, possibly killing them, these morons went after journalists who risked their own life to save hundreds of others. Really. And this is a so-called ProLife campus & staff. Yeah. Ok. TrumpVirus TrumpGenocide

So they have walked back the 'issued warrants' portion of this? It's the journalists fault the university was reckless with human life? Another “Christian” university. Wtf Ummm what? When I work security in Florida, 30+ years ago, you had to give a trespasser a verbal warning to remove themselves from the property. Law enforcement came into the equation after people refused to leave. Different place & time

Good luck with that. Families will be suing this ba$tard 6 weeks from now when his employees and students start dropping like flies. Guess “Liberty” means no freedom of speech LOL christian taliban nut jobs Mayor of Lynchburg should press charges against JerryFalwellJr for criminal endangerment of public health.

finally push back on the msm mob too much power in the hands of unelected paid employees who work for corporations and are beholden to advertisers and stockholders of said corps that can ruin your life at any moment .with the guard rail of retraction lol Someone should inform this “university” about the First Amendment.

Good SLAPP.. JerryFalwellJr definitely isn't going to heaven. He knows this, it's why he acts like a harbinger of death. What would Jesus do ? Journalists should counter sue. 1st amendment and all. How can they be prosecuted after the fact? Get real Can’t have the truth exposed Stun to get attention... cheap right wing fake preacher... stop making stupid people famous

Good Christian sure have gotten litigious. They told the truth. That’s their job. Good luck with that. Wait, what? that shit school should be shut down Did you even read the article people? This is so twisted around. Pool-boy-fucker says what? The judge will laugh and throw out the charges. Hey Jerry, freedom of the press is still a right here, bro.

How does a university press charges? This can't be real. I would say Jerry is afraid of some dirt that reporters might dig up Lying just like his orange god. Go for 25 Million like me! Wow. Talk about bs litigation ! (the sort of case that gives attorneys a bad rap). This is a shining example of Liberty University’s GOP mentality.. health and welfare be damned, we do what we want and we blame everyone else if/when it goes wrong. christianmyass

Our Courts are too damn Busy to have to deal with such💩‼️ Hopefully FOX ”I needed the money!” - Little Boy Blew. While you all are chasing after journalists for putting your ignorance in the limelight, I hope the young adults whose lives you all put in danger press charges against the University. That should go well for them on discovery.

Great!!! What is going on Journalists? They didn’t break the law. The guy who claims he is a man of God did. Seems like he forgot. What happened to turning the other cheek? Loving your enemies? Forgiving those who have wronged you? religion in the darkness 🤑🤑🤑 Laughable This has to be the first for a university anywhere. 'Liberty University presses charges against journalists who covered campus being open during outbreak'

For the Journalists who reported the negligence of the University? This sounds like the murderer for sues the eyewitness. Fartwell is at it again I wish I could press trespassing charges against Falwell Jr every time he shows up in my twitter feed. 🤬👎 Great, I look forward to the judge throwing it and Liberty University out of their court while laughing profusely.

Point and laugh. Egomaniacs hate that. Charges for what, reporting the truth? Seriously? You opened the campus, Jerry. That makes you fair game and if any of your students die, it also makes you a murderer! “On second thought, give me death.” - Patrick Henry Cool so when do they charged with Inquisitionism / Crusadism / Cultism?

Would Jerry press charges if the journalist had written how brilliant he was, how great a university Liberty is? This man has the same neuronal deficits of his buddy in the Oval Office. They're all the same. Take My Picture. Put Me On TV but don't say anything critical about me. What a Christian culture thing to do

Good job! Liberty University has a right to open. MSM is the opposition on every thing good for Americans. Because of the Trump administration, Americans has been empowered to stand up for their rights! Americans for President Donald J Trump KAG2020 Was one of the Journalist Jack McGee from the Incredible Hulk?

They aren’t legit charges. Why do we keep seeing this story? They aren’t real. WWJD? Apparently litigate free speech and the press. That's not very Christian of them. Snowflakery As a Christian... This turns my stomach. Sound kinda 'Ban the printing press!'-y to anyone else? Ignorant people do as they're told

This will draw more attention to his being an idiot. Hope some large donor's son states he invited the press! Presses charges for what? Good for them. Fighting back is the only way. Futile LibertyUniversityMadeABadDecision JFC LU lawsuit... Cult Will Liberty now sue every campus visitor? Everyone coming to a sporting event? How about parents driving by who wish to drive through and check out the campus ?

Jerry Falwell Jr. Had Campus Police Issue Warrants For JournalistsThe Liberty University president said warrants were issued for New York Times and ProPublica journalists reporting on his failure to close the school for the coronavirus.

Jerry Falwell Jr. says warrants are out for 2 journalists after critical stories on coronavirus decisionThe president of Liberty University said arrest warrants are out for journalists from The New York Times and ProPublica after both outlets published stories critical of his decision to partially reopen the school's campus amid the coronavirus crisis Photocopies of the arrest warrants charge that two reporters committed misdemeanor trespassing on the college campus while working on their articles Warrants for what exactly? That makes no sense to me. Lunacy.

Associated Press Journalist and Avid Marathon Runner Anick Jesdanun Dies of CoronavirusA journalist and avid marathon runner, Anick Jesdanun, has died following complications of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). He was 51. Jesdanun, who went by “Nick,”… 🙏🏻

As Universities Warned Students Of Virus, Liberty Kept Its Students In The DarkHuffPost found that the evangelical college led by Jerry Falwell Jr. gave little to no information to students in the early weeks of March, flouting CDC guidelines.

As Universities Warned Students Of Virus, Liberty Kept Its Students In The DarkHuffPost found that the evangelical college led by Jerry Falwell Jr. gave little to no information to students in the early weeks of March, flouting CDC ... Sue the idiot As Christopher Hitchens said of his pig father upon his demise: 'If they'll only provide him an enema, they can bury him in a matchbox.' Great line.

Opinion | Trump Anoints a New Class of Media StarsOpinion: For somebody who publicly professes to despise the press—especially the broadcast journalists who ask him tough questions—President Trump has a knack for elevating journeymen reporters into media stars Tough questions deserve tough answers. As a politician its my job to ensure the safety and well being of all Americans. Americans work hard to read the words journalist write and journalists are also Americans. Together we can be great. I'm a politician and I approve this message Nah, you guys are simply fake. The tragedy is that it blemishes ACTUAL journalism, reducing the credibility of actual news. Well perhaps if the 'tough questions' lol sorry made me laugh.......where not all about Yellow journalism they would fare far better in the eyes of those capable of normal range disgust.