Jerry Falwell Jr. says warrants are out for 2 journalists after critical stories on coronavirus decision

The president of Liberty University, which he partially reopened to students during the pandemic, accuses a NYT photographer and ProPublica reporter of trespassing.

4/9/2020 4:43:00 AM

The president of Liberty University said arrest warrants are out for journalists from The New York Times and ProPublica after both outlets published stories critical of his decision to partially reopen the school's campus amid the coronavirus crisis

The president of Liberty University, which he partially reopened to students during the pandemic, accuses a NYT photographer and ProPublica reporter of trespassing.

In an interview on Starnes’ show, Falwell ripped aNew York Times reportthat nearly a dozen students were experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, the illness caused by the novel coronavirus. The Times cited “the physician who runs Liberty’s student health service,” who said three students so far had been tested for coronavirus, with at least one student, who lives off campus, testing positive.

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More students were self-quarantining, the Times reported, a move caused, Falwell said, by where they had spent spring break. Falwell said the physician, who he says has “no official role at Liberty,” had “immediately issued a correction” to his statements to the Times.

A statement on the school’s website says the physician denies “he ever told the reporter that Liberty had about a dozen students were sick with symptoms that suggest COVID-19” and that he “gave figures for testing and self-isolation that are consistent with Liberty’s numbers but the New York Times preferred to go forward with sensational click-bait that increases traffic.”

Falwell defended his decision to allow students back to campus, saying there was “maybe” less than 10 percent occupancy on campus and that some who remained on campus were international students or were afraid to go home and live with high-risk family members.

Falwell, a fierce supporter of President Donald Trump, was among those who were portraying reaction to the virus as overblownas recently as a month ago, accusing opponents of the president of weaponizing the outbreak to hurt him politically and suggesting the virus might be the work of North Korea and China.

When Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia commanded higher-education institutions in the state to stop in-person teaching last week, it was viewed by some as a swipe at Liberty, which said it had canceled its remaining in-person offerings.CORONAVIRUS: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

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Hmmm... Sure, Jan. suzgonzo Do you read the part where the dorms were opened to house students who had no other place to live-mostly foreign students? Or that all classes are online only? Of course you didn’t. Hey, stupid. Most journalists are liars & money/fame seekers 😡 Arrest warrants from God? This is shamefully unAmerican CPJ pressfreedom needs to increasingly be concerned about the safety of journalists in the United States. JerryFalwellJr is the menace to students not journalists doing their jobs.

Lmao, how many are Sick because of him? He should personality pay for all medical treatments for professors and students! Falwell should be arrested for endangering lives, and negligent homicide if any of his students die. If anything, he represents the Devil not God. You need to be arrested Jerry for hanging out with criminal Trump.

Did you learn from trump or did he learn from you. Both of you are bullies. dismisstrump JerryFalwellJr go to hell Arrest warrants? Because he didn’t like them telling the truth? The religious oligarchs have lost their greedy minds! Gee the truth hurts. The local police should arrest him for endangering his students and staff.

DONNAJAYNE13 This must be a joke. Falwell can not issue arrest warrants for journalists critical of his decision to open the university during a pandemic. Unless he owns the police department, they would not issue warrants either. What a bully. You are the one that should be thrown in jail. A free press is only free when it is convenient to you!

Has anyone else noticed the anti-Christ traits in Falwell Jr & Graham Jr?They are persecuting people who know the truth. God made it very clear that religion&politics are not to be mingled. Priests came from 1 holy line.Kings did not.God never promoted theocracy. Free will God Dam Jerry!!!!’ Another lier.

Ok?! I guess he’s just making stuff up at this point. JerryFalwellJr Oh screw you Junior Now everyone thinks they can do the same as Trump!😣😣😣🙀 Pathetic. Why didn’t he just have God strike them dead. I guess, as he has a direct line to God, he found out that he could reopen his nationally unaccredited school. Just accredited in 2016! For southern regional colleges. Any degree before 2016 is basically worthless.

You cannot censor the truth. BlueTsunami2020 MurdererInChief resigntrump. Jer.5:20-31. Wow he’s not that kind of power? Too bad too goddamn bad you don’t like it take it up with the law you are obligated to follow the law you are not special I would like to issue a warrant for the arrest of the asshole who runs liberty University LibertyU

Arrest warrant should be out for him and his cronies!! The entitled politicians, the entitled businessmen, and the entitled preachers are the guys who are operating out of greed and fear. They’re running the show & the very last thing they’re concerned with is 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽👼🏽🦌🦮🐈🦮🐏🦙🐘🍀🌿🦋🐬🌅🌄. They only 💚$$$.

To symbolize the ironic timing of these warrants during Christian Holy Week, the reporters should ride into Lynchburg on donkeys to be arraigned by the corrupt authorities. A Man if God. Any arrest warrants should be for him and his ilk for endangering the lives of students and their families! Utter madness!

TimOBrien What a big bold Hypocrite! I just want people to know that Falwell is not a minister!! He is an Attorney and the President of Liberty University. I believe if his father were here he would be ashamed of him. He revels in his political Notoriety. That behavior is not Christian !✝️ Dry_Observer Um. So Politico. Please explain how a PRIVATE RELIGIOUS institution has the ability to acquire arrest warrants.

Not legal or constitutional. Good try. Fuck him. Lunatic Evangelical version of shia law. Another thin-skinned man/baby who values money over lives. Falwell ordered students back to Liberty University's campus so he wouldn't have to refund their tuition. Any VICIOUS, GREEDY billionaire would have done that. VP Mike_Pence Franklin_Graham JaySekulow GovRonDeSantis marcorubio GovWalker

For the laws HE broke? 😆😆😆. This guy has gone 'round the bend. He's crazier than his old man ever dreamed of being. 🤪. Crazy! Prof Turley thinks. News groups tell the truth Either Trump has changed some of our condtitutional rights, or Falwell is lying WARRANTS NOT ISSUED BY A JUDGE as required by law, issued by Evangelical Police Officers, Falwell's Evangelical GESTAPO working for Jerry Falwell's Evangelical Liberty University against nytimes propublica reporters who told the truth. Don't expect them to make it to jail alive

Maybe someone should do a story on how Jerry may be using his university as a slush fund (or perhaps some money laundering). You need a trespass warning from the local police department and the property owner and if you violate it than you could be charged with trespassing.Arrest warrants for publishing stories?Read the entire first amendment and the five freedoms you use for not paying taxes.

Bring it thumper This level of petty is very 2016-2020. It’s the Donald Trump effect. Bwahahahaha! Fucking Tarts Wait till someone publishes the pictures of him and the pool boy 😳 So, reporters can't step foot on the campus of LibertyUniversity but the school can callback hundreds of students who should be self isolating at home per the direction of the president's coronavirus task force JerryFalwellJr is an ignorant F-ing conman!! StayHomeSaveLives

It's time to sue MASS MURDERER Trump Loyalist at liberty u. Wouldn't it be funny if one of Falwell's student caught the virus and died and the deceased family members took revenge on Falwell? I bet it never crossed his mind that the dead may have family members with revenge on their minds. I’m no lawyer, but if i’m the journalists, i take it to court and enjoy shitloads of discovery...demand to know all cases/deaths of the virus detected on campus after he reopened.

Very Jim Jones cult like. A ridiculous decision to open the fake school could kill multitudes Lol Thats not fascist at all The President of LibertyU is insane and dangerous. You forgot that part. WTF? This guy deserves the COVID-19 virus to be injected into him for putting those young kids at risk. So he wants students on campus, and workers, but he doesn’t want reporters on campus asking him why he is having students and workers on campus. Welp, it’s a misdemeanor. Fine them $20 and move on. Cops are too busy for this foolishness.

So...we are arresting journalists now? Wtf. Virtue signaling for Dear Leader. That’s all. Hahaha Did you find any pics of his wife with more brown pool boys? Don't judges have to approve arrests warrants. Even in Lynchburg, I think a judge would throw them out if they asked such things. He better make sure he puts aside a good escrow to compensate the people!

JerryFalwellJr good luck with that you absolute POS. I don't believe this. These journalists didn’t break any laws. None. The power of JerryFalwellJr to circumvent the law, fabricate facts to have legal warrants approved through a court for the arrest of multiple journalists who did nothing wrong, is absolutely horrifying. And illegal. Lawsuit anyone?

Unhappy with press coverage, then declare it fake or criminal. Despicable Jerry jerry jerry what fuck is wrong with you? These guys are like the pagans sacrificing people to appease the gods. Don’t know which gods they’re praying to. Wth!! He’s crazy! How North Korean, I mean, Christian of him. No there isn’t.

How?! Not much into the 1A, is he? For JerryFalwellJr entertainment Ghostbusters 2 (2/8) Movie CLIP - Short But Pointless (1989) HD via YouTube Lol❗️ lol ❗️lol❗️ He's next. Hope none of those kids or family members die bc of his terrible response to this crisis. Sue the fuck out of them! For people who claim God is on their side, what cowards! If he believed in his decision he would not fear reporters reporting on how the students are doing. After all, if Falwell is doing a good job then students would report so.

I’ll be critical of him too. His decision was reckless and endangered lives! No words for this one Evangelical schools have their own courts and police force now? JerryFalwellJr have a pool boy, you get cranky when you have been with a man. I guess the Liberty U are going to try to arrest those folks, huh?

The arrest warrants were probably issued by his poolboy. Wait until your pool boy starts talking Franklin Graham..... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Thanks is hysterical. Taking his 'stooopid' cue from his Lord DonTheCon Any decision that needlessly endangers people should and must be questioned! He should be arrested for attempting murder.

LOL!! JerryFalwellJr is an idiot. Free speech? Pool boy Stupid. Is this the one that enjoys pool boys? RussCarmichael1 Take another trip to russia and stay there JerryFalwellJr Ha ha ha...not yet. Didn't know a university could issue arrest warrants. Probably worth more than any diploma from Liberty University.

This ass should be carted off to jail. If any student passes, then murder charges. TimOBrien And Jerry Falwell Jr. I am praying that you get a little niggling that says you are headed down the wrong path bigly. In my Bible it says treat others kindly and in fact all commandments rest on that. No lying, swindling, bearing false witness. You should read what it says!

💯%🐃🐃🐃🐃🐃💩💩💩💩💩 They are from HIS private police Let's hear what the pool boy has to say. Lol what 😂 I thought the reporters had provided false reporting on the subject and that somehow LibertyU was on the clear,but NO reporters reported truth something Farewell much detest,and now he is blaming reporters for uncovering the truth about his criminal behavior.?Lying hypocrite

Jerry Falwell Jr is a murderer. Falwell lied. Warrants quashed by the court for insufficient evidence I was never bothered by these evangelist fools, but now they are trying to become more visible, please dont be sucked in by giving them $ 🤣🤣🤣 Jerry Falwell Jr if is a Christian Radical. He's no different than the Taliban. Anyone who warps a religion for their of behalf is a Radical

Lock the President of Liberty University up!!! Where country does this IDIOT think he is living in?!?!?! What a STUPID idea of his to particially open that campus!!! Bless his dead heart... how in the holy hell were those warrants issued also didnt some students get sick with Covid19? There should be a warrant out for Jerry Jr!

Oh Jerry Falwell, Jr....when you meet your maker, he is sending “down” in the elevator, so you can go straight to hell! CarolAlmero1 If you cannot tell that religion is a racket, guess what? YOU are the MARK! That’s...not how this works. But very on brand for these folks who hump the flag and claim to love the 1st Amendment.

Christian police going to get them? He has always thought that he was smarter than everyone else. His father ruined Lynchburg . And he continues the legacy . I have lived here all my life . I am moving to Wyoming to get away from his college and his tax shelter church . That’s funny! He is the what if a university? I thought he was the pool keeper!

This Tik Tok out here getting his students killed. Shouldn’t a board of directors or deacons or some shit remove him from office? Wants his 3 minutes of fame. jw33062 Hope his lawyer didn’t graduate from there Looks as if Jr. is just as bad as his old man. Say what!? He's an arsehole, who needs a major wake-up call.

Hey conservatives, here is a 'statist' using the government to harass people. Really? Is this guy on Aderall too? Just like Trump He’s as nuts as realDonaldTrump Like Trump, he is after people who told the truth Somebody needs to lock him up for endangering his students for the almighty dollar ..the man is a religious fraud 😡

schneiderleonid that's how universities do not teach their students about freedom of information, free speech and the constitution in general so who made that twat president, one must wonder The GOP of today: corrupt, dishonest, thuggish, depraved. Another fine example right here. False profit This is a joke ?

Borrowing from China's and Russia's playbook, on how to silence the press. Doubles down on being an asshole. Class Action Lawsuit against Liberty Univ... “Give me Liberty or Give Me Death” -Patrick Henry Wretched beast i hope tou don’t catch anything from your poolboy down in florida Epicleadershipfailure

Counter sue his ass Now Falwell is acting like Trump--if you don't like the truth that comes out, SUE!!! Is his pool boy enforcing them ? When the dust settles I got $20 that says Falwell Jr is in charge of a pedophile ring specializing in boys. TruthHurts LibertyUniversity JerryFalwellJr 😆. Yeah, right.

If you are not part of the solution your are part of the problem and Jerry Farewell Jr. Is a big part of the problem! He is the one who should be locked up Putting students and faculty lives at risk. He should be made financially responsible for there medical needs, if positive LMAO!! MikeStuchbery_ After scrutiny those 'warrants' turned out to be from campus police and not signed off by any legitimate court, so like Jerry's commitment to faith and values it's just made up.

Is he a DJ? You should delete your first tweet and go with the second. Very misleading He’s not a man of God Just shows Falwell is as shitty a lawyer as he is a preacher, a leader and a human being. How’s the pool boy doing junior? Laughable aquarius1049 How many wives and mistresses does he have? The arrest warrants should be for him! He is responsible for the students contracting Covid19 by opening school.

Not valid when written in crayon... That's not how that works. You poor whining baby, opening college is a potential death sentence! We are in the middle of a national crisis & you are harming the young men & women who go there. Shame on you. You should know better, stop endangering them because you are!

His bigger legal issue will be when, sadly, deluded young students start contracting & spreading coronavirus. StayHomeSaveLives Who put out the warrants? Is he really that stupid?! lfisher314 rub a dub in the tub Hoping the pool boy will give him a tug Couldn’t God just smite them? So much Liberty at Liberty U.

Ahole diverting attention for opening his sham school and making people sick. Freedom of speech was still the law the last time I checked..... Doubt this Why are these guys all such whiny toddlers? Won't this add fuel to the fire of the barrage of wrongful death lawsuits headed his way? Arrest for what? What a dumb immoral Liar Franklin_Graham is. LibertyU should be sued for opening its' doors and and knowiñgly endangering students. Disgraceful.

Calling that school Liberty is like calling a gun a peacemaker His father would have kicked him in the ass. He deliberately put those student's lives at risk, that's the crime. How Trumpian..... 😂😂😂😂😂 We can’t even make this sh*t up God is Watching From Above Mr. Faudwell and HE is not very Pleased. HE is Awake and Knows What you are up to.

How ridiculous is he? (Rhetorical question.) Jerry Jr is a watcher of children. Even during a pandemic. What are the doing ttere? Ok🙄 Now you mention it... hey! Pretty sure you just recklessly endangered your students YEA RIGHT! RosemarieBrown3 Hey. You k ow where they are. And besides trials being discovery. He don’t want that smoke

😂😂😂😂 The campus was opened to international students and students facing financial hardships who had nowhere to go.For these students, the dorm rooms are 'home.' The article made it sound like he reopened the campus for classes, meals, etc. LU did nothing different from other schools. Charged with what? Free speech? JerryFalwellJr has a history of putting his own needs & desires ahead of young men. Oh uh, and women. (Intentionally creepy, because HE is intentionally creepy)

Yeah right. Prince of Darkness. Stupid These 3 Pastors are Dead from the Covid-19 Virus. End of story! Maybe a in-depth article on the poolboy? This warrants a pool boy I honestly can't think of a single time I've seen a warrant issued for misdemeanors trespassing, much less against a reporter. Popehat , you? It's gotta be a story.

There will also a many wrongful lawsuits heading his way! This false prophet needs to be destroyed financially -Clickbait. -Warrant is for misdemeanor trespassing. -Petty bullshit charges. He's probably looked for them five times in the pool cabana today alone. 🤔 Wtf are we in NK? Lol for what exposing you and pool boy friend

Yeah, right. In his dreams. Based on what legal principle? JerryFalwellJr Too bad that whole FreedomOfSpeech FreedomOfThePress won’t allow you to steal more money from ppl. Get a clue dude. You shouldn’t have opened the university back up and those who came back and got the virus should sue you and the school for all you have

😂 How Christian of him. Falwell doesn't want to accept fault for students being overcome with virus. Blames media for reporting the story. Laughable these people are lunatics. lunatics. Falwell there should be a investigation in to your corruption into anything you touch With all of the scrutiny and persecution that we Christians already face it is sad that this so called man of God is causing all of this hatred towards Christians and Christianity. But the fact that people hate God with help from people like him is the reason this virus is here!!

A college campus is home to freedom of inquiry. Does the arrest warrant mean that Liberty University is not really a university? If that is the case then its tax exemption must be revoked. So much for the First Amendment. Seems to be that Liberty is only available to a select few. You really must leave our planet now, Jerry Jr.

😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 he quickly jumped on that fascist train Do they accept transfers from Trump University? Eff Falwell 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 BTM829 How many dead students so far? He should be shot and his body left out to rot. Poolboy Preacher If he keeps exposing his students to harm during this pandemic, New York Times, KEEP WRITING!

Whoa little sensitive there . You look foolish and weak . This kind s a ridiculous waste of resources . Yep gotta admit it was a bad move bring students back . Nobody cares if you worship trump , people just see that your ruining religion , mingling politics 😂 Trespassing 😂 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 Don't worry... the devil has a spot for both you

WTF Hypochristian, said wut? Parents I fault you for sending your kids back to school in this pandemic-Jerry Jr needs your money to keep that school afloat! liar This is what syphilis does to the brain ... Sue the bast—d into the ground. Why hasn’t someone arrested Jerry Falwell Jr for criminal stupidity? Fucking fascism

Trespassing? LibertyU doesn’t forgive their trespassers? Did they trespass against you or God? Asking for the lawn. He made a stupid decision and it was reported on Should the students that where exposed sue him personally and the univ? Sounds as likely as Noah's Ark being real Right 👌🏽🖕🏼 😯🤐I wasn't aware of that the USA was ruled by a dictatorship and didn't have free press. Will you be allowed to have free elections or will they be rigged?

censorship? dictatorship? Wait. Huh? Making up stories again is he? Christians are good at that. How very trumpian of him...the publicity can hardly be helpful, let alone what may be found on he's blowing hot air out his pie hole ...another example of the 'convenient Christian '.... If Jerry Fallwell Jr. thinks this will win him support, he's sadly mistaken. Jerry thinks his reckless endangerment of students and potential manslaughter charges are worth the very bad publicity he courting. He'll be crushed. Looking forward to it. LockHimUp

Falwell Jr. Wants Journalists to be handcuffed for being Critical of his opening his University at a Time when there is a Pandemic- Has He Buried his Biblical head so far in the Bible that He Doesn’t Realize Freedom Of The Press?! He Should Be Found Guilty Of Risking Lives ‼️ Hiding behind God won't save you Falwell. KARMA!!

The Only arrest should be yours for Fraud Fascism sits in the White House, aided and abetted by some members of the so called ‘religious’ right. Hahahahaha yeah right So what? JerryFalwellJr Good luck with that, Bozo. If you're more concerned about being exposed as a greedy FRAUD than you are about exposing the miscreants that buy your bullsh to serious infection, that speaks VOLUMES...

Huh? Wow we really do live in a Russia now. The Christian Right are the biggest bunch of hypocrites — spouting values and patriotism while propping up a sleazy, sexual assaulting con artist and seeking to either destroy the Constitution or pervert it for their own use. To put it another way, he’s harassing the reporters for bad press. How Trumpian of him!

so the guy who opened his school to expose students to a deadly pandemic has the nerve to sue for having his greedy deadly $$$ grab exposed? really now. Does he know what a warrant is? That a school can’t just issue a warrant? 🤦‍♀️ JERRY CAN'T HELP HE JUST WANT'S TO MAKE MONEY Read The First Amendment my dude.

Y stop arresting them? Y don’t U do what every1 knows U wanna do & have them beheaded? Damn, Li’l Falwell is a facist thug after the model of his lord and non-savior, DJT. Ugly! Does he know lying is a sin? Liberty University can't defy our laws which are intended to save lives of Americans, for religious reasons. See the First Amendment if you don't believe me.

He's as litigious as trump. Also an idiot. Last time I checked this was a Democratic republic 🙄 Somebody thinks they can have journalists arrested for reporting the truth. So we are arresting journalists because we don’t like what they wrote? How is this legal? I don’t think they will have any trouble defending themselves. There will be a huge a$$ go fund me for them.

I’ll bet that’s got them real scared It will be safe to go back to school and we go back to work in New York City in New York State when governor Cuomo says it is & Not before Ha ha. Free speech is illegal? Arrest warrants for what?!?! Who signed-off on these warrants - campus security? Arrest warrants issued by his mall cop security force. Clowns.

Free speech? gtlang74 but it is HE who will be handcuffed by his Pool Boy Warrant is out for wrong people—should’ve Falwell for endangerment of students. If the university receives federal funding, he cannot prevent the press from coming on campus. If I were Falwell, I'd be a bit more concerned about the students who got COVIDー19 because he opened his school prematurely. Parents of those kids should hold him accountable!

Satan comes in all forms here is one of them. That will teach them, maybe not 🤔! This is you jerry This pay to pray nutjob risks killing people and he is getting upset about 'misdemeanour trespassing'? Does the arrest warrant also allege that said trespassers were Jews who killed Jesus? How? 25,000 young minds are being shaped and taught at that school every year. Terrifying.

Hey, what happened to freedom of speech? The police don’t issue warrants for expressing an opinion in a newspaper. He’s lying. Who would hire someone who chose to attend this “school” Whahahaha, ain't 1A a biatch, huh Jerr? 🤣🤣🤣 'Liberty' university huh He's launching The Inquisition Guess they don’t learn bout the first amendment at that school.

Taking a page from the Trump playbook. They’re so awful He thinks he is God. Anyone has a right to express their opinion. This is America. That's not how it works. That's not how any of this works. jerryfalwellisanidiot What? How is this possible? Arrest warrants for misdemeanors? God isn’t goi g to forget this crooks shtick.

GOOD, THE SCUM BELONG IN PRISON OMG! Falwell, like Trump, is an asshole. Arrested for telling the truth? Fartwell Lol douche. Wtf? He is lost in the wilderness of his own making. It happens to the POTUS Daily but the press never get brought in. If this works for this guy. There mite be a whole new ball game to watch.Because msm is in need of an awakening for their behavior over the past 4 years. If so,all schiffs leaks would be exposed.On a silver platter

But Putin... What are the charges? Being too smart? Intelligence? I hope Jerry and his flock pray themselves to death. Liars lie We still have freedom of press right ! Warrants? Uh what? A college can't just issue an arrest warrant? JerryFalwellJr who's issued warrants & for what crimes? In the US we have something called the first amendment. We're allowed to criticize you & Press is allowed to report upon what you do. You prey on & abuse the young for money. Your selfish greedy ways are not the way of God.

JerryFalwellJr Hey Jerry, get an arrest warrant against me too, don't leave me out! I think your idea of religion/Christianity is a farce and a joke! I’m sure that Q will send them to Guantanamo. The warrants were printed on........ JerryFalwellJr and LibertyU keep praying maybe Jesus will come back as an M.D.

.JerryFalwellJr Oh yes, arrest them. Then the reporters can sue this charlatan into bankruptcy. The discovery alone would make for some must see TV. ;D This is a lie they could counter sue He should probably send out warrants to 99% of the population, because that’s how many people thought he was being an imbecile.

The first amendment. How does it work? Hey Jerry, how's the pool boy? So, we are suppose respect his freedom of religion, but he doesn't have to respect the freedom of speech or freedom of the press. God is love, not a bully! How many ways can we say fucking hypocrite? Jerry would have arrested and crucified Jesus.

🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yeah I’m calling BS on that. SophiaLipschul1 During this Time you Cannot arrest Journalists, it is In the Ethics of Journalism, has to Sign an Agreement just Like an Atty that one As a Journalist CANNOT B Arrested, yet good try The Police will arrest U At Liberty University for Not adhearing to Laws

So Christian of them... How Godly. Give those two journalists raises. I don't believe this. This would be ludicrous. Arrest warrants for reporting stories critical to someone. No kidding ... this reminds me of Nazi Germany. smdh. This can't be real. JerryFalwellJr Last I heard, free speech and one’s opinion were still free in America. You can’t take away OUR Bill of Rights just because YOU don’t like an opinion. Fear monger, you’re endangering others while behaving like a blowhard. nytimes propublica cnn washingtonpost

RexLunae He means a Fatwa. Why? Why doesn't he want the free press around? What's he doing to the kids there? Because. Of course. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Lolololz Looks like the delusions are overtaking the hallucinations with JerryFalwellJr from the university's own police Everyone at JerryFalwellJr : BrunkerCyn What the hell is happening 😡?!

The US Constitution protects journalists from being muzzled by the government. And it should protect them from fake preachers, too. Oh good Lord have mercy. Wahhh Because that's what Jesus would do and Ester is coming and everything. Is this from TheOnion ? Warrants? Do conservatives want to put their young and voters at risk? Is it for the tuition money? This puzzles me.

Fascists being fascists 🤷🏻‍♀️ He's full of shit. Ignore. The end. I’m sure he knows a thing or two about arrest warrants. Pretty bad when universities take top dollar from students while compromising the health of said students. The virus can affect long term lung function. Arrest warrants from Liberty 'university' police?

Who is he to have arrest warrants issued. I hope some of the students and/or employees sue the pants of of him. Not since General William Westmoreland sued CBS have we seen a more paranoid idiot fear the truth. Btw, Westmoreland dropped his lawsuit. Two fools, different eras, both scared to death of truth versus power.

Blaming others for his poor decisions. Who does that remind us of? Since When is criticizing someone for being extremely ignorant a crime? Pool boy daddy What an ass! ...freedom of the press The president of Liberty University is batshit crazy. Falwell = joke Anyone sick at Liberty? He should be in jail. Pool boy...that’s the tweet

PimpingJesus Falwell is disgusting! Are they going to rewrite the Constitution now too and the Bill of Rights? evil morgfair Jesus is scratching his head at the insanity his love and words have become Delusional..... And? WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR 1ST AMENDMENT RIGHTS? Aw, that’s cute. I really really really hope there is a hell.

How were they trespassing while working on a story about an idiot that wants to expose young, naive college students to a dangerous virus? Where did they go to get that information? The idiot made the announcement publicly, for the world to see. Instead of trying to get journalists arrested, Falwell should be worried about lawsuits from people who got sick or worse due to Liberty reopening.

Arrest warrants for what? Rewards are more like it Arrest warrants? 😂 On what basis? 😂 We're entering the mass right-wing decompensation phase. Screw him Is he medically or otherwise impaired? ijbailey First amendment? Seems reasonable. Let’s pray on this. Out5p0ken The pool boy is a member of the class action suit...

Bullshit. How do you trespass on a college campus? What does his pool boy say! I don’t believe him. Freedom of the press and all. His dad is rolling over in his grave. What a huge disappointment. Those that follow you are violating a commandment Thou shall not worship a false God Lying sack. He embodies the Republican Party

Wacko YOU get a lawsuit! and…YOU get a lawsuit! And… 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Jerry Falwell is stupid So kill the media for telling the world how WRONG you are? HAHAHAHAHA. no. Warrants for what? For reporting facts?! What judge would sign that warrant? Lol Deflect from your own stupidity the trump way

The Police have been notified! Also Sting’s first three solo albums. Warrants from campus cops? Does Matthew 7:15 mean anything to Christians ?Sadly the Christian and Evangelical Spiritual Leaders felt that being Trumplike instead of Christlike, was the way America should go. How's that working out for everyone Check this out.

Coming next - lawsuits from Liberty students who got coronavirus after returning to tje university! Film at 11! The warrants should be for him for endangering the students' lives Nutjob. Appears he's taking a page out of the Trump playbook. Distract from the real culprit who opened a University up during a Pandemic and then his students become sick. Vindictive reaction to your own faulty behavior. Pull your big boy pants up! You fucked up they reported. The end!

That sounds like something You-Know-Who would do... 😄 Why is this bullshit even news? Even by POLITICO’s standards? Hahahahaha. First amendment. Oh brother, THIS guy 🙄 He can eat st He’s a charlatan. So now we criminalize journalism? It seems they’re trying to show that journalists trespssed onto campus. What proof exists of this allegation? The lengths ...

What a lame joke Falwell is!😂😂😂 Yep. The Venn diagram of evangelical Christianity and fascism is now a complete overlap. Such a weenie Jerry and his wife have been drinking with the pool boy again. Are arrest warrants out for Jerry after he endangered faculty and students by having them return after spring break?

What a joke! I can’t wait until he gets sued for putting lives in danger. He is a nut case!!!!! LoL Franklin_Graham thinks that he can control journalists like he does pool boys Good luck with that, asshole. It would be nice to see this den of robbers turn into a house of prayers. Lying is a sin, Mr. Falwell. Is your Bible different from mine?

This isn't going to end well for this genius. And...? JerryFalwellJr is a jackass. The reporters aren't at liberty too report at Liberty U? Who knew? Lunacy. Warrants for what exactly? That makes no sense to me. Photocopies of the arrest warrants charge that two reporters committed misdemeanor trespassing on the college campus while working on their articles

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Son pays tribute to 'blue-collar' dad who doctors say died due to COVID-19'There are no buildings named after him, he left behind no fortune, and there are no books that tell his story. He was not great in the way we often try to define the term. He was great in that he was such a *good* man—good to his core, unfailingly good.' “I've heard from lots of nurses and doctors who have assured me that even though they're in a race every minute to save lives, they are taking time to be there for our loved ones when they're in their last breaths, and to touch them and to love them for us” 😭😭 My sincere condolences to you and your family. May he rest in eternal peace. May the Lord’s perpetual light forever shine upon him. Running this again A lot of great people have died They were great to their family Their friends will miss them Their children will cry just as hard We all are sad this man lost his dad SO DID WE